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Darkstar Pheonix

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:28 pm
by LrShadow
OOC: Posted from a possible sim idea this was an initial setup idea, and hence it will be the beginning of the story.

IC: Begin

Amanda Tor's eyes blinked to clear the fog of sleep as a shiver ran through her. Sparkles of light reflected off the glass as she stared at the faceplate. Lifting her hands the door swung open with a hiss and the dim lights from above rose another notch allowing her eyes to adjust.

"Whoa..." she said into the silence as a list appeared in the lower right of her vision. After a few seconds the words flashed green 'STATUS, GREEN'

A slight headache pulsed at her temples and a cable attached to the back of her head restricted movement. Reaching around she found she was connected to the system as information poured into her mind.

"Second Officer Amanda Tor is awake and fit for duty." an computerized female voice said quietly, her voice sounding like it came from everywgere in the room. "DP ID: M16-A is preparing to come out of cold sleep. Command protocols are yours until the Commander has been risen from cold sleep. Estimated time, 2 hours."

"Thank you...." Amanda said wondering what the computers name was, then it came to her although she was certain she had never heard it before, "HEL...." the name of a goddess from another time and place. Amanda knew instinctively that they all had slept well beyond their last check. It must have happened then, that to which they all feared but never truly expected to have happen.

"How long have we been asleep?" Amanda asked as she twisted the cable at the back of her head and withdrew it. She felt the Sync Net port at the base of her skull, which hadn't been there before. Normal operations were to put a group into cold sleep for 10-20 years then wake them up and place another group into cold while the last group was trained on the new advances and latest techniques. If they were not awakened then the present Sleepers were fitted with ports and taught in sleep what they needed or whatever they missed.

"Unknown, base systems have been offline for an unknown period of time." the computer replied, "All external feeds have been severed and status updates from HQ were never received."

Amanda rubbed her neck as the cybernetic implants warmed up drawing power from her body. She felt the command codes activate and a large amount of knowledge filter to the fore of her mind.

"There is allot of data here." she muttered, "More then ever before." a list of details scrolled over the right side of her vision distracting her from the dusty lockers and blinking lights that seemed to line the opposite wall.

"Give me an inventory of the base and our physical location please HEL?" she said stepping tentatively onto the cold deck plating that was the floor.

"Do you wish me to wireless it to your BCI?" the computerized voice asked.

"BCI..." she started to ask, but as soon as she thought it the words flashed on her HUD. Bio Cybernetic Implant and showed her a display of her brain with fine wires and a port in the back of her head. "Ah, yes, that will be handy."

An incoming message appeared and she nodded allowing it to connect. HEL's systems connected and a list of weapons, vehicles, and schematics of the base filled her vision. She whistled in wonder as she saw the display.

"It looks like we could start our own war if need be." Amanda said, worry creasing her brow. That could cause other issues depending on who she had been given as troops and Sciences. "Ok, thats enough for now. For the time being all weapons and areas that are not general living quarters is restricted to myself and the Commander. At least until we get to know our new friends."

"Acknowledged." Hel confirmed as the orders were executed.



PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:15 pm
by LrShadow
"End of the World protocols engaged." Hel announced as Amanda slipped into a jumpsuit she had found in a locker with her name on it.

"So, no other lifesigns or signals detected?" Amanda asked knowing the answer. She fished out a utility belt which had an unusual gun slung on the right side.

"Acknowledged." Hel replied, "Although I am getting some strange radiation readings from the outside. I cannot scan very far though as all external feeds are severed."

'Off to the bridge then.' Amanda thought, a schematic showing the way to the center overlaid her vision highlighting the exit.

Following her cybernetic directions Amanda didn't notice the odd quiet until she entered the Bridge area. She stopped looking around and the silence seemed oppressive, disturbing. A wild thought of undead roaming the halls or ravaging the crew while they slept sent a shiver down her spine.

"No time for that." she admonished herself as she strolled over to the largest chair. Taking a seat the console glowed with a cool blue shade and several diagnostic screens appeared. At first the symbols seemed to make no sense, but she focused trying to read them. "What is this .... calibration sequence?" she asked after reading some of the lines.

"The system was set for the CO, but since you are awake it is resetting itself to your parameters." Hel replied.

"What is the CO's native language?" she muttered before continuing, "Shouldn't it keep the CO's settings?"

"Not if the Commanders abilities have been impaired for some reason." the computer replied.

"How could he...." she trailed off thinking. "Bring up the medical scan please ..... Hel." she felt odd naming the computer Hell or Hel... either had an ominous feel.

Lights on her right flashed and a holographic display appeared with the medical reports and history of one Stan Creede. Amanda raised her eyebrow as she skimmed over his military record with its various wounds received in battle. The reports were odd because as far as she knew there hadn't been an actual war in many years let alone the list she saw for this man.

Subject brain survey reported to be to chaotic for civilian or peace time status. Recommendation: to be revived only during times of war per XO request.

"What an odd command structure." she muttered to herself as she read over his file.