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PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:23 pm
by Tavey
Please put your Bio's here.

Derowen MacFie

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:27 pm
by Tavey
Derowen Macfie

Derowen has a long career with Torchwood. Her file, however, contains only one page. On that page is a grainy picture of a young Derowen and her title: Director, Torchwood Ten.

About 35 years of age.
Long black, usually tied up in a chignon.
Grey eyes.
Very pale skin.
About 5’8”

Usually wears mid-calf culottes, light blouses and fitted jackets. However, will don more contemporary clothing when needed. Wears a locket at all times.

Is very fit. Think Modesty Blaise kind of fit.
Favours a Yawara as a weapon, and will tuck one into her hair.
Is well versed in different forms of martial arts. Will fire a gun only when necessary.
Can be utterly ruthless. There was a rumour that circulated around Torchwood that she shut the door and locked it on at least one member of her team when things went wrong.
Likes tea. Her favorite teashop is Whillards on Regent Street.

Derowen has a suite at the Hub and property in Tintagel, Cornwall.

has the brand of a sword running down her spine.

Grace 'Sparky' Forbes

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:46 pm
by Tavey
Grace "Sparky" Forbes

Age: 30
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: Slim to average
Hair: Chestnut, shoulder length
Eyes: Green/grey
Wears glasses for close work only.

Studied Communications Engineering at University. Whilst there, joined Officer Training Corps. After gap year, joined Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.
Served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) as an Armourer/Artificer (up to Lieutenant), including secondment to United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT).

Left the services last year.

A work hard/play hard kind of girl, Grace doesn't appreciate flippancy or distractions while she's trying to concentrate, but lets her hair down (occasionally too far) at other times. Heavy on the skeptical side, she finds it hard to accept the more fantastical explanations of the things they investigate and is more interested in debunking any overly-mythical theories. She does, however, accept that there is intelligent life on other planets and that time-travel exists, due to incidents she was involved with during her time with UNIT (which she refuses to speak about directly, having signed the Official Secrets Act).

Nathanial Scott

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:48 pm
by Tavey
Name: Nathanial Scott (Nate, or Nathan for short)
Age: 40+
Occupation: Doctor/Archeologist
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 245 lbs
Hair: Blond/Grey
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, Cartoons esp. ones he calls ancient like Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.

Nathan is generally the quiet the type, but he is always listening even if he appears not to. His greatest talent, one of the reasons he is where he is and does what he does, is his edict memory. It is not something he shares, along with his life before Torchwood.
He lives at Torchwood 10, has no other known habitats and takes up 3 rooms. One of the rooms is a kitchen Library with a wide range of equipment most French chefs would die for. For such a big man Nathan has a gentle bearing and kind heart. His eyes are those of someone who has seen it all and is rarely surprised. They are also the eyes of loss and sorry, the kind that make you want to cry and you don’t even know why.

No other information is found.

Tarquin Sanderson "Quin"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:51 pm
by Tavey
Name: Tarquin Sanderson (Quin)
Class/Race: British
Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Build: Slim
Features: Dark Blond hair/Hazel eyes
It has been remarked that he has the face of an angel and the morals
of a sewer rat.
Skills: Quin can climb anything. He is an excellent and fearless
driver and is skilled in lock picking and other criminal arts
including the use of explosives.
Despite his small size he is a skilled fighter. He always fights
dirty. As Quin puts it 'is there any other way'.
He was born to a junkie mother and unknown father in a squat in
Whitechapel in the East End of London. Quin's mother always
maintained that his father was the son of a peer of the realm so she
gave him what she thought was a 'posh' name. As she was usually high
and had a great many male 'friends' Quin never had much faith in her
He was abused mentally and physically by several of his mother's live
in lovers and a severe beating by one of them led to him being taken
into care at the age of 10. He never saw his mother again and
believes her to be dead. He has never tried to find her.
Quin left school as soon as he possibly could. He has a sharp
intellect and is knowledgeable without being educated. He spent more
time playing truant than he did actually attending classes.
Inevitably he ended up on the wrong side of the law, starting off
with shoplifting and other petty crimes before progressing to
burglary and ultimately to the major crime that led to him being
recruited for Torchwood.
He loves to read and is addicted to old black and white films of any
genre. Although in his opinion Hitchcock is the master. He likes to
cook and is knowledgeable about food.
He is friendly without giving much away about himself. However, do
not be fooled this is one very bad boy.

Frederick Black

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:52 pm
by Tavey
Name: Frederick Bellmore James Black

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Short cropped dark brown hair, (only looks brown in sunlight, otherwise it appears black)
Hazel coloured eyes, (Green with brown flakes)
Six foot two inches
Fairly slim yet well toned build, (due to a liking of baggy clothes appears bigger.)

Off the job, or exercising;
Favours dark blue track suits with sturdy black boots.
On the job, or formal occasion;
Likes to wear a brown suit, with either sturdy black boots for well polished brown shoes.

Usually wears hardwearing black boots, or blue slippers when at home.
Has numerous pairs of leather gloves, (either in dark blue, black or brown)

Role playing notes:
Fred usually has a very relaxed and lazy manner about him. It is not uncommon to fine him with his feet up, while leading backwards on a chair. Yet he visits his local gym two times a week, and goes for a jog about three am most mornings.

Due to a rich upbringing before being disowned by his father, Fred has a habit of looking down his nose to people he is unsure of, or does not respect. He also has a habit of lapsing into “proper” English every now and then. Also writes a letter to his mother once a month.

Drinks tea by preference, hates cigar smoke, and coffee. A slight vain streak but willing to get dirty when the job requires it.

Fred by and large doesn’t think like your average Joe. He see’s the world in a more practical way, and can analyse almost anything put before him. This makes him great at thinking outside the box, as well as pointing out flaws in other people’s plans.

Fred is also blessed at being ambidextrous.


PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:57 pm
by Tavey

Name : Doran
Age : 15
Gender : Male
Nationality : British
Specialty : Maths
Position : Trainee
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Grey
Height : 1.75mtr
Build : Slight

Doran was orphaned at the age of five and sent to live with his only living relatives, childless distant cousins. He went from a nurturing loving home to being with people who no interest in him, and despite their religious fervour the only thing they wanted was access to Doran's trust fund.

One of the many things that his fosterers didn't realise was that they had taken on a child prodigy, in particular him being a mathematical genius. They were ill-equipped to deal with a child with an enquiring mind, and complicated maters further by pocketing his school fees and sending him to the local state school.

Life achieved a state of what felt like a heavily armed neutrality for Doran, this was rudely interrupted when Doran developed the condition known as 'Precocious Puberty'. Of course adolescence wasn't something that his surrogate parents could have coped with under normal circumstances but having it thrust on them, so to speak, in a ten year old could not have been a worse set of circumstances. Repeatedly punished and beaten for his 'evil libidinous behaviour' Doran was more miserable than ever.

When he was eleven Doran ran away from home, taking a huge sum in blackmail money with him. This he had extorted from a child molesting tutor at his parents' mission school, where they had sent him as punishment for some transgression Doran couldn't be bothered even remembering. Once he was clear Doran had sent his evidence to the police, telling them he had run away because of the abuse he had suffered, it caused quite a scandal locally.

Doran's fine mind had not prepared him to survive on his own, his savings had quickly vanished, and he had been left to exploit his only other marketable skill, and that is what he had learned at the mission school. He was working the streets around Kings Cross when he was abducted, instead of ending up as some sicko's sex slave Doran became the subject of a series of medical experiments. He was in the hands of Yvonne Hartman's Torchwood.

Doran, Part 2

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:01 pm
by Tavey
He was fed the line that this was for his own good and that he had contracted something that was causing a genetic collapse. With the aid of Lysander Kingdom Brunel, a fellow detainee from another dimension, the Institute's medics were able to stabilise Doran's condition.

It was shortly after this that the first of the ghosts had appeared, and the country went nuts with ghost fever. When the first of the Cybermen had turned up Lysander had recognised them for what they were, having encountered them on a number of occasions in other realities. Naturally he knew that this world was in no position to offer any real opposition these invaders, so he escaped from the Tower of London, taking Doran with him. But London had been an angry violent chaos and they had become separated, but Lysander had been prepared for that eventuality. They had set a meeting place for them to rendezvous.

Sometime later Jack Harkness found Brunel in the hands of UNIT, which is why he had never made his rendezvous with Doran. As luck would have it the Rift in Cardiff gave Lysander the chance to go home, before he left he asked Jack to go and see that Doran was all right.

Doran had been living in Annecy in south-eastern France for some time, he was plying his old trade but for a more select clientele, which gave him time and money to pursue his true love, mathematics. Jack convinced Doran to return back to Britain with him but Doran had conditions; he wanted his trust fund, and to work with Torchwood. Jack agreed to arrange limited access to his money, and that Doran could work for Torchwood once he had completed his education. As it turned out this was not the wisest agreement Jack Harkness had ever made as he thought this whim would pass. Entered into the best private school for exceptionally gifted children Doran surpassed all scholastic expectations of him. In the intervening eighteen months Doran has completed the maths PHD he had started back in Annecy. Whilst he is now studying for his doctorate he is holding Jack to their agreement.

As he waited on the lowest level of what Jack Harkness had called the Hub, Doran became painfully aware that Derowen McFie was not happy about having this 'scruffy teenager' foisted on her. She had a good voice when she needed it, he wondered if she knew it carried so well. She told Jack Harkness that if he wanted Doran to work for Torchwood he should take his 'pet adolescent' to Cardiff. Doran heard the erstwhile Captain had countered with the observation that Doran was already studying here in London at the Mathematics Research Centre, which was part of School of Mathematical Sciences of Queen Mary University. The riposte that there were perfectly good universities in Wales held no sway over Jack. A deal was a deal, besides the Institute owed Doran on so many levels. Derowen all but snatched the proffered file from Jack's hand, by the time she was a mere two pages into the document she had sat down, clearly stricken. She said there was no question that she would take the boy on.

Now Doran has left boarding school and taken up residence at Torchwood, he has his own suite of three rooms and Derowen has learned the joys of soundproofing.

Eric Armitage

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:00 am
by Tavey
Name: Eric Howard Armitage
Age: 36
Nationality: American
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Height: 5' 11”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown/Black
Eyes: Brown

Hobbies: Cooking, Soccer, Rugby, and (oddly enough) Piano playing.

Skills: Advanced Close Quarters Training, Trained Sniper and Weapons Expert.


Eric is unique, even among Americans. His upbringing in New Orleans gives him a distinct way of looking at life. Even his version of English is different than most American dialects. Belonging to the American subculture known as Cajun, he talks with a hint of his French roots. He has a fun loving nature at heart, and is a typical smooth talker. Taking life a bit easier than most, it's what kept him alive in a job so dangerous. However, when he's needed, he shows his serious side and becomes calculating and collected. Refuses to talk about his SF days, except to those who would understand...

Military History:

Armitage was known as one of the more dependable enlisted of the 10th Special Forces out of Stuttgart, Germany. He has worked many times with EUCOM (US European Command) and UNIT before applying for Officer's School.

After finishing Officer's School, he was sent to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, USA to train with a group from the 5th Special Forces. The Fighting 5th was responsible for the current CENTCOM (US Central Command) mission in Iraq. He advanced quite fast through the ranks, reaching the rank of Army Captain. After meeting up with UNIT one last time, Armitage and his platoon were sent to Iraq on various sorties with the 101st Airborne aka the “Screaming Eagles.” During one mission, the Captain lost his entire platoon to mysterious circumstances.

Armitage resigned himself to return home to Louisiana after his debriefing.

Personal History:

Eric was born to prominent parents in New Orleans. After many incidents in his youth, his father sent him to various military schools to instill discipline. He was then accepted into the United States Military Academy. After his graduation, he refused his commission, saying that he had not earned his rank. Opting to become a grunt, he became well respected amongst the 101st Airborne that he served with. After a year, he wanted to become one of the elite, a Green Beret.

His General sent him to Ft. Bragg, New Jersey for the SOPC. After he was prepared in this course, he passed all of his Phases in his first try. The brass saw a determined soldier. However, he also became alienated from his family after he became more involved in the Army life.

Spending his days as a Weapons Sergeant, he seemed to live the good life. He even met a few girls during his time, including a former UNIT Operative he can't quite recall. However, strange events began happening near him. Things he couldn't explain.

This began to follow him throughout his time in Stuttgart. Events that he had no explanation for. People he didn't know, who knew him. Everything seemed out of place.

After losing his unit in Iraq, Eric was giving up on the life. He started to feel like he was cursed. After a layover in London, which forced him to stay in the city for a while. He saw something that would change his life. Torchwood. No real family to speak for. No woman to mourn him. No friends to call his own. Eric is alone, or is he...

MCpl Evelyn Orr

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:06 am
by Tavey

Name: Evelyn Mayfe Orr
DOB: 12 July 1977 [31yrs]
POB: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Company: Canadian Armed Forces
Rank: Master Corporal [MCpl]
Service Number: R41 002 535
Trade: Boatswain [Bosun]
Unit: 45 Jervis Bay, CFB Dundurn
Posting: Canadian Embassy, London
Status: Active - in field operations.

Height: 5'9'' Weight: 138lbs
Body Type: toned Race: Hispanic-Caucasian
Hair: long brown Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing Features:
- 3cm scar on index finger of left hand
- approx. dime sized birth mark on left forearm
- white maple leaf tattoo on left right shoulder blade


Evelyn Mayfe Orr was born to parents Maria Fernanda and Ewan Orr of
Saskatoon, Sk in the summer of `77.
She has two older brothers, Seamus and Gavin, and a younger sister,
Her mother was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, immigrating to
Canada in 1969. She met Ewan, a Welsh immigrant, at the cultural
center in Saskatoon. They were married in 1972 and had their first
child in `73.
Evelyn was a slightly above par student all through her school
career. Nothing spectacular, but she definitely wasn't an idiot.
She graduated high school third in her class and, to the despair of
her teachers and pride of her parents, she joined the Canadian Armed
Despite the stigma of being a female in the military, the lack of
respect from male co-workers and physical hardships involved with
being a bosun, she thrived. However, due to certain incidents - fist
fights, insubordination, etc - she wasn't able to rank any higher
than MCpl. Not that she really wanted to go any higher either,
though. One more promotion and she was stuck to a desk for the rest
of her career.

Evelyn had several encounters with the arcane institution,
Torchwood, before she was eventually `recruited' into their flocks.
She served as a member of the clean-up crew for Torchwood's central
offices before they were abandoned, then with Torchwood team 24 in
her home province of Saskatchewan.
She remained there for three years before she was transferred to
Torchwood Ten in Wales.

Her siblings have all married now, and have several children.
Seamus, an accountant, has four children: Dawn, Maria, Owen and
Gavin, a restaurant manager, had two: Simon and Jack.
And Trixie, a software designer, has one, Grace, and is expecting
another soon.

Evelyn had to leave her cat, Queef, with her former partner, Chris.

Personality Quirks:

Evelyn doesn't smoke, drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks, and
only drinks on the rare occasion she gets together with her
girlfriends and goes out for a night of dancing at their favourite
bar, the Sutherland. [AKA the `Scuz] [[And no, this bar is not named
for Kiefer Sutherland, although he did grow up in that area of
Saskatoon. The former township of Sutherland - now a suburb of
Saskatoon - was named in honour after his grandfather Tommy Douglas,
former Premier of the province of Saskatchewan and proclaimed
founding father of the Canadian social healthcare system.]

Evelyn, like many of her countrymen, doesn't like Americans.
One on one they are quite often fine and dandy people, but as a
large group she can't stand them.

Evelyn's favourite tv shows are Firefly, Star Gate Atlantis, Grey's
Anatomy, Project Runway/Catwalk, Drawn Together, Sea Lab 2021, and

Look her up on her facebook page. Honnestly.

Rubin Hart Bio

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:19 pm
by AJHoyt
OOC: Tavey usually posts bios, but she is extra busy with putting her house on the market and getting it in tippy-top salable shape. So, the following is subject to change if Her Nibbs insists.


Rubin "Roo" Hart aka "Statue Boy"
Age: 33
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: Average
Hair: light brown, short, professional - businessman's cut
Eyes: Blue

Studied psychology and political science in college. Varsity rowing and long distance running.

Recruited by the FBI out of college. Largely out of public view, but surfaced in criminal courts as an undercover witness against various members of organized crime.

Recruited by the CIA. For the first three years he excelled at field work and finding those who did not want to be found. Personnel file, while heavily redacted, indicates increasing obsessive hunting behavior and talk of aliens. Released from service in his fourth year.

Recruited for unknown duties at Cardiff based Torchwood agency. Torchwood’s unusual ability for media spin masked 100% of his official activities. However, accounts by police, ministers and morticians indicate he was arrested several times for defacing statuary in public monuments, cathedrals and mausoleums.

Rubin is a study of the ordinary. He is assiduous about not dressing too nicely or too poorly. He walks neither fast nor slow. His opinions mirror whomever he is speaking with. He can step into any ordinary crowd and vanish. He has stated that a high point of any day for him is someone bumping into him and saying, “Oh, I didn’t see you.”

As a field operative, Rubin can adequately defend himself, without weapons if need be. He augments whatever service weapon he is issued with an older .38 snub-nosed six-shot revolver, rumored to be his father’s who was a detective killed in the line of duty. He can improvise when necessary and can be elusive when pursued.

As for whether anyone would let him be a field operative or hire him for long on any job, this is unlikely. Rubin Hart is convinced there is an ancient race of aliens hunting humans to feed on their futures.

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:26 pm
by KendleRJ
**OOC - This has been reviewed and approved... posting as requested by Tavey**

Punkin Thomas

Friend to Derowen from Tintagel, Cornwall. No past experiences directly with Torchwood, but has a bit of a penchant for energy. Had a run in with some ley lines a while back and began the research… stumbled upon Wenny. *evilgrin* You can only call her that if you’re doing something EXTRA SPECIAL with your tongue.

Age is 32

Hair is usually short, but can get longish in sections which tend to curl outwards in a drastic and dramatic fashion.
Hair colour is flame red, natural, puh-lease!
Eyes a deep violet.
Skin is pale.
Willowy and muscular.
6’ – yes gents… that’s 6. Feet. Tall.

There is no usual attire for Punkin… she wears what she feels like and it shows. Her outfits range from the conservative to the downright esoteric, with tinges of Witchie Poo, goth and Donald Trump all rolled into a light breading with a bit of garlic and olive oil fried and served with various sauces to taste. We meet her in her goth mode, wearing a sex pistols shirt, torn in all of the right places, a pair of safety pin earrings, short skirt so frighteningly cut that in some countries she’s almost indecently exposed but overlaid with a nice, artistically shredded crinoline, Witchie Poo socks coloured as a nod to John Travolta in Grease of flame pink and black, and a pair of skull boots, with heels so tall she’s actually in a different elevation. They’re black with silver skulls. Her nails are natural but shortly trimmed, with all sorts of matching polish chipping off all over.

Her personality is electric. Literally. She is overly charged by energy levels of any and all shapes and varieties, but takes special care to stay away from substations and overhead wiring especially during thunder storms. Nothing bad has happened… yet… but there’s no telling what might if the world aligned in a certain manner, which it always has a tendency to do. And at the worst possible time. Of course, energy has a special meaning to her… too much makes her vibrate. Internally. And that can never be good to anyone of ANY gender around her at that time.

Can’t wear watches and certainly can’t use electric items of any type, shape or variety. Bad mojo. Messes with her Qi. And then of course the more obvious things that can’t be used because they plug in… *sigh*

Her leaning is towards either sex… ‘cause sex is pleasurable and pleasure isn’t picky. Appetite is insatiable, especially around energy. Ley lines and the like. *growl*

Oh. Did I say she liked puzzles? Brain teasers. So, pens, pencils, paper and all sorts of low tech – nothing electrical. Can shoot a mean bow and arrow… composite longs or hunting bows with exceptionally high pull… but guns, energy weapons or the odd sonic screwdriver would be BAD. I can’t define bad, but it wouldn’t look good for the weapon or tool, or the odd small appliance.

And she’s a bit over the top at times, but certainly NEVER boring; always good for a good time and tries to NEVER disappoint. It just wouldn’t be civilised.

Nigel Gladstone

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:00 pm
by Delta
OOC - This has been reviewed and approved

Nigel Gladstone


His age is 29

His hair is usually kept to a short-medium length, hanging limp and close to the skin, above the ears on the side, and just touching the collar behind.
Hair colour is brown, and eyes are green.
His height is 6’. His body is a lean swimmer's build, not overly muscular, but defined in all the right places.
He is rarely clean shaven, instead sporting seemingly perpetually existing stubble on his face.

His regular atire is rather bland. He can normally be found in one of a number of oxford button-down shirts of varying colours and patterns, a pair of dark jeans, and a cloth (not leather!) bomber jacket. His shoes generally scream such normality and inoffensiveness that they do not even deserve to be mentioned.

He is a young doctor, fresh out of medical school. Forced to open a practice in Weston Patrick for a limited number of years, due to the conditions of his student loans, he has gown to hate this country practice. He considers this type of medical practice, where the vast majority of his patients are "kids with coughs and old women who need calcium supplements", to be an unceasingly boring punishment for his parents' inability to cover his entire medical school bills, and longs for more interesting and exciting medical cases.

He has the personality of someone who is very inquisitive and motivated. He is intransigent, and unwilling to accept "no" as any answer, a fact that may get him in to trouble when Torchwood Ten arrives in his small village. Despite his general intelligence, his humour is frequently very self-deprecating. He is, however, able to strike a sharp barb, and be very instulting to others, as well.

He has very few inhibitions, and is always ready to "have a good time", whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sadly, however, he is a terrible dancer, and much more likely to crush a girl's toes than sweep her off her feet.

Oh, and yes, as far as sex is concerned, he'd probably let you f*** him.

Everett Jackson

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2009 1:38 pm
by KerriganMorgan
Name: Everett Jackson
Age: 35
Occupation: MI-6 Agent
Height: 6’6
Weight: 245 lbs
Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown
Hobbies: Reading , gardening and playing cards

Everett was born to a mother who wanted a daughter and a father who tried to over compensate for that. As a result, he can be considered a man’s man. Everett does whatever it takes to get the job done. He has killed and while it doesn’t faze him to kill another, he is by no means a sociopath. He just sees that sometimes killing is necessary as a means to an end.

Everett , called Eve by his mother, isn’t your stereotypical suave MI-6 agent. In fact, he’s such a normal guy that his nickname around the MI-6 offices is “The Chameleon” He has a very hard edge though and can cut loose with the rest of them. One would never know that he’s gay, unless Everett tells them.

Other information: In addition to the Queen’s English Everett speaks Spanish, French, German and Hebrew.

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:18 pm
by Black Scar Ozzy
Name: Frederick Bellmore James Black

Occupations: Wannabe Soldier boy (All his childhood and adolescent life)
Lawyer (A few years)
Torchwood Operative (A couple of months)
Rift Hopper (!!Fifteen Years!!)

Sex: Male

D.O.B: 5 / 9 / 1985

D.O.B Age: 23
Current Age: 38

Appearance (UPDATED):
Shoulder length wild dark brown hair, (only looks brown in sunlight, otherwise it appears black)
Hazel coloured eyes, (Green with brown flakes)
Six foot two inches
Fairly muscular and well toned build

Clothes used to be worn, and may one day get back too:
Off the job, or exercising;
Favours dark blue track suits with sturdy black boots.
On the job, or formal occasion;
Likes to wear a brown suit, with either sturdy black boots for well polished brown shoes.

Has numerous pairs of leather gloves, (either in dark blue, black or brown)


Wears armour plated black boots, dark brown leather trousers (Made from Weevil hide), and whatever shirt he can get a hold off.

Items of note:
Three attachable pouches,
Standard Torchwood PDA and One Rift Detector,
Compact solar battery recharger,
Basic rations pouch, (Basically whatever Fred could get)

Fred had picked up a number of scars over the last fifteen years. The most notable being a large scar running down the length of his thigh muscle. Also, if you look closely at Fred’s back, or run your hand down it, you’ll just be able to make out the faint scars from having sex with one of the Cat People. Fred found out that she was very sensitive behind the ears.


I've come to realise that no matter how good someone is, 15 years of battleling creatures and such, would leave their mark on anyone. Because of this, I'm giving Fred battle scars on his arms and legs. The easies body parts for something to sink their teeth or claws into.

Role playing notes:
Fred usually has a very relaxed and lazy manner about him. It is not uncommon to fine him with his feet up, while leading backwards on a chair. Yet he visits his local gym two times a week, and goes for a jog about three am most mornings.

Due to a rich upbringing before being disowned by his father, Fred has a habit of looking down his nose to people he is unsure of, or does not respect. He also has a habit of lapsing into “proper” English every now and then. Also writes a letter to his mother once a month.

Drinks tea by preference, hates cigar smoke, and coffee. A slight vain streak but willing to get dirty when the job requires it.


Since he was separated from Hugh, Fred started to laugh at everything to stop himself from breaking down. While originally done to keep himself going, he now laughs because he’s come to enjoy his new life as a Rift Hopper.

Fred comes across as a battle hardened war veteran, which make some people steer clear of him, and others approach him for protection or work. Yet when in a dangerous or just exciting situation, Fred is usually smiling and humourous.

Fred by and large doesn’t think like your average Joe. He see’s the world in a more practical way, and can analyse almost anything put before him. This makes him great at thinking outside the box, as well as pointing out flaws in other people’s plans.

Fred is also blessed at being ambidextrous.


Fred has picked up the knack for turning almost anything into a deadly weapon, a very usual survival trait for a Rift Hopper.

Fred best friend when he was a kid with called Hugh Bourne. They spent many a day playing together and as they grew up they shared an ambition to join the army and fight for Queen and Country. Their ambition was so strong that by the age of twelve they were no longer playing games but exercising and learning all they could.

While Hugh was all for the guns blazing and heroic missions, Fred was more interested in how to plan and execute missions. They got into a lot of trouble with Fred thinking up dangerous ideas, yet always working out how to pull them off, and Hugh’s passion and daring to do anything that Fred could think off.

Though school they we’re inseparable and the only thing that stood between them and being ridiculed by the school bullies were their strong physic and daring. Though girls swooned after them, and the younger boys wanted to be just like them, they were always there for each other, and were ready to stand up for others that were too weak to look after themselves.

College came and they enrolled into pre-uniform. There friendship which held them so strongly together was what earned the respect of their tutors and fellow classmates. Yet halfway though their first year, Fred’s father imposed his will, and forced Fred to take up a more respectable and less dangerous job in life. He wanted Fred to be a Lawyer just like him.

Fred rebelled as best he could, but his father refused to let him have his own way, and just to rub Fred’s face in the dirt, he moved him to another college and banned him from seeing Hugh ever again. One day two years later, Fred got a letter from Hugh while refusing to do his homework yet again. He read it quickly and was rushing down the stairs when his father stopped him.

An argument broke out between them as Fred felt he had to help Hugh, yet his father made it quite clear what would happen to Fred if he abandoned his homework for some stupid childhood friend. The Argument ended when Fred hit his father across the face and stormed out of the house.

Knowing full well that he would no longer be able to go home, Fred ran with full determination to help his friend. He arrived at Hugh’s house just over an hour later and was up the stairs and bursting into his old friends’ bedroom. They spent the next two nights planning on how to help Hugh out of his problem.

On the third night, dressed in plain dark clothes they walked out into the night. They headed for a small park a few streets away. When they got there the only other people there were a medium sized street gang that wanted vengeance because Hugh had prevented their leader from raping a young homeless woman five nights back.

They had demanded Hugh meet them here, or that they would rape his mother and sister, kill his father, burn down his house, and when they were done making him pay though his family, kill him. Hugh knew he had no change alone to sort them out, which was why he had written to Fred.

With Fred thinking about the problem Hugh had finally been able to get some sleep. The plan was simple. Take down the leader, and the rest would scatter. All they had to do was get to him. While Hugh had gone into the park though the front, Fred had gone round the back. Against so many, a hand-to-hand combat would result in both their deaths.

So Fred had studied the layout of the park, and then spent a few hours re-practicing with a standard issue military throwing knife. God bless the internet and money. Fred carefully had climbed a tree and waited in the dark for the right moment, as he watched grimly as two large brutes held Hugh tightly so their cowardly leader could beat Hugh up without having to worry about Hugh hitting back.

Just as the leader had pulled back his right fist to smash it into Hugh’s face, Fred threw the knife with deadly accuracy. The leader’s fist swung forward, but never made it to Hugh’s face as he fell sideward’s with a scream as the knife pieced into the side of his chest.

Fred watched as some of the kids scattered, while others just stood around with their mouths open, or being sick. Just as Fred was about to jump down to get Hugh out of there, their plan backfired as the cops turned up. Hugh sent a warning look to Fred before grabbing the knife and pulled it out. The cops swarmed over Hugh quickly throwing him to the ground.

Fred quickly jumped out of the tree and across the street. Once he was safely behind a wall he looked back to see Hugh being cuffed, as the cops rounded up the few kids that remained. Fred knew what Hugh had done for him. And why he had done it. Fred had helped save his family, so Hugh had given his freedom up by grabbing the knife that Fred threw so they wouldn’t know he was there.

Fred fled as the ambulance turned up. He walked round the back of his fathers’ house and checked to see if his father was in. Luckily it seemed he was out on business again. He went in though the back door and before taking two steps into the house his mother swept him up in her arms.

They spent a few hours talking, before his mother gave him all the money in her purse and told him to pack what clothes he could before his father got home. Once he was packed his mother informed him that his father had disinherited him, and that he would never be able to return.

After making him promise to write once a month to let her know he was ok, Fred left his home for the last time. With the money his mother had given him, and the money she’d told him she would wire into his account, Fred soon had himself a little house and a few weeks later was working for a supermarket.

He got his lawyers degree and soon had himself a job for a small time lawyer company. He was restless in such a boring job, and spent his evening walking the streets looking for trouble. When he found it, he set it right where he could, in respect for his friend Hugh. A few years later he got a plain letter saying they had a job he might be interested in.

Camron James

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:06 am
by Tavey

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:08 pm
by SLAJaime
Name: Camron James
Age: 20 - 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'09"
Hair: Long straight Blonde hair. Usually worn Down some times tied into a pony
Eyes: blue/green,
Body Type: small. Slim.
Distinguishing Marks: a small bar code tattoo on the base of her back with the words for the empire above it and the numbers 3 1 13 18 15 14 ( that's a riddle for you foxy and tavey )
Occupation: renegade; Torch-wood from the future ? Or is she

Personnel File
Clams to be from torch-wood 30 years from now but has shared little to no info with the team about
how or why she is here. Likes to operate out side the law thinks
She is a nice enough girl But can not be trusted to open a can beans that's already open

She is lies if she is telling you the truth You'll be lucky if she feels she can trust you
thinks she is so smart that torch wood 10 will not find out who she is and what she is here to do
Clams that no man is a island unless you burr y him and build the island over him
likes to play mind games with people
Is easily confused by people playing her ego

What little we know of Camron Comes from that which she has shared with us up to now
She volunteered for the back track in time after a event which lead up to her being return to torch-wood 30 years in the future .
This is her storey what she says went on .
I did not want to jump back in time it was something I was forced to do .
After loosing the one thing in my life which I gave a dam about nothing made sense I spent 5 years
wondering the waste land of the United Kingdom after the mistake I made which lead to the lose of my Partner and lover .
I rushed back to base handed in my notice I left torch-wood forever I thought .
Seams I was wrong after five years My old teacher from torch-wood contacted me she asked me to go on one last mission little did I know this one would last a life time. Am to search for someone some thing the earth needs in my time He has this Thing that's cable of opening the rift in Cardiff
Yet I can't find any record of it I have looked in there data base from this time There is no mention of it Is it a myth . I know that Jack is real I've seen his photo in the data base it seams they know about as much as I do about him .
After looking at the files in there computer it seams It is not Jack Harkness I need to find but someone else someone with in Torch-Wood Ten... there is one person it could Be but getting close enough to find out will be a problem.
Although she seamed to appear she came though a rift she has no way back to where she came from I.D carried on her person Small photo I.D. Saying she is a member of torch-wood although if you ask me the hologram's are a little off not to mention the chip inside it is not real

Side Note
She wants Us to tell her Guns she's heading Home

Wish to have the words
So I'll save prayer for when I need it most to the father son and the holy ghost and sign it from a sinner with no name
I'll meet my maker when He closes the book on whore I've ****ed and the lives I took
and walked away cause my souls to late to save .

((words from Jon Bon Jovi's Santa Fe )
Inscribed on her tombstone if she dies here

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:48 pm
by Gavin
Name: Gavin Morgan
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6'1" (73 inches)
Weight: 179 pounds
Hair: Black, medium length
Eyes: Hazel
Position: Computer Specialist
SN: 1096-246-875536 4613-2
Status: Active

Physical Description:

Gavin stands fairly tall at 6'1", and possesses a lanky, athletic frame (179 lbs.) and has no known distinguishing marks. He has medium length, wavy black hair, a pale complexion and hazel eyes. He is fond of black and outfits himself in the color pretty much all the time - with the exception of undergarments. A typical ensemble consists of cargo pants or jeans, a form fitting top of cotton or summer wool, and heavy canvas combat style boots. When out and about he also wears a long leather coat with several interior and exterior pockets. He conceals a SIG Sauer P226 within a shoulder mounted holster on the left side of his body, along with a sheathed katana. There are also a few ceramic throwing knives on his person as well. Lastly, he carries a Treo Palm device connected via bluetooth to an earpiece capable of auditory and visual transmissions.

Personality Profile:

Gavin is somewhat of a reserved individual. Despite his apparent academic brilliance, he does not take pride in his abilities - nor does he flaunt what he can do all too often. He has a sense of humor, but keeps it hidden along with his other emotions in most situations. All in all, he leads a private life, preferring to keep any details of a personal nature to himself. He is by definition, a hacker. If something has a microprocessor, he's interested in it. He is capable of defeating any electronic security safeguard, provided he can find a means of interfacing with it. Additionally, he has spent a considerable amount of time studying the martial arts and is considered an expert in both Kendo and Akido. Most recently he has become a bit obsessive about his work on artificial intelligence, sometimes spending the entire day at his workstation, pausing only to take a brief nap every eight hours or so.


Gavin Morgan was born and raised in Birmingham of the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom. He studied Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Cambridge, receiving a higher doctorate in recognition of his creation of the difference matrix which many recognize as a key developmental step towards achieving true artificial intelligence. He began his term of employment at the Syscore Software Corporation in 2007. Software Corporation in 2007. The company executives have provided Gavin with substantial fiscal backing to continue his work.

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:41 am
by Foxy
Grace "Sparky" Forbes - update

Age: 37
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: Slim to average
Hair: Chestnut, shoulder length
Eyes: Green/grey
Wears glasses for close work only.

Studied Communications Engineering at University. Whilst there, joined Officer Training Corps. After gap year, joined Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.
Served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) as an Armourer/Artificer (up to Lieutenant), including secondment to United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT).
Left the services, on mutual agreement, having acquired an unfortunate relationship with alcohol
Joined Torchwood Ten early 2008 (OMG - we've been playing THAT long? NB there may be a mismatch between sim dates, BBC transmissions dates and dates TV episodes were actually set. Don't let it worry you too unduly, such things are normal in the Whoniverse)
Rank: Second in command to Derowen
Specialisations: Hardware and pragmatism

A work hard/play hard kind of girl, Grace doesn't appreciate flippancy or distractions while she's trying to concentrate, but lets her hair down (occasionally too far) at other times. Heavy on the skeptical side, she finds it hard to accept the more fantastical explanations of the things they investigate and is more interested in debunking any overly-mythical theories. She does, however, accept that there is intelligent life on other planets and that time-travel exists, due to incidents she was involved with during her time with UNIT (which she refuses to speak about directly, having signed the Official Secrets Act).

Displays symptoms of PTSD, but has no idea why as the haunting visions and nightmares bear no resemblance to anything she has experienced, she is in denial and not inclined to discuss it with anyone. Apart from possibly the bottom of the next bottle.

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:02 am
by Kris
((I'll probably update this later, but not while working!))

Name: Rika Abigail Solomon
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Long straight red hair.
Eyes: Blue
Body Type: Slim but Muscular
Distinguishing Marks: New scar down back and side after an attack from "Jack"

Occupation: TBD

Personnel File

Most of Rika's personnel file is still being processed. However, upon joining Torchwood, she was attacked by Jack, who was taking over the body of someone else. Her back is now covered in a large scar due to the attack.

She also seems to have strange visions that have yet to be explained of something either from her own past or the past of somewhere along her family line.

Used to being alone, disowned by her parents when she left the Navy. Isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if need be. Always wondered what her father kept secret when he would bring home files labeled “Confidential, Authorized Eyes Only”. At one point she saw a glimpse of one of the files and it said “Creatures not of this world” and that is what got Rika wondering if there were people on Earth that weren’t born here.

After just a short period with Torchwood, Rika has become a bit more sure of herself, but is still a bit rough around the edges. She is able to show her attitude when she needs to, and stand up for herself instead of just doing as she is told. She can do what she thinks is right and not hide behind everyone else.

Born to Navy parents Byron and Sophie Solomon, Rika Abigail Solomon was an only child to a set of parents that had wanted a boy to carry on the Navy tradition. Treated as an outcast by her own parents her entire life, the one relief she had was at school with friends and sports. It wasn’t fun during games though because her parents never came nor were they involved in school activities. She managed to keep her grades up, though any small thing, like getting anything beyond a perfect score, was punished.

As she got older, she didn’t get to choose any university to go to, her father had chosen for her. She would be going into the Navy and there was no arguing about it. After surviving through training, she knew, as did her instructors, that it wasn’t the place for her. After hearing that she had dropped out of the Navy, she was told by her father and mother to pack her bags once she had a job (which happened very quickly) and find another place to live; they wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

Still with her own job, she decided she wanted to see if she could learn anything about the creatures that were not of Earth, so she started to visit all the strange murders, always seeing the same black SUVs…

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:01 pm
by Amanda Rose
Name: Connor James Turner
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Brown, wears glasses
Hair: Brown
Body Type: Slim
Distinguishing Marks: None

Personal History:

Connor was born to Jessica and Daniel Turner on August 31, 1985 (or
whatever makes him 29 years old) in Exeter. At an early age, his
parents and peers easily determined that he was a clever, pragmatic
and creative person. However, he was extremely introverted. People
seemed not to interest him and he tended to gravitate to machinery.
Connor would claim that computers made much more sense than people.

When Connor did make a friend, it was usually a deep friendship.
However, when it came to romantic interests, Connor's behavior was
often a mystery. Often times, the more interested he became in a
romantic target, the shier he became, ultimately driving the romantic
interest away because of perceived lack of interest.

Connor thus often concentrated on his own self improvement. Of
course, this has the side effect of making him rather self-conscious
and perfectionist. Messing with his system would make him quite

Naturally, once Connor graduated from school, he found himself a job
in the computer industry. Until recently, he worked at Quantum Byte
Studios. He steadily rose through the ranks until he became a

At Quantum, he fancied a girl named Holly Moore. She made his heart
race. However, when she got near him, he began to sweat and often
went a different direction to avoid her. A co-worker let Holly know
of Connor's attraction and soon, Holly made more direct contact with
Connor. They dated briefly.

However, Connor has since left Quantum and Connor
now makes a living by hacking into systems and providing
information to the highest bidder. The only name he is known by in
this world is Hookworm.

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by Quin
We have a new Geek for Quin to wind up.

Re: Bio's

PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:45 pm
by Mr.Price
Name: Major James H. Price
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5.6"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Distinguishing marks: 3 small scars on lower abdomen, and one on right hand thumb.

Occupation: Artifact Curation, Examination, and Weaponisation specialist (A.C.E.W. Specialist).

Personnel File
A University of Oxford graduate, and member of The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), Price was brought into Torchwood after a series of incidents which took place during the great war, on December ██, 191█, from 0500-2300 hours.

These incidents took place in ██████ Africa, and in total resulted in ██ casualties. However through the leadership of Major Price, he and four other soldiers managed to ██████████████████████████████ █████████████████████████████████ resulting in the acquisition of what would later become the basis for project Fast Forward. Upon their return Major Price, Lieutenant S████, Private J██████, Private K███████, and Sergeant H█████ where each debriefed, and price was welcomed into the fold.

Major Price, along with Dr.L█████ and Dr. N████ where placed together in a task force concerned with the potential for creating weapons out of collected technologies for use by torchwood. This task force operated out of torchwood tower with the Major as lead from 191█ to his presumed death on August ██,192█.

Major Price was directly involved in projects: Lookout, Dreamweaver, R█████, Gama-X, Black Cloud, ██ , and Fast Forward.

Work on project Fast Forward ended in a catastrophic systems failure leading not only to an estimated ██,000£ in damages, and the deaths of █ personnel, but the destruction of the sole prototype. Major price was operating the device during its failure, and was presumed killed in action.