After the mission Constance's private thoughts

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After the mission Constance's private thoughts

Postby KimberlyH37 » Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:40 pm

I enter my quarters after the mission on Altrua not wanting to socialize with the others nor explain to the Commander what happen how my neck got bruised. I told him stupidly and I was right I was doing well with Shakar down their I was talking to him relating to him or trying to till I got over eager and asked him about Crystalus that's when things got bad. I had to go in and back up Commander Edra I wasn't going to let her be with that big lizard alone. I became part of the problem and not the solution I don't like that no more than I liked Brie being so critical of my actions down their at least I had the balls to try something instead of just looking stupid it may have failed but it was something. Sighing as I takes my boots off and strip down getting into the shower running my hand over the bruise on my neck. Saying to no one " I'm not going to sickbay for this bruise I can care for it myself just got out of that place from being sick I'm not going back their unless it's not a option. Stepping out of the shower drying off putting something more comfortable on. Walking over to the mirror in my quarters pulling out a drawer that has most the small gadgets that sickbay had as I use the tissue regeneration device to start to heal the bruise on my neck this was a rather nasty bruise it would take me a few treatments to heal it completely. Sitting in my chair in front of the mirror I gave it my best I shouldn't be so angry with myself it was a valuable lesson learned. I finish the treatment put up the device close the drawer and walk over to my bed crawel ing into it enough thinking for now time to get some rest.
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