Doesn't seen real

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Doesn't seen real

Postby KimberlyH37 » Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:03 pm

I stand at my station on the bridge and I look over at that big chair where our brave captain once sat while I'm glad she found the love of her life and retired to live her happily ever after like she deserved. she was my first real Captain she was patient with me when I didn't deserve it. She made me laugh at times when I didn't want to I still won't forget what it was like to be her when we swapped bodies. She listened to me when I needed someone to listen to. Then I look over at the navigators chair I see all the glitter on it I think about the elf that used to sit their always misunderstanding the human language. Making everyone laugh with her silliness. I am now lightly weeping not able to believe that any of this is real it seems as thou I should wake up anytime now to see both of them looking at me. I know that it is real.
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