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Department 51

Postby MattW » Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:22 am

Scene: an anonymous office in the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall.

There were 2 men sitting at a circular table. Despite the difference in ages, they were almost uniformly dressed: pinstripe suits, white shirts and dark ties. The only items of individuality seemed to be watches and lapel badges

One (the oldest) coughed and flipped through a file. "All right Neville, bring me up to date"

"Er, yessir. Well, I'm pleased to report that Project Pythagoras will be going live soon. So we'll have to rename it. The Aurora spyplane cover-story is accepted by most of the UFO nuts as an explanation for the 'flying triangles' and I've found a manufacturer that can produce triangle-shaped remote-control model planes -prototype UAVs really - up to 3 metres in wingspan. That'll give us another string to the bow"

The older man inspected some bluprints." Yes I see. It looks interesting. Tell me.. do you think they could do a model pteranodon? Or rather, a glider that looks like a pteranodon?"

Nevile frowned and glanced curiously at his superior: "It's quite possible, sir. I don't see why not, but I'd need to confirm with their engineers"

The chairman nodded. "Please do so. Don't worry, Neville. I'm not replacing your little Torchwood project, merely augmenting it. What was the band's name?"

Neville pushed another file across the table:"Ptera and Pteranodons, sir. An all-girl group. The reviews are pretty flattering; Ptera and her girls are musicians with great potential and they're doing very well in the Cardiff music scene."

The chairman raised his eyebrows as he looked over the 8 by 10 glossies. "But apparently not well enough to afford much in the way of clothes. Tell me Neville. Why is it that almost every project you're involved with becomes faintly sleazy?"

Neville shrugged (obviously unworried by the question) "It's a gift, sir. Some people have it. Some people don't."

"Quite.. Well, I have something for you, Neville. It's a big job and it'll mean a promotion. But it's not going to be easy. The last 2 people from the Department that tried this assignment are still in therapy."

Neville swallowed, visibly pale. "Torchwood 10?"

The older man nodded silently

"But... but... I have ask. Why me, sir?"

"Frankly? We're desperate. The Ministry - and the Department - has decided that we have to assign a permanent operative to the Torchwood mob. This is unsupported gossip, of course - but the Permanent Secretary apparently had an EXTREMELY uncomfortable meeting with the Minister. Something about Chinooks landing in museum car parks and dead bodies left on trains"

Neville was surprised "The Minister heard about a Torchwood Operation? No wonder he was making a fuss."

"Exactly. Ministers and the Services don't ask for much from Department 51 - just that we keep that sort of thing out of sight. We couldn't... So we're going to reactivate that proposal of yours. What was it? Invaders 2020?"

Neville scratched his cheek." Yes sir, 'Invaders 2020' but it was only a draft proposal..."

"Neville, I don't care if it was scribbled on the back of a beermat. It's all we've got." the older man stood up "Will you do it? For Department 51? For the Ministry? For your country?"

Neville Warwick swallowed again and stood up too. "I'll do it sir."

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