Elliot Log: New Journal Entry

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Elliot Log: New Journal Entry

Postby Ricker » Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:14 am

New Journal Entry
A log by Elliot Erikson
Set before the events of Late Night Rendezvous

Elliot tossed a round rubber ball across his room. “Go get it boy!” The small dog in front of him just sat there and stared at him as if he were an art piece in a museum, contemplating what mystery stood before him. Elliot sighed and plopped down onto his bed. He was experiencing such a torrent of conflicting emotions, he didn’t know quite how to feel. He bit the inside of his lip while he watched his new puppy look behind him and attempt to bite his tail.

“Computer, open new journal entry and begin recording.” He paused a moment before starting. “So I got good news and bad news. Good news? I GOT A PUPPY! Bad news? Grandpa got me the puppy because him and Grandma are going back to Earth to retire. Grandpa said that since he was leaving, I needed a friend to keep an eye on me.” He paused again and hung his head, trying to sort out how he felt about it. Not having any luck there, he shoved it to the side. “I think I’m going to name the puppy Kenai, because he is an Alaskan Husky and Kenai is an Alaskan name. It makes sense I guess.” He trailed off again.

He had known this was coming for a while. Marcus had come aboard the Heimdall about a year ago to start the process of taking over the ship and the business. Elliot had done a lot of growing up on that ship. He knew he wasn’t leaving it, but it felt like it wasn’t going to be the same place anymore, his grandfather wouldn’t be there to teach him about how to fix the engine or to let him work the comms station anymore. His grandmother wouldn’t be there to make his favorite foods or sneak him cake right after breakfast anymore. There were so many good memories that he had formed here with them that he couldn’t imagine living on the ship without them.

Sighing again, Elliot fell back on to the bed and stared up at the ceiling. He decided that it was probably going to be alright. Earth wasn’t that far away, maybe he could get Dad to drop him off there on a run sometimes so that he could see his grandparents. He smiled a fiendish smile. Maybe he could stowaway on an Earthbound freighter and sneak off to see them one time. Maybe. Dad kept pretty close tabs on him. Grandma and Grandpa had let him have the run of the ship unless there was something important going on. Dad ran things different.

Different. That’s what Elliot decided that things would be. They wouldn’t be better or worse now that his grandparents were not on the ship, just different. “I’m going to miss Grandma and Grandpa, they have taken good care of me and taught me a lot since I came here. I hope that Kenai can help with that.” His tone of voice changed slightly. “End recording, save entry.” He looked back at the dog and smiled. “You my friend, have your work cut out for you.”

Elliot left his room and walked into the main living quarters. He knew that his father was going to be working late tonight, and then had some party to go to. He also figured that his father was going to be spending the night in their new quarters on the station. He looked around and wondered to himself if he should stay on the ship or if he should go and stay in the station quarters. He smirked a little as he decided that he would stay on the ship. “If Dads not around…” he said out loud, as he considered all the things he could do without supervision.

He sat down on the couch and turned the main viewer on to display some entertainment videos. A few minutes later he decided that he needed a snack. He got up and walked to the replicator to get a bowl of popcorn and a mug of a drink his dad had let him have one time. He couldn’t quite remember the name of it but it was programmed into the replicator. He was slightly confused when the computer told him that Minor protocols would be used in the dispensation of this order but he shrugged it off as the drink materialized.

Starting back to the living space, carrying his treasures, he made sure to slide across the metal decking in the dining area on his socks. He reached the couch and sat down once again to watch his holovid. This time though, he decided to get real comfortable. No one else was going to be around right? Quickly crawling out of most of his clothing, he left them in a pile next to the couch and lay down, settling in for his late night movie and popcorn binge. Ten minutes later he was sound asleep.
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