Dr. Jill Vodden's Personal Log

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Dr. Jill Vodden's Personal Log

Postby Melissa Richards » Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:27 pm

Lt. Commander Jill Vodden
Personal Log Supplemental

"It's now the first day on board. After a rather busy day ensuring that the staff are up to par, I continue to have concerns about Ensign Soban. He seems rather over emotional and I may need to meet with him to try to understand him better. As I explained earlier, my experiences with other races have been limited to Tellarites, though my studies of other species for medical purposes has been extensive.

I am very excited and pleased about the ideas and plans that this young Ensign from engineering sent to me. I have gone over the email and what was attached in detail, and I see many uses for the adapter she has come up with. I could have used someone like her on staff in the R&D department on Moonbase Alpha.

I have gone over the files I downloaded from that last posting, and all my records and work thankfully is intact. I know that sometimes when you send messages or files over subspace, there's always a risk that parts of the message or information can be lost. Since we've left spacedock for wherever we're going, there'd be little chance to turn around and try to go after those files again. And, the work and information contained therein will be of great assistance in this five year mission.

I met both the captain and XO finally. The XO was very brief, but Commander Wilson was very straight to the point and businesslike. A huge counter to the captain who is more frivolous and less worried about protocol and the effects too loose a command style may have on the crew. I am on a first name basis with her, but I think once I get to know the commander, I will be more at home with him. I am fine with first name's, but rules are important, and I am concerned what level of discipline may deteriorate if the captain continues this behavior.

We are headed so far towards the unknown. This reminds me of a time on the Wasp where we were alerted to check out a system, but no information as to why was provided. It's like flying into a mine field, you have no idea where they are floating until it's almost too late to avoid them. Depending when Starfleet decides to finally give us our orders and some substance to them, we may find that prep time for whatever is to come is going to be limited to the point we have barely hours to respond. This is a deep issue with the captain's command style, and until I see otherwise, I will be watching for signs that she may not be fit or serious enough for her position.

The crew itself seems capable. But, they need guidance as, many of them are younger then they should be for these types of senior level positions. In fact, several key areas aren't properly filled. This leads to a level of psyche that breeds unsaid worry and lack of confidence should we truly face a terrible danger. Yes, they are trained, but there's a huge difference between actual experience and a simulation. I'd expect or hope the captain and XO will run some of those as soon as we get our orders. If nothing else to see who comes close to cracking and who doesn't. Several of the crew such as Mr. Soban, appear to be less then ready. However, there is the adage that grace under fire will prove the point and sharpen the metal to a fined edge. Maybe it will be that way with this crew. I can only hope..

End Log...
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