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Sim Log 7/27/14

Postby Kris » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:38 am

Oriana Nadall (7:08:16 PM): ::AA::
Dr Qarson (7:08:17 PM): ::@@::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:08:21 PM): ::AA::
Kris K (7:08:43 PM): ::Hands the podium over to Rune::
Delphi Rune (7:09:50 PM): Alright gang... I hope everyone is ready. Tonight is the big game, and come hell or high water I expect you all to play your best. And that better win us this game, or I'm going to make you all clean the monkey cages.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:10:20 PM): yikes
Delphi Rune (7:10:38 PM): Now grab you gloves and bats, and go win that world series!
Gabriel Wulfe (7:10:58 PM): no pressure! :-)
Delphi Rune (7:11:16 PM): No... there's a lot of pressure. Didn't you listen to my warning?
Kris K (7:11:24 PM): Haha
Delphi Rune (7:11:41 PM): Anyways... any questions or comments?
Oriana Nadall (7:11:51 PM): (getting a lot of ad popups that show up out of if I'm slow to respond..that's why.
Kris K (7:11:53 PM):'re in a...RED uniform!
Kris K (7:12:09 PM): (Since you've missed the last few sims)
Gabriel Wulfe (7:12:15 PM): holy moly!
Kris K (7:12:21 PM): No questions
Delphi Rune (7:12:33 PM): I'm taking that as a no... alright, Tine, she's all yours.
Oriana Nadall (7:12:35 PM): (for some reason most of the popups are at&t ads)
Kris K (7:12:42 PM): (Odd...)
Kris K (7:12:44 PM): Oh, alright.
Kris K (7:12:48 PM): BEGIN THY SIMMAGE!
Oriana Nadall (7:13:03 PM): Davina> ::at main science console::
Kris K (7:14:09 PM): ::Stands staring out the viewscreen as they inched more into the neutral zone:: Come on...
Dr Qarson (7:14:17 PM): ::Down in Engineering, carrying out his duties as rightful Chief Engineering Officer. All is well with the multiverse::
Kris K (7:15:06 PM): ::Looks over at Rixx, wondering if he'd been in his XO chair the whole time:: Nice of you to join us.
Delphi Rune (7:15:12 PM): Helm> We're entering the graviton field now ma'am.
Oriana Nadall (7:15:18 PM): Davina> ::keeps scanning for any other vessels in the area::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:15:31 PM): ::looks over:: Er, thank you, ma'am ...
Kris K (7:16:00 PM): ::Nods to helm:: Keep us in one piece. Davina, get a lock on that thing the moment you can and get it into the shuttle bay.
Oriana Nadall (7:16:22 PM): Davina> Yes ma'am. ::ready to lock onto the escape pod as soon as possible::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:16:27 PM): ::checks a small screen next to his chair, monitoring this and that::
Delphi Rune (7:16:38 PM): Action> The ship starts to rock slightly, as the graviton field effects the inertial dampners. Its also increasingly effecting the sensors as they go further in.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:16:48 PM): Any life signs coming from the pod?
Oriana Nadall (7:17:15 PM): Davina> ::looks to readings from the escape pod::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:17:19 PM): ::casually grabs the armrests of his chair::
Kris K (7:17:51 PM): ::Sits down in her seat just in case the rocking gets worse:: Right now we just want to get it back...not sure how it got out there. But remember the readings from 5 years ago, when our other ship was destroyed? That thing out there is giving off identical readings...
Oriana Nadall (7:18:15 PM): Davina> The graviton field is causing slight degredation in the sensors the closer we get into the graviton field.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:18:25 PM): ::looks grim:: That explains the deja vu I'm feeling ...
Kris K (7:18:45 PM): Do what you can, Davina. That pod is most important because we'll need to get out of here the moment we get it.
Kris K (7:19:07 PM): +Engineering+ How're things holding up down there with this graviton field?
Oriana Nadall (7:19:23 PM): Davina> ::nods:: Of course ma'am..::nervous about the ship getting jumped by a Romulan vessel like last time::
Delphi Rune (7:19:23 PM): Helm> Almost in transport range now...
Kris K (7:20:28 PM): Helm, keep us steady, Davina, you're up...
Oriana Nadall (7:20:53 PM): Davina> ::attempts to lock onto the escape pod with the tractor beam:: Attempting tractor beam lock..
Gabriel Wulfe (7:21:23 PM): Do we have it?
Delphi Rune (7:21:54 PM): Action> The graviton field fluctuates, causing the dampners to fail for a moment and rocks the ship hard.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:22:06 PM): ::grabs his seat:: Whoa!
Dr Qarson (7:22:09 PM): +Davina+ We're holding things together down here, but I'm worried about prolonged exposure.
Kris K (7:22:20 PM): (That was me who asked!)
Oriana Nadall (7:22:32 PM): Davina> ::grabs onto her console to steady herself:: +Qarson+ Should be a few more seconds..
Kris K (7:22:46 PM): ::Grabs her seat:: Davina...come on...Helm, get ready to hit the button.
Dr Qarson (7:22:51 PM): (Or you.)
Oriana Nadall (7:22:53 PM): Davina> Lock established..retrieving escape pod.
Delphi Rune (7:22:57 PM): Action> The tractor beam gets his lock and pulls the pod inside of the cargo bay.
Kris K (7:22:58 PM): (Whoever!)
Gabriel Wulfe (7:23:04 PM): (lol)
Kris K (7:23:08 PM): Helm, punch it!
Oriana Nadall (7:23:27 PM): Davina> ::breaths a sigh of relief after the pod gets into the cargo bay::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:23:48 PM): ::breaths a similar sign of relief::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:23:56 PM): All in a day's work ...
Oriana Nadall (7:24:12 PM): Davina> ::turns her attention to the sensors..keeping a watchful eye until they're clear of the Neutral Zone.
Kris K (7:24:19 PM): ::Looks to Rixx:: More work for you, head down there, get that pod opened up.
Delphi Rune (7:24:37 PM): Action> The graviton field shifts again, and the sensors pick up something else within the field, but can't identify it before it fluctuates again.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:24:40 PM): Aye, ma'am. ::heads to turbolift::
Kris K (7:25:01 PM): ::Leans forward, watching the screen:: What was that...
Delphi Rune (7:25:01 PM): Helm> Aye Ma'am. Returning to Federation space...
Oriana Nadall (7:25:21 PM): Davina> I'm detecting something within the graviton fluctuated again..and I think it's gone..whatever it was.
Kris K (7:25:45 PM): I have always hated graviton fields. Keep sensors going.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:25:46 PM): ::arrives at the cargo bay and heads for the escape pod::
Delphi Rune (7:27:04 PM): Action> The escape pod looks intact, but some of the circuits look pretty fried.
Kris K (7:27:17 PM): Helm, how close are we to Federation space?
Gabriel Wulfe (7:27:27 PM): ::examines the exterior visually a moment, then runs a tricorder over the hull::
Kris K (7:27:42 PM): +Qarson+ We should be clear soon, everything stay together?
Delphi Rune (7:28:18 PM): Helm> We'll be back in 5 mins... the graviton fluctuations are keeping us from going faster.
Dr Qarson (7:28:24 PM): +Sterling+ ::Working a console:: We're still in one piece. I've built you a ship to last.
Kris K (7:28:57 PM): ::Nods to Helm:: +Qarson+ Good to hear. If you don't mind leaving someone else in charge, can you meet up with Rixx in the cargo bay? Need someone from your department to check out that escape pod as well.
Delphi Rune (7:29:24 PM): Action> After another fluctuation, the sensors pick up the same object within the field.
Oriana Nadall (7:29:39 PM): Davina> Ma'am..sensors are picking up that same object within the field..attempting to identify
Kris K (7:29:53 PM): Keep a sensor lock on it! ((And I'll brb!))
Oriana Nadall (7:29:59 PM): Davina> ::attempts to identify the object this time::
Dr Qarson (7:30:05 PM): +Sterling+ Sure, on my way. ::Grabs an tool kit and heads out:: CONSUELA! Handle things until I get back.
Oriana Nadall (7:30:07 PM): Davina> I think it might be..another escape pod.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:30:19 PM): +Sterling+ Commander, just completed a quick inspection of the pod's exterior -- life support systems seem to be operational, but sensors indicate the pod is empty ...
Gabriel Wulfe (7:30:31 PM): ... going to attempt to open it now. We may want to have a medical team on standby.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:31:24 PM): (Consuela? :P)
Kris K (7:31:32 PM): (Back, and yeah, Consuela?)
Delphi Rune (7:31:43 PM): ((Why not?))
Dr Qarson (7:31:44 PM): (ACENG)
Kris K (7:31:52 PM): (Haha)
Kris K (7:32:08 PM): +Rixx+ They're on their way down, as is Qarson.
Kris K (7:32:18 PM): ::Sends a message to sickbay for a team to head down::
Kris K (7:32:29 PM): ::Looks at Davina:: Another one?
Gabriel Wulfe (7:32:31 PM): +Sterling+ Excellent -- thank you.
Dr Qarson (7:32:41 PM): ::Arrives::
Oriana Nadall (7:32:43 PM): Davina> Yes ma' seems to match the signature of the last one.
Kris K (7:32:52 PM): That doesn't make sense...
Gabriel Wulfe (7:33:22 PM): ::turns to Qarson:: Doc ... just gave the pod a quick glance ... everything looked OK, was going to try and open it ...
Kris K (7:33:51 PM): ::Hops that her XO and Chief Engineer can get that pod open and hopefully figure things out::
Dr Qarson (7:34:00 PM): No problem, Commander. ::Whips out his instrument and does his thing::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:34:18 PM): ::stands back as he does his thing::
Kris K (7:34:51 PM): ::Sits back and sighs:: None of this is making much sense...
Dr Qarson (7:34:57 PM): ::Working it::
Oriana Nadall (7:35:12 PM): Davina> ::scans the other "pod" for lifesigns::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:35:55 PM): ::lurking over Qarson, peering over his shoulder::
Kris K (7:36:05 PM): ::Grumbles:: Helm...swing us around, Davina, same plan as before...those Romulans are going to hate us.
Oriana Nadall (7:36:24 PM): Davina> Yes ma'am..::ready to lock onto the other pod as before::
Oriana Nadall (7:36:51 PM): Davina> Too bad they can't be more like the Vulcans..least they wouldn't hate us.
Dr Qarson (7:36:57 PM): ::Pops the rear port open, revealing its innards:: Hmm...
Delphi Rune (7:37:00 PM): Helm> Copy that ma'am... returning into the graviton field...
Gabriel Wulfe (7:37:26 PM): ::peers inside:: Anything?
Kris K (7:37:28 PM): +Cargo Bay+ You two hold on down there...we've got another one and we're heading back into the field.
Dr Qarson (7:37:48 PM): Yup. Everything was fried, probably due to the explosion.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:37:56 PM): +Sterling+ Another escape pod?
Kris K (7:38:09 PM): +Rixx+ Affirmative.
Dr Qarson (7:38:19 PM): Circuits are destroyed.
Dr Qarson (7:38:28 PM): Going to have to force it open.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:38:44 PM): +Sterling+ We were just about to shimmey this thing open ...
Kris K (7:39:01 PM): +Rixx+ Let me know what you two find.
Delphi Rune (7:39:04 PM): (sorry... unexpected afk, back now)
Kris K (7:39:05 PM): Helm, how close?
Gabriel Wulfe (7:39:09 PM): +Sterling+ Will do.
Oriana Nadall (7:39:15 PM): Davina> Perhaps this one is a quantum's possible that the interior of the field fractured a small section of space-time creating multiple escape pods.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:39:29 PM): ::nods to Qarson:: Let's open 'er up.
Delphi Rune (7:39:35 PM): Helm> A minute or two... its further in, and the graviton field is getting stronger.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:39:46 PM): ... but hang on, there may be a few more bumps.
Kris K (7:39:59 PM): ((Phone call, brb!))
Dr Qarson (7:40:48 PM): ::Crowbar-like device::
Delphi Rune (7:42:12 PM): Helm> Almost there...
Oriana Nadall (7:42:27 PM): Davina> ::readies the tractor beam to grab the pod when they're in range::
Dr Qarson (7:42:40 PM): ::Heeves::
Kris K (7:42:52 PM): ((Sorry, mother-in-law))
Gabriel Wulfe (7:43:04 PM): You almost got it ... just put a little more back into it ...
Delphi Rune (7:43:41 PM): Action> The pod door opens up with a sudden jerk, then bangs hard on the other side of the pod with a great clang.
Kris K (7:44:18 PM): ((Okay, back))
Dr Qarson (7:44:32 PM): ::Topples over from the door giving way against his might::
Kris K (7:44:38 PM): Same drill you two ::To Helm and Davina::
Oriana Nadall (7:44:57 PM): Davina> ::as soon as the pod is in range..attempts a tractor beam lock::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:45:01 PM): ::steps forward:: You alright?
Dr Qarson (7:45:19 PM): Yeah, just kind of hurt my palm. ::Gets back up::
Delphi Rune (7:45:34 PM): Action> The tractor beam isn't locking, as the graviton field gets stronger and stronger.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:45:35 PM): ::makes sure he's OK, then turns and peers into the pod::
Oriana Nadall (7:45:48 PM): Davina> Tractor beam isn't locking..the graviton field is getting too strong.
Dr Qarson (7:45:53 PM): ::Drops his rod, looks inside::
Kris K (7:46:10 PM): ::Frowns:: Keep trying...but if you can't get it in 60 seconds, helm, fast as we can back outta here.
Oriana Nadall (7:46:13 PM): Davina> We could try a reverse barn the ship in a shuttle bay and swallow the pod.
Kris K (7:46:30 PM): Not with others down there and not with the graviton field.
Delphi Rune (7:46:35 PM): Action> The sensors apparently were a bit wrong, as there is someone inside. The presumed dead Captain Rune lies inside and seems unconscious.
Oriana Nadall (7:46:52 PM): Davina> ::attempts a couple more times to get a tractor beam lock::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:46:57 PM): ::blinks, stares at Rune::
Dr Qarson (7:46:59 PM): Oh, crap...
Gabriel Wulfe (7:47:11 PM): ::rushes forward to check on him::
Kris K (7:47:36 PM): ::Shakes her head:: It won't work...Helm, outta here now.
Dr Qarson (7:47:42 PM): We should probably return this to the stars.
Delphi Rune (7:47:49 PM): Helm> The pull is getting too strong ma'am... I think the wormhole may be ready to open soon...
Oriana Nadall (7:47:50 PM): Davina> Perhaps if we adjusted our shield harmonics to cancel out the graviton field..we could make things easier.
Dr Qarson (7:48:02 PM): Let's lock it back up and shoot it out.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:48:15 PM): ::to Qarson:: What? What are you saying?
Kris K (7:48:16 PM): We don't have time, Davina, I'm sorry.
Dr Qarson (7:48:32 PM): ::Points:: Dead body.
Oriana Nadall (7:48:35 PM): Davina> ::sighs:: Oh well..would've been cool to be able to test the theory out.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:48:38 PM): ::checks his pulse::
Dr Qarson (7:48:49 PM): Ew, don't touch it!
Kris K (7:49:08 PM): Helm, punch it fast as you possibly can. +Cargo Bay+ No luck on the second one, what's the story down there?
Delphi Rune (7:49:10 PM): Action> System warnings come online, and the sensors begin reading something else entering the field.
Oriana Nadall (7:49:12 PM): (presumed dead..not dead dead..and unconsciou)
Gabriel Wulfe (7:49:18 PM): ::shakes his head:: He's not dead ...
Oriana Nadall (7:49:30 PM): Davina> Ma'am something's entering the field..and it isn't an escape pod.
Dr Qarson (7:49:37 PM): Say what...?
Gabriel Wulfe (7:49:41 PM): +Sterling+ Captain -- one survivor in the pod ... please beam directly to Sickbay immediately!
Delphi Rune (7:49:52 PM): Action> There is a very faint pulse.
Dr Qarson (7:49:58 PM): Smells like it's dead. ::Waves his hand::
Gabriel Wulfe (7:50:07 PM): +Sterling+ ... and hurry.
Kris K (7:50:18 PM): ::Stands as she hears Rixx:: +Rixx+ What do you mean survivor?! ::Nods to Davina:: Do what he says!
Gabriel Wulfe (7:50:22 PM): ::steps back::
Oriana Nadall (7:50:25 PM): Davina> ::gets a transporter lock on the survivor and beams to sickbay::
Kris K (7:50:34 PM): Now what else is out there?
Oriana Nadall (7:50:38 PM): Davina> Yes ma'am..and done.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:50:52 PM): +Sterling+ Captain ... it's ... ::pauses:: You should meet me in Sickbay right away, ma'am.
Oriana Nadall (7:51:08 PM): Davina> ::attempts to identify the other signature in the field::
Delphi Rune (7:51:42 PM): Helm> Ma'am... the signature is blocking our return path. Adjusting our exit now....
Gabriel Wulfe (7:51:46 PM): ::to Qarson:: Can you go over the entire pod ... search all its logs and sensors ... we need to know everything.
Dr Qarson (7:52:03 PM): ::Nods:: On it.
Kris K (7:52:23 PM): +Rixx+ Um...okay. ::Sighs:: I'm needed everywhere. ::Looks to Helm:: What do you mean blocking?
Gabriel Wulfe (7:53:00 PM): ::nods:: Thank you ... ::heads out, trying to wrap his brain around what he's just seen::
Delphi Rune (7:53:01 PM): Helm> Whatever it is entering the field is directly in the route we took in and out so far.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:53:39 PM): ::turns back to Qarson:: Let me know as soon as you find anything -- normal, strange or otherwise.
Kris K (7:53:46 PM): Any other way you can get us out of here, do it. ::Looks around the bridge:: Davina, stick at science but you've got the bridge...I need to get to sickbay it seems.
Dr Qarson (7:53:50 PM): You got it.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:53:53 PM): ::turns and heads into the nearest turbolift:: Sicknbay.
Oriana Nadall (7:53:55 PM): Davina> Yes ma'am.
Kris K (7:54:09 PM): (Sicknbay, I like it LOL)
Oriana Nadall (7:54:18 PM): Davina> ::compares the object now in the field with the vessel encountered five years ago::
Dr Qarson (7:54:21 PM): ::Flips open an access panel, tries plugging in an external power pack::
Oriana Nadall (7:54:23 PM): Davina> I hope I'm wrong..
Kris K (7:54:36 PM): ::Steps into the turbolift from the bridge:: Sickbay.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:54:41 PM): (lol!)
Gabriel Wulfe (7:55:08 PM): ::arrives at "Sicknbay"::
Delphi Rune (7:55:36 PM): Action> The sensors are having trouble reading whatever is entering the field.
Oriana Nadall (7:55:47 PM): ( reminds me of when Harry Potter ended up in Diagon Alley by accident
Kris K (7:56:05 PM): ::Isn't far behind Rixx after her route from the bridge and notices doctors and nurses running around:: Aido...what is going on?
Dr Qarson (7:57:12 PM): Good God... Where's my Febreeze?
Gabriel Wulfe (7:57:30 PM): ::places his hand on her arm:: We found him, ma'am. And he's alive.
Gabriel Wulfe (7:57:33 PM): (afk)
Oriana Nadall (7:57:39 PM): Davina> ::to helm:: Time to return to Federation space?
Kris K (7:57:59 PM): ::Raises an eyebrow then looks over at the biobed and stops dead in her tracks:: That...that's not
Delphi Rune (7:58:06 PM): Doctor Thorn> Everyone get back... he needs air and everyone barging around him isn't helping.
Dr Qarson (7:58:30 PM): ::Sifts through the garbled information from the pod's barely-functioning systems::
Kris K (7:59:11 PM): ::Goes over to Thorn after getting her head about her:: Is that really him?
Dr Qarson (8:00:18 PM): ::Taps combadge:: +Qarson to Commander Rixx+
Delphi Rune (8:00:53 PM): Helm> I'm working on it ma'am. It seems to be adjusting to its path to wherever we go.
Oriana Nadall (8:01:19 PM): Davina> ::attempts to verify that the signature isn't in fact a sensor echo of the Leo::
Oriana Nadall (8:01:40 PM): Davina> Keep trying to evade and return to Federation space..I'm starting to wonder if it's really even there.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:01:49 PM): +Qarson+ Go head.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:01:54 PM): er, go ahead, even
Dr Qarson (8:01:57 PM): +Rixx+ I managed to get the systems back online, sort of. The information that I can decypher... If it's correct, lists the current time and stardae as only three hours after the original Leo was destroyed.
Dr Qarson (8:02:07 PM): stardate*
Delphi Rune (8:02:10 PM): Thorn> It seems to be ma'am. We're waiting on a dna confirmation, but everything seems to indicate its him.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:02:22 PM): ::steps back and to the side:: Come again? Did you say three hours?
Delphi Rune (8:02:30 PM): ((Gah... I suck at multi-tasking characters :-P ))
Kris K (8:02:39 PM):'s been five years. This can't be...
Dr Qarson (8:02:43 PM): ::Checks again:: +Rixx+ OK, three hours and five minutes.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:03:08 PM): +Qarson+ Ah, well, that makes quite the difference ...
Kris K (8:03:19 PM): ::Can hear Qarson:: +Qarson+ You're for sure, Neil? ::Is still staring at the biobed that contains Rune::
Dr Qarson (8:03:24 PM): +Rixx+ And the logs are concurrent. The pod is damaged, but it's been operating on the last bit of its own emergency power.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:03:25 PM): ::thinks a moment, while regarding Rune lying on the biobed before him::
Dr Qarson (8:03:46 PM): +Sterling+ Absolutely. I'd bet my life on it. There's no gap in operation of this tub.
Oriana Nadall (8:04:04 PM): Davina> Helm..are we within visual range of the object in our path?
Dr Qarson (8:04:08 PM): +Sterling+ We need to scan for evidence of time travel.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:04:12 PM): ::looks to Tine::
Kris K (8:04:24 PM): ::Looks to Rixx, then back at the biobed:: +Qarson+ Gather up everything you can from that thing, and work with the bridge on that...
Delphi Rune (8:05:05 PM): Helm> Possibly... but with the graviton field fluctuating and the wormhole, it may be misplacing our visual sensors as well.
Dr Qarson (8:05:37 PM): +Sterling+ Acknowledged. ::Re-taps combadge:: +Qarson to Davina+ I need you to get a team down here to the bay. I'm betting this thing traveled through time, or something.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:05:46 PM): ::to Tine:: Was there ... did you say there was another pod out there, Captain?
Kris K (8:06:15 PM): We thought there was...couldn't get a lock on it. Seems it could be an echo with the graviton field.
Oriana Nadall (8:06:24 PM): Davina> +Qarson+ I'd love to Qarson but I'm in charge of the bridge and we have other worries at the moment with a ship that may or may not really be blocking our path back to Federation territory.
Kris K (8:06:53 PM): ::Shakes her head for a moment:: +Qarson+ Actually...get up there to the bridge, help them get back to Federation space.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:07:00 PM): ::nods:: We should run all the scans we can ... try to collect as much data as possible from the region ...
Oriana Nadall (8:07:05 PM): Davina> ::to Helm:: Slow to half impulse and continue on present course..lets see what happens when we get closer.
Delphi Rune (8:07:12 PM): Helm> I could try circling around the field once... if it really is just an echo, then it'll follow us instead of staying in the way.
Oriana Nadall (8:07:19 PM): Davina> Do it.
Dr Qarson (8:07:26 PM): +Davina+ And I suppose ordering one of your subordinates down here is too much to ask?
Kris K (8:08:10 PM): ::Leans against a wall in sickbay and nods to Rixx:: I hate to do this to you, but head back up to the bridge, work with all the departments and get us back to Federation space. I'm...staying down here...
Dr Qarson (8:08:18 PM): +Sterling+ On my way. ::Heads on out::
Oriana Nadall (8:08:19 PM): Davina> +Qarson+ We're a little underhanded up here..and I don't have any subordinates to spare. Our priority is getting back to Federation space is more important than satisfying scientific curiosity.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:08:46 PM): ::nods slowly:: I understand ... I'm on it. Please ... let me know if there's any update on how he's doing.
Kris K (8:08:56 PM): ::Nods to Rixx::
Dr Qarson (8:09:03 PM): ::Hops a turbolift::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:09:10 PM): ::heads into the turbolift:: Bridge.
Oriana Nadall (8:09:11 PM): Davina> ::keeps an eye on the other "vessel" to see how it reacts to our movements.
Delphi Rune (8:09:17 PM): Action> Another fluctuation of the field sends the dampners out again, as well as knocks out some of the power conduits in minor sections of the ship.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:09:50 PM): ::enters bridge:: Report. ::glances around:: Seems you've had your hands full ...
Kris K (8:10:17 PM): ::Grabs hold of whatever is near by as the ship rocks again::
Delphi Rune (8:10:25 PM): Action> As the fluctuation hits near the object blocking the path, a ripple seems to drop the cloak from a Romulan warship that seems to be investigating the Lionheart.
Oriana Nadall (8:10:30 PM): Davina> The field fluctuated again and sent the dampeners out again and I'm getting readings up her that some power conducits in parts o the ship went out. Oh and we have a possible vessel blocking our exit.
Oriana Nadall (8:10:54 PM): Davina> Uh oh..our mysterious vessel may be a cloaked Romulan warship.
Oriana Nadall (8:11:13 PM): Davina> ::sends out a tachyon pulse..which should disrupt their cloak and expose them::
Kris K (8:11:14 PM): ((brb yet again!))
Gabriel Wulfe (8:11:15 PM): ::glances at viewscreen:: Romulan?
Dr Qarson (8:11:27 PM): ::Arrives on the Bridge::
Oriana Nadall (8:11:29 PM): Davina> Sending out a tachyon pulse..if it is a cloaked should decloak them briefly.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:11:33 PM): ::takes seat:: Have they shown any hostile intent?
Oriana Nadall (8:11:45 PM): Davina> Not yet..but they're known for being unpredictable.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:11:46 PM): ::glances to Qarson:: Long time, no see.
Delphi Rune (8:11:47 PM): Helm> Sensors confirm... Romulan Harrier sir. Its a big one...
Oriana Nadall (8:12:06 PM): Davina> Oh..not good..not good at all.
Dr Qarson (8:12:07 PM): ::To Rixx:: Ditto. ::Takes the Engineering Station::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:12:20 PM): ::nods to Davina:: That they are ... probably wondering just what we're up to in here.
Oriana Nadall (8:12:34 PM): Davina> Surprised they haven't simply attacked us..they did five years ago.
Oriana Nadall (8:12:53 PM): Davina> I just jinxed us..didn't saying that?
Delphi Rune (8:13:02 PM): Action> As if on cue... disruptor fire barely misses the Leo.
Delphi Rune (8:13:17 PM): Rune> ::starts to stir finally::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:13:21 PM): ::eyes widen:: It would seem so ...
Kris K (8:13:37 PM): ::Looks up as Rune stirs:: ((Putting little man to bed))
Gabriel Wulfe (8:13:39 PM): ::to Qarson:: We'll need all the power we can manage to shields ...
Oriana Nadall (8:13:42 PM): Davina> Could we abruptly change course in another direction to Federation space and go to warp?
Gabriel Wulfe (8:13:53 PM): ... this is about to get interesting. Red alert!
Gabriel Wulfe (8:14:32 PM): ::to Davina:: Whatever we can do to get us away from that ship, I'm in favor of.
Delphi Rune (8:14:40 PM): Thorn> ::looks back at Rune as well... good, he's coming round. Nurse, 10cc antroxycyline please.
Dr Qarson (8:14:41 PM): Ask, and you shall receive. ::Dances his fingers along the console::
Dr Qarson (8:15:00 PM): I love this ship...
Kris K (8:15:47 PM): ((Okay, back!))
Delphi Rune (8:16:06 PM): Helm> Sir... the graviton field is getting even stronger. I'm starting to fight to keep our distance from the central disc.
Delphi Rune (8:16:40 PM): Action> A hail seems to be coming in.
Kris K (8:16:42 PM): ::Stands next to the biobed, sensing the craziness on the bridge but doesn't want to leave sickbay::
Oriana Nadall (8:16:44 PM): Davina> ::glad Rixx is here now..was feeling a little nervous being even temporarily "in charge" ::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:16:51 PM): Tactical, ready weapons but do not fire until ordered to do so. Helm, whatever you can do to get us out of here.
Oriana Nadall (8:16:52 PM): Davina> We're being hailed.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:17:16 PM): ::to Davina:: Hmm ... was just about to try hailing them. Well, let's say hello. Open a channel.
Oriana Nadall (8:17:21 PM): Davina> ::opens channel::
Kris K (8:17:24 PM): (Blah, we have no tactical...guess I'm on it!)
Oriana Nadall (8:17:25 PM): Davina> Channel open
Delphi Rune (8:17:28 PM): Rune> ::after being hypo'd, he starts to stir even more. After a moment longer his eyes begin to open::
Kris K (8:17:33 PM): Tac> ::Nods:: Aye, sir.
Kris K (8:17:53 PM): ::Watches Rune carefully::
Delphi Rune (8:18:03 PM): ((Sorry Tine... I've got my hands full))
Kris K (8:18:09 PM): ((Tis okay!))
Delphi Rune (8:18:39 PM): Rune> Oww... Tine?
Kris K (8:18:57 PM): Rune? are you feeling?
Gabriel Wulfe (8:19:15 PM): ::sits upright, adjusts uniform::
Delphi Rune (8:19:26 PM): Thorn> ::puts his hand on Rune's shoulder as he seems to want to sit up:: Careful sir, you're still injured. You took a bad hit to the head.
Kris K (8:20:25 PM): ::Nods to Thorn:: You better listen to him, Rune.
Delphi Rune (8:20:27 PM): Romulan Ship> Federation vessel, you are in violation of the Neutral Zone territory set in accordance to the current peace summit. Explain yourselves immediantly
Delphi Rune (8:21:04 PM): Rune> How long was I out? And who picked us up?
Kris K (8:21:38 PM): ::Bites her lip and nods to Thorn to give them some privacy:: According to the pod...just over three hours...but...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:21:49 PM): +Romulan ship+ Hello there, this is Commander Rixx of the Lionheart. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to this fine day?
Kris K (8:22:13 PM): ((Nice way to talk to the enemy, Rixx!))
Gabriel Wulfe (8:22:24 PM): ::whispers to helm:: Do we have a way out of here?
Delphi Rune (8:22:25 PM): Rune> Three hours? But... how? The closest ship was nearly a week away.
Kris K (8:22:26 PM): Tac> ::Still standing at the ready::
Oriana Nadall (8:22:33 PM): (maybe he'll die laughing or have a stroke from such
Kris K (8:22:49 PM): ::Sighs, not quite sure how to continue on this:: That's...where it gets complicated...
Delphi Rune (8:22:53 PM): Helm> Not yet sir... the field strength is limiting our options at the moment.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:23:02 PM): ::frowns::
Delphi Rune (8:23:21 PM): Romulan> I'm not here for pleasant chitchat. Explain yourselves immediately.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:23:32 PM): ::to Davina and Qarson:: Is there any way to punch through the field to clear a path? Deflector array? Anything?
Oriana Nadall (8:23:40 PM): Davina> ::works to implement a plan to modulate the shields at a precise opposite frequency to the gravition field frequency::
Dr Qarson (8:24:25 PM): ::Ponders:: A polaron beam from the main deflector, maybe.
Oriana Nadall (8:24:30 PM): Davina> I have an idea but it's a long shot untested theory. We set shield harmonics to the inversely proportional to the graviton theory it should cancel the effects of the field out.
Oriana Nadall (8:24:44 PM): Davina> or it could also take down our shields too..
Gabriel Wulfe (8:25:10 PM): +Romulan+ Well thank you, sir, for the opportunity to explain ourselves. Glad we're still in one piece to do so ... that sure was a close call, that accidental disruptor fire of yours nearly struck us. That would have been bad ... hope you've got your malfunctioning weapon systems under control over there. Anything we can do to assist, you just let us know.
Kris K (8:25:27 PM): ((LOL))
Delphi Rune (8:25:45 PM): Action> The romulan ship fires again, this time directly hitting the Leo's shields.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:25:45 PM): ::looks to Davina and Qarson and whispers:: Both of those sound plausible ... which is quicker and/or more likely to get us the heck out of here?
Delphi Rune (8:26:00 PM): Romulan> That's your last warning commander...
Kris K (8:26:02 PM): ::Holds onto the biobed and sighs::
Dr Qarson (8:26:04 PM): Well, we do need the shields...
Oriana Nadall (8:26:05 PM): Davina> ::shrugs while grabbing onto her console to keep on her feet::
Oriana Nadall (8:26:23 PM): Davina> I don't's never been tried before..I don't think.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:26:33 PM): +Romulan+ Whoa, whoa ... let's not be hasty. We're still exchanging pleasantries here ...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:27:06 PM): ::looks at them and whispers curtly:: Try one ... start pressing buttons ... get us out of here ...
Oriana Nadall (8:27:19 PM): Davina> ::whispers to Rixx:: maybe just tell them we were engaged in rescue operations..purely humanitarian..
Dr Qarson (8:27:22 PM): ::Not sure if Rixx is intentionally delaying him, or is somewhat dimented::
Oriana Nadall (8:27:41 PM): Davina> ::looks to Qarson to see if he's going to try his idea..or if she should try hers::
Kris K (8:27:53 PM): ::Sighs again and looks to Rune:: That whole time was...five years ago...
Dr Qarson (8:28:17 PM): ::Adjusts the main deflector::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:28:19 PM): +Romulan+ So ... to answer your question ... which I'm more than happy to do ... because answering questions is what we're all about. That is, when we're not on a rescue mission. I did mention we're on a rescue mission, didn't I?
Delphi Rune (8:28:49 PM): Rune> Wha...What do you mean? Was I in a coma for five years?
Gabriel Wulfe (8:29:05 PM): +Romulan+ Rescue missions -- always the unexpected surprise of the day, aren't they? You ever do a rescue mission? How'd that go? Well, I hope ...
Kris K (8:29:22 PM): ::Shakes her head and grabs a PADD, bringing up a few things:: As far as we knew...::Hands him the PADD:: You didn't make it.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:29:25 PM): ::glances over to see how the others are coming along::
Dr Qarson (8:29:50 PM): Almost there...
Oriana Nadall (8:29:50 PM): Davina> ::ready to implement her idea..if Qarson's doesn't work::
Oriana Nadall (8:29:59 PM): Davina> Ready..just in case.
Kris K (8:30:02 PM): You're on board the Lionheart...the Lionheart-B. We never found your escape pod, until just now.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:30:22 PM): +Romulan+ Ours is going pretty well, too ... that is, until a certain someone started firing disruptors all over the place. I don't want to name names, or anything, but it's not necessarily making our job easy over here.
Oriana Nadall (8:31:05 PM): Davina> ::privately wishes Rixx would stop acting flippant and possibly getting them killed::
Dr Qarson (8:31:06 PM): ::Looks over, gives the thumbs-up::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:31:21 PM): ::nods to Qarson::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:31:28 PM): ::whispers:: On my mark everyone ...
Delphi Rune (8:31:43 PM): Romulan> You are stalling us...By order of the peace summit treaty, I hereby order you to stand down and prepare your ship for boarding Commander. You and your crew are prisoners of war, if you do not comply, you will be destroyed.
Dr Qarson (8:31:50 PM): ::Finger over the button::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:32:19 PM): +Romulan+ Ah, I see ... thank you for reminding me of that particulars of that treaty. So many treaties, hard to keep them all straight in the ol' noggin ...
Delphi Rune (8:32:43 PM): Action> The field fluctuates once again, and the sensors begin to read the formation of a wormhole sputtering into existence directly behind the Leo near the central disc of the field.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:33:06 PM): +Romulan+ Well, in the spirit of cooperation and treaty honoring, I'm ready and willing to comply with your request ...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:33:11 PM): ::glances to Qarson::
Oriana Nadall (8:33:15 PM): Davina> It looks like a wormhole is forming directly behind us..
Gabriel Wulfe (8:33:37 PM): +Romulan+ ... so here goes ... ::to Qarson:: ... now.
Dr Qarson (8:33:48 PM): ::Fires::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:33:56 PM): ::glances to Davina:: ... wormhole?
Oriana Nadall (8:34:01 PM): Davina> ::nods::
Kris K (8:34:17 PM): ::Pulls up a chair, shaking her head:: I..I'm sorry. I don't have a lighter way than that to break it to you.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:34:20 PM): To borrow an old Terran saying, when it rains, it pours.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:34:44 PM): ::to helm:: Best possible speed -- get us out of here -- punch it.
Oriana Nadall (8:35:11 PM): (why do I hear Chewbacca howl when he said 'punch it' lol)
Gabriel Wulfe (8:35:11 PM): ::clutches chair:: Everyone hang on!
Gabriel Wulfe (8:35:16 PM): (lol :-) )
Oriana Nadall (8:35:18 PM): Davina> ::grabs hold of her console::
Dr Qarson (8:35:40 PM): Oh, fudge...
Dr Qarson (8:35:45 PM): ::Holds on::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:36:01 PM): ::looks to Qarson:: Fudge? What's fudge?
Oriana Nadall (8:36:16 PM): Davina> ::ready to implement her idea if necessary::
Delphi Rune (8:36:18 PM): Action> The polaron beam splashes across the romulan shields, harming the shields a bit, but doing no damage to the ship.
Dr Qarson (8:36:22 PM): A better word for the curse of fornication!
Oriana Nadall (8:36:46 PM): Davina> ::initates shield remodulation to an inverse frequency of the graviton field::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:37:03 PM): ::beckons to the viewscreen:: Might I call attention to the big, bad Romulan death machine bearing down on us!
Oriana Nadall (8:37:24 PM): Davina> ::if it worked the graviton field's effects on the ship should be negated::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:37:43 PM): ... dessert and fornication can come after!
Kris K (8:37:55 PM): ::Looks around:: What the hell are they doing up there...+Rixx+ Aido! You're supposed to keep the ship in one piece!
Oriana Nadall (8:38:14 PM): Davina> Try it now sir..::hoping it worked::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:38:18 PM): ::looks to Davina:: Any affect? ::to helm:: Can we get out of here?
Delphi Rune (8:38:46 PM): Action> Davina's inverse field seems to free the ship from the wormhole's pull. It has a different effect as well, and cause the wormhole to shift position and it sputters out and then reappears behind the Romulan ship.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:38:55 PM): +Tine+ I'm endeavoring to do just that, ma'am. Be back with you in a moment ...assuming we're not eating Romulan torpedoes at that tiem.
Oriana Nadall (8:39:08 PM): Davina> It worked...and it seems to have shifted the wormhole to behind the Romulan ship now.
Kris K (8:39:18 PM): +Rixx+ If you need me up there...let me know.
Oriana Nadall (8:39:27 PM): Davina> We can call it..the Davina Manuever..::small nervous laugh::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:39:34 PM): ::nods and smiles:: Wow ... nice!
Delphi Rune (8:39:36 PM): Rune> :;just looks over the pad for a moment and watches::
Delphi Rune (8:39:59 PM): (( err... reads... not watches... oops))
Kris K (8:40:26 PM): ::Looks back at Rune:: I don't know really what else to say...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:40:38 PM): +Tine+ If you hear explosions, ma'am, you may want to relocate to the bridge ... but I think fortunate is smiling upon us.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:40:55 PM): ::to helm:: Maximum warp, if you can!
Gabriel Wulfe (8:41:08 PM): ::crosses fingers::
Kris K (8:41:14 PM): +Rixx+ I put you as XO for a reason. I think you can handle it. I hope you can anyways.
Oriana Nadall (8:41:20 PM): Davina> I always knew that idea would work..or rather I hoped I was right..and that all those snooty professors who told me I was crazy were wrong.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:41:43 PM): +Tine+ As so I, ma'am, as do I ... I'll have quite the report for you, regardless. ::grins::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:42:08 PM): ::smiles at Davina:: If they're snooty, they're usually wrong.
Delphi Rune (8:42:28 PM): Helm> Sorry sir, the warp bubble can't form with all the graviton fluctuation... I'm going at full impulse.
Oriana Nadall (8:42:30 PM): Davina> ::smiles:: I guess so.
Oriana Nadall (8:42:48 PM): Davina> Oops..guess my idea wasn't entirely perfect.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:42:53 PM): ::to helm:: We'll take it. Get us going ...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:44:05 PM): ::to Davina:: Close enough for now ... See if you can make some modifications to the remodulation to assist with our momentum ...
Oriana Nadall (8:44:42 PM): Davina> ::looks for modifications that would assist the ship's momentum::
Delphi Rune (8:44:50 PM): Rune> ::puts the padd down finally:: I... I guess that explains why you have more pips suddenly... but...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:45:03 PM): ::looks to sensors:: What's the status of that wormhole and Romulan ship?
Kris K (8:45:03 PM): ::Looks back to Rune again:: But...what?
Oriana Nadall (8:45:04 PM): Davina> I'll see what I can do..not sure if now's the time for experimentation until we're safe.
Oriana Nadall (8:45:28 PM): Davina> ::looks to the sensors to indicate the status of the romulan ship and the wormhole::
Delphi Rune (8:45:39 PM): Action> The wormhole sputters again, and reforms between the Romulans and the Leo.
Oriana Nadall (8:46:09 PM): Davina> Hmmm...the wormhole is now directly between us and the Romulans. Looks like it's positioning on at least this side is unstable.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:46:35 PM): ::to Davina:: That thing is temperamental ... Any way to collapse it on our end?
Oriana Nadall (8:47:09 PM): Davina> Not sure..I'd have to do some calculations and simulations to even be remotely sure it'd not make things worse.
Oriana Nadall (8:47:34 PM): Davina> natural wormholes tend to be unstable on one or both ends.
Delphi Rune (8:47:34 PM): Rune> But what has happened? You're captain of the Leo, so she must have been remade, And what's going on right now that has the ship at red alert?
Gabriel Wulfe (8:47:35 PM): Hmmm ... start running some calculations ... always good to have options ...
Delphi Rune (8:47:59 PM): Action> The wormhole sputters again, this time reforming directly in the Leo's flight path.
Oriana Nadall (8:48:05 PM): Davina> Yes sir. ::starts running some calculations on collapsing the wormhole::
Kris K (8:48:19 PM): From what I've heard? Romulans. Our own fault, we moved into the Neutral Zone...which...that whole thing would take a lot more time to explain that we'd probably have.
Oriana Nadall (8:48:21 PM): Davina> Uh's right ahead now.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:48:21 PM): ::sees the wormhole form in front of them:: Jaheeba!
Delphi Rune (8:48:36 PM): Action> The Romulan ship, now free of its direct pull fires a volley towards the Leo as well.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:48:40 PM): Helm, evasive manuervers ... get us away from that thing ...
Delphi Rune (8:49:09 PM): Helm> I'm trying sir... we need more power though...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:49:12 PM): ::notes the incoming fire:: All hands, brace for impact!
Kris K (8:49:28 PM): ::Hears Rixx from the bridge:: That sounds like trouble...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:49:38 PM): +Tine+ Captain, remember those possible explosions I mentioned ...
Oriana Nadall (8:49:43 PM): Davina> maybe if we set a torpedo to explode and radiate a pulse that is at our shield modulation frequency into the wormhole it'll collapse.
Oriana Nadall (8:49:50 PM): Davina> or it could expand bigger.
Kris K (8:49:59 PM): +Rixx+ We hear you down here. Get Qarson down to engineering to keep us together!
Oriana Nadall (8:50:03 PM): Davina> ::braces herself against her console::
Gabriel Wulfe (8:50:23 PM): +Tine+ Aye, ma'am. ::to Qarson:: Your expertise is required in Engineering, Doctor.
Dr Qarson (8:50:43 PM): ::Secures his station and bolts for the turbolift::
Delphi Rune (8:50:57 PM): Rune> ::starts to sit up again:: Tine... get to the bridge, you're no good down here with me...
Kris K (8:51:32 PM): ::Shakes her head:: I've never been good in a fight, you know that. Even after five years. Rixx can handle it. You need to try to stay relaxed.
Delphi Rune (8:52:09 PM): Action> The Leo takes a hit, and almost slips into the wormhole. And would have if it hadn't shifted again directly on top of the Romulan ship.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:52:28 PM): +Romulan ship+ Romulan vessel ... I appreciate your zealousness and adherence to treaty fine print, but is now really the time to be exchanging weapons fire? Perhaps we can call a temporary truce and work together to expel ourselves from this dilemma?
Oriana Nadall (8:52:31 PM): Davina> or we could send a pulse out to remodulate the romulan ship's shields to match the graviton might suck them into it.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:53:03 PM): ::frowns:: I'd hate to do that to them ... but if they insist on firing on us ...
Kris K (8:53:10 PM): ::Flies from the chair she was in, granted it wasn't a sturdy chair, and pulls herself back up:: Yeah..see? He can handle it.
Oriana Nadall (8:53:19 PM): Davina> We might have no choice's us or them.
Delphi Rune (8:53:21 PM): Action> There doesn't seem to be a response from the Romulan ship... all their effort seems to be avoid going into the wormhole. A moment later their ship looses and is sucked in.
Dr Qarson (8:53:23 PM): ::Exits the turbolift and races for Engineering:: CONSUELA!
Gabriel Wulfe (8:53:50 PM): ::regards the viewscreen a moment:: Where did they go? Did they just get pulled in?
Delphi Rune (8:53:55 PM): Helm> Sir... I've got bad news... that last hit took out our impulse engines...
Gabriel Wulfe (8:53:58 PM): (brb-afk)
Oriana Nadall (8:53:58 PM): Davina> so.
Kris K (8:55:07 PM): +Bridge+ Okay...what is going on up there?
Oriana Nadall (8:55:17 PM): Davina> We could try hitting the wormhole with an inverse frequency pulse..that could possibly collapse it..I hope.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:55:53 PM): (back)
Gabriel Wulfe (8:56:23 PM): And our Romulan friends could end up stuck ... wherever or whenever they are ... with no chance of getting back.
Oriana Nadall (8:56:42 PM): Davina> I'd hardly call them friends..sir.
Delphi Rune (8:56:43 PM): Action> The wormhole starts to sputter again...
Oriana Nadall (8:56:59 PM): Davina> wormhole fluctuating again..
Gabriel Wulfe (8:57:10 PM): ::shrugs:: Semantics.
Gabriel Wulfe (8:57:44 PM): +Tine+ Its been an interesting couple of minutes, Captain.
Delphi Rune (8:57:47 PM): Helm> Sir... if that wormhole comes back this way, we have no way to avoid it with impulse down.
Oriana Nadall (8:57:56 PM): ( what's that Kirk quote about Klingons..applicable here to Romulans "let them die" lol)
Kris K (8:58:03 PM): +Rixx+ I take it you'll have a better explaination than that for me later?
Gabriel Wulfe (8:58:49 PM): +Tine+ We have a sporadic wormhole that seems insistent to sour our day, Captain. It just gobbled up the Romulan warship that was accosting us.
Delphi Rune (8:59:06 PM): Action> The wormhole does sputter out again and shift, directly off the starboard side of the Leo.
Oriana Nadall (8:59:17 PM): Davina> It's now off the starboard bow sir.
Kris K (8:59:42 PM): +Rixx+ Romulan warship? ::Thinks and frowns:: Please tell me you have readings on it...and since this is an interesting day already, compare it to the one that destroyed our original ship....
Delphi Rune (8:59:47 PM): Helm> +Engineering+ Doctor? I don't like to be a nuisance, but we need those impulse engines pronto!
Gabriel Wulfe (9:00:11 PM): +Tine+ Our impulse engines are down ... we won't be able to avoid the wormhole if it moves closer ...
Oriana Nadall (9:00:15 PM): Davina> ::nods to Rixx..she'd been recording all readings taken on the Romulan ship::
Dr Qarson (9:00:27 PM): +Helm+ I have a team down at impulse control as we speak. Things will be well in just a few seconds.
Oriana Nadall (9:00:35 PM): Davina> ::compares the signature from the Romulan ship just now and the ship five years ago::
Gabriel Wulfe (9:00:40 PM): ::nods to Davina:: +Tine+ Aye, ma'am, we've been recording everything.
Kris K (9:00:44 PM): +Rixx+ Get everyone working on everything, you know what to do. Rune's awake and...I'm trying to get him caught up.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:01:02 PM): +Tine+ Understood, Captain.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:01:16 PM): +Qarson+ Any way to shave off a few minutes from that estimate?
Delphi Rune (9:01:26 PM): Action> The Leo doesn't seem to have a few seconds as it is being drawn into the wormhole.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:01:27 PM): ... we may not have 5 minutes.
Dr Qarson (9:01:43 PM): ::Checks console:: +Rixx+ Impulse engines ready. Let 'er rip!
Gabriel Wulfe (9:01:58 PM): +Qarson+ Best news I've heard thus far!
Kris K (9:02:00 PM): ::Looks back to Rune:: Guess you're not the only thing interesting to happen today...think the doctor will let you head up to the bridge and take a look?
Oriana Nadall (9:02:02 PM): Davina> Recommend trying to sling shot away from the wormhole..
Gabriel Wulfe (9:02:09 PM): Helm, full impulse, engage!
Delphi Rune (9:02:13 PM): Helm> ::shoves the ship into full impulse... and pulls the ship out of the wormhole's effect.
Delphi Rune (9:02:23 PM): Helm> Already on it sir!
Gabriel Wulfe (9:02:43 PM): ::nods to Davina:: Good thinking ... send projected course to Helm.
Oriana Nadall (9:02:59 PM): Davina> ::sends the projected course to helm:: Done.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:03:21 PM): ::clutches chair:: Not to keep repeating myself, but -- everyone hang on!
Delphi Rune (9:03:33 PM): Helm> Entering course now... preparing to slingshot....
Oriana Nadall (9:03:35 PM): Davina> ::holds onto her console..again::
Kris K (9:04:07 PM): ::Hears Rixx again:: Oh goody.
Delphi Rune (9:04:45 PM): Action> Just as the Leo is about round the slingshot, the wormhole sputters again and dissappears. A moment later it reappears directly in front of the Leo's path.
Delphi Rune (9:05:04 PM): Helm> Sir! It shifted again... its... we're going in!
Oriana Nadall (9:05:15 PM): Davina> Oh this is not good...
Gabriel Wulfe (9:05:16 PM): ::eyes widen:: This thing is unbelievable! Helm, evasive maneuvers! Adjust course!
Gabriel Wulfe (9:05:29 PM): ... full reverse! Anything!
Delphi Rune (9:06:40 PM): Action> The helm officer desperately tries to change the course but to no avail. The wormhole claims the Lionheart-B and the ship is sucked inside. A few moments later it is spit back out presumably on the other side.
Oriana Nadall (9:06:42 PM): (if it's a true wormhole..the only question is where does the other end come out?)
Gabriel Wulfe (9:06:58 PM): ::glances around::
Gabriel Wulfe (9:07:14 PM): Status? ... Everyone alright?
Dr Qarson (9:07:20 PM): ::Looks around the engine room, wondering why everything seems calm all of a sudden::
Dr Qarson (9:07:24 PM): Are we dead...?
Kris K (9:07:37 PM): ::Listens:: Too quiet...
Delphi Rune (9:07:51 PM): Helm> We seem to be alive sir...
Gabriel Wulfe (9:08:07 PM): ::nods to the helmsman:: Well, I'll take it ...
Oriana Nadall (9:08:08 PM): Davina> I seem to be alright.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:08:25 PM): ::stands and looks to Davina:: Do we have sensors? Can you get a fix on our location?
Gabriel Wulfe (9:08:38 PM): ... any sign of the Romulans?
Oriana Nadall (9:08:44 PM): Davina> ::matches the sensor readings to star charts to register present position:: Working on it.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:09:05 PM): +Qarson+ Damage report. What's the status of our engines?
Oriana Nadall (9:09:20 PM): Davina> Umm..we're in..Romulan Alliance territory.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:09:41 PM): ::pauses, then does a slow turn to Davina:: I'm sorry ... did you say ... where?
Oriana Nadall (9:09:56 PM): Davina> According to sensor readings we're in Romulan Alliance territory.
Kris K (9:10:14 PM): PAUSE SIMMAGE!!
Oriana Nadall (9:10:19 PM): ::paused::
Gabriel Wulfe (9:10:20 PM): ::looks at the viewscreen::
Gabriel Wulfe (9:10:23 PM): ::paused::
Kris K (9:10:24 PM): ((Sorry to cut off your typing Rixx!)
Delphi Rune (9:10:38 PM): hehehe
Dr Qarson (9:10:44 PM): ::Paused::
Delphi Rune (9:10:50 PM): well well... what trouble have we gotten into now?
Kris K (9:10:57 PM): Rune, you're just evil. Running us 2 hours and making us go into the wormhole?
Gabriel Wulfe (9:11:05 PM): lol
Oriana Nadall (9:11:06 PM): believe the saying out of the frying pan and into the fire seems applicable.
Delphi Rune (9:11:12 PM): I know! Isn't it fun!
Oriana Nadall (9:11:25 PM): at least we aren't in the gamma quadrant or something..
Delphi Rune (9:11:38 PM): Contemplated it... trust me :-P
Gabriel Wulfe (9:11:51 PM): mhmm
Oriana Nadall (9:11:51 PM): or the delta
Kris K (9:11:52 PM): I think we need to let everyone get outta here though
Delphi Rune (9:12:30 PM): Yeah... probably a good idea. We'll pick up next week after an hour or so from this sim. Any questions?
Kris K (9:12:31 PM): Frankly, it's even my bed time!
Oriana Nadall (9:12:43 PM): Nope.
Gabriel Wulfe (9:12:46 PM): nada
Kris K (9:12:49 PM): Nope
Delphi Rune (9:13:42 PM): In that case.. set them all free. Except Rixx, he has bathrooms to clean and monkey cages to install
Kris K (9:13:46 PM): GET YOUR BUTTS OUTTA!
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