PL/DL: New Beginnings

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PL/DL: New Beginnings

Postby Iar Edra » Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:14 pm

PL/DL: New Begininngs
(This takes place before Henry's log)

Edra put the PADD on the couch next to where she sat and stared blankly ahead. The missive pulled her emotions in about 58 different directions. The Captain...Stacey...was gone. At least gone from the ship. She'd suddenly retired...on the spot, and who could blame her. Vox was alive!
The Romulan had been stationed on the Mercutio just prior to Edra's own assignment here, so they became fast friends and had essentially "grown up" through the ranks together. She still remembered when he had been there for comfort and encouragement when she had contracted a disease on another planet and she'd had to be quarantined. The reason they were even there was to find a cure for it. Then he and Stacey started dating when she was still CMO and Edra's direct SO. They were perfect for each other which led to a wedding a couple years later. Then, Vox had been thought to be killed in a secret mission years ago, before Kevin had even been born. But he wasn't. Instead he'd been a prisoner of war with little hope for rescue. The nature of the mission meant Starfleet didn't even acknowledge they were missing anyone. But, she guessed, it didn't mean they never attempted an even more secret rescue mission, because the opposing faction didn't just let him go. Why would they when officially he didn't even exist?
So, now the Captain, her friend was gone overnight. Gone to spend the rest of her days with her love, and hopefully make up for lost time. Edra would have liked to say goodbye, but she understood the opportunity that she'd taken.
The second part of the message was the new hierarchy. Starfleet had chosen Henry to take over duties as CO, and he'd accepted, as long as he could choose his XO. Herself.
She had mixed feelings about that. She'd done the job before--before her stint in the alternate universe--so it wasn't that she couldn't do the job. Like everything else, it was so unexpected. She had taken for granted that she would continue to be CMO, hiding away down in Sickbay. And as much as Stacey had been her friend, Henry was more than that, and she didn't want to let him down. Perhaps she would try to go over other choices with him. He should have the best, and she wanted to make sure he'd considered all his options. Odds were, however, that he'd already made up his mind.
Personnel wasn't all that was changing either. The next few weeks would see the Mercutio outfitted with brand new technologies to keep up with their new assignment: special ops. The ship would remain the same, but they would answer to a whole different set of brass now.
Edra startled herself out of her thoughts to find she was staring out the windows of her quarters, into the dark abyss of space. Out there it was all the same, but in here things would be so different from now on. She hoped the adjustment period wouldn't be too harsh on the crew.
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