USS Mercutio Security log

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USS Mercutio Security log

Postby KimberlyH37 » Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:57 pm

The USS Mercutio has been called to aide a planet named Haven with what appears to be some kind of a epidemic that seems to be very similar to a old earth virus Ebolia even though that virus has been irradiated their could be a copycat .Two dozen security officers were requested to build a security parameter around clinic building on the planets surface. I have selected two dozen of my finest officers . Due to this virus being highly contagious biohazard suits will be issued and worn on the planets surface at all times.

Planets surface

We have set up a parameter set up around the clinic we encountered hostile locals and have tried to make peace with them at first but that failed so we used non lethal force. A force field is in place for now hopefully it will hold.

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