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Sibling Discussion

Postby Kris » Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:15 pm

Sibling Discussions
Brielle & Alina Jayde

Laying back on her own bed, staring up at the ceiling of her quarters, Brielle still couldn’t quite get the conversation with Zimm’s mother out of her head. It had been a few days, and he’d actually had to leave to go and deal with her and who knows what else when it came to his family. She wasn’t able to get the time off like she wanted, so she was left wondering what was going to happen while he was gone.

Since when did she blush so much? That wasn’t like her, and yet, it only took a few statements for her face to be bright red. The whole thing where his mother had already assumed that they were dating and the fact that she brought up ‘future daughter-in-law’ as well as a want for grandchildren, it threw her head spinning. Were these the type of things that you brought up the first time meeting someone in that family?

A sudden console beeping brought her out of her thoughts and caused her to sit up on her bed. It was rather late at night, and she wasn’t sure who it was going to be that wanted to talk to her at that hour. Shaking her head, she pushed her hair from her face and went over to the console to answer the incoming message.

It seemed that everything was dealing with families lately as Brie saw who was on the other end of the comm line. “Alina? Of all the people after the recent days I’ve had.” She chuckled at her twin sister. “How’s life treating you?”

It was like looking in a mirror, except for the eyes. Alina and Brielle were identical except Brie had green eyes and her sister had blue. Everything else, down to the birthmarks, were exactly the same. Alina shook her head, “Probably just as crazy as it’s been treating you. We’ve been docked at Earth for a few weeks, so I’ve got to deal with our parents and Melany. They keep asking me how you’re doing since it’s easier for me to reach you than it is for them most of the time but...we never talk.”

Brie sat back and relaxed a bit once she knew for sure who it was that she was talking too. Her sister always seemed to brighten her day, most of the time anyways. “Why didn’t you tell me you were back on Earth for a while? I would have found some way we could have all gotten together. We’ve been crazy here for sure, including some rather...interesting encounters with some people.”

Alina grinned. “Well, it wasn’t exactly planned, and I’ve been a bit busy with some things. Including some things that you aren’t going to believe.” It caught Brie off guard for a moment as her sister raised up her hand, but then it was pretty obvious what was actually going on.

“Since when did that happen,” Brie asked as she noticed what was on her sister’s finger.

“Ever since you’ve been just about out of comm range and haven’t been checking the messages I’ve been leaving you. I don’t think you’ll be able to make it back for the wedding though, and I wanted you as my maid of honor.” Alina sent a file to Brielle with information about the wedding, which was just a few days away.

A frown crossed her face, “You could have sent the messages as priority messages, then I would have responded to them. You’re right, I won’t be able to make it. Take it this is the guy you met on board your ship that you’d been telling me about?”

Alina nodded, “Naturally, who else would it be? Mom and dad are wondering when you’ll have something similar happen. I told them that they should know better than to believe that you’d ever settle down.”

“Why is it that most people think that I’ll never settle down? Ever think that just maybe I might be able to change at some point?” Brie got a bit frustrated with her sister.

Alina’s eyes went wide. “What is that supposed to mean? Mean you’ve found someone who can put up with your constant attitude that you’ve had nearly your whole life?”

“Now see, that is why I sometimes don’t answer your letters. You always assume that I’m going to have an attitude about things. Though, if you treat me like that, Ali, I’m going to have one.”

“But...the question still remains. Did you actually find someone?” Alina was curious about what her sister was getting at.

Brie sat back and looked up at the ceiling again for a moment before looking back at her sister with a smile. “Perhaps…”

“Now, dear twin, I think that answers my question. I’d love to meet him at some point, just as I’d like you to meet my soon to be husband at some point. Disadvantages of Starfleet…” Alina sighed.

“We never get to see family when we want too. I’ll get out there, hopefully with him, at some point. Now...I’ve got to get rest as I always have the morning shift. You make sure I get pictures and videos of that wedding, or you’ll never hear the end of it.”

Alina nodded and the comm channel cut. It seemed everyone was interested in meeting everyone else. Whenever they got the chance, she and Zimm were going to be extremely with visiting families.
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