JL: Crow & Iar: Moving on...

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JL: Crow & Iar: Moving on...

Postby Iar Edra » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:37 pm

A few hours following the cure's dispersal, which was also helping the planet below solve their problems, Henry was handling the paperwork, a job he never had to do and was quickly growing to hate. He even had to break out the glasses he never wore with anyone in sight.
Edra made a beeline from the Turbo Lift across the bridge to the Ready Room carrying a PADD in her hands. When she got there she heard the chime sound, announcing her.
He quickly put the glasses in a drawer. “Enter.”
When the doors open she stepped in. “Hi.” She said as she attempted a smile. “Have a minute?”
“Always. “
She stepped forward and took a seat across from him. “While we were trying to find the cure, I got a closer look at one of the nanites, and tried to get any information from it I could. My tricorder did some program inquiry scans on them, and spat out some usual stuff. Nothing too exciting. But I looked at another one after the cure was distributed, and some subroutine sent a message to the tricorder. It just said, ‘The Doctor is in.’”
Henry was quiet, slowly putting his paperwork to the side. “Have you told anyone else about this?”
Oh, she didn't like it when he got like this. “No.”
He activated the holographic side panel on the desk, typing in a series of passwords. One by one, reports on a man called the Doctor pop up, able to be scanned, enlarged, and manipulated in the air. “He's one of the people I was expecting us to run into eventually.”
“So, you know who the Doctor is?” She scanned the files that popped up as she asked the question.
“We don't know his identity. But this nanite business is up his alley.”
“So, I guess he's the one that formulated this virus...or someone working for him...”
Henry nodded. “He has a long history of bio-medical...misuse.”
Edra cringed, “Do we wonder why he chose this planet? Or is there no rhyme or reason to his ‘misuse’?”
“He hits random experiments.” Henry swiped the virtual screen, bringing up a different window. “On the surface you encountered individuals who showed lack of pain and a lot of strength.”
She nodded. “I think Constance and her security team probably saw it more, but I got a glimpse of it. Part of the reason we got out when we did.”
“That’s hinted at with his core invention.”
She raised an eyebrow: “Core invention? I'm curious, but pretty sure I’m not gonna like whatever it is.”
“Most of his experiments involve a chemical he invented. It’s like a hypnotic super steroid.”
She sat back, letting out a breath. “Why do we seem to get all these loons? Do we have any intel on his other experiments so far?”
“Very little. He's one of the more elusive members of the rogues gallery.” Henry turned,glancing at the planet. “ But he's probably down there.”
“What makes you say that?
“Because sickos like him like to watch. And this was an experiment for him.”
“So, do we try to find him?”
“I'd love to but we already have new orders.”
Henry swiped away the floating reports, replacing it with a picture of a Reptillian...a very large one. “We get to go hunting.”
Edra studied the picture then stole a sideways glance at him. “Whhhhyyyy?”
“He's a hired gun for another of the worst of the worst, responsible for an estimated 142 deaths. Ask me how he kills them.
She cringed again, “Do I wanna?”
“He rips their limbs off and eats them....or most of them.”
She closed her eyes, trying to stomach the image.
As if on cue, he asked, “You had dinner yet?”
“Really? You're going to ask me that now?” But she smiled, “But, no, I haven't.”
“Care to join me?”
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