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A Dandelion Floating In The Black.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:25 pm
by Tavey
Dandelion Station. The oddly shaped stubby station revolved slowly to maintain gravity, a complex mix of ships trailing around it. It was, for this area of the 'Verse, a hub of activity. People came, conducted their business and left. It was a little more organised than the Patella Drift, but only in that it's more.. suspicious.. activities were hidden on the lower levels.

It was the perfect place to let the Old Monarch lay to rest. Her broken body was swiftly winched away in accordance to the arrangements Kynthia had made while they were on route. Those arrangements included transferring the name from one ship to the other. It was easier. The tug had made contact with them before they entered Dandelion Station 'airspace'. Kynthia watched The Old Girl leave, with an odd look on her face and arms wrapped around her body. It had been her home from mechanic, to First Mate and to Captain. So many memories, so many plans made on that broken piece of history.

Finally, she had turned away from the hulk, and returned to the current batch of plans and thoughts.

Once the money from selling her made it's way into the Ship coffers, she might actually be able to pay some wages. Lay in some food, those kind of exciting things that made the 'Verse go round.

Just before they arrived at the station proper, she called for everyone to come into the lounge, so that she could lay out the job she may or may not have lined up for them to do. Depending on Belladonna, of course.

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Once everyone was settled, she began to explain.

"Right, 'ere is the deal. Belladonna done got a package that wants running from Violet to Hera. The package is a young lass an' her guardian. We get to play nursemaid for a bit. Belladonna says this package is a little 'ot around the edges. We'll 'ave to take a bit of a roundabout route."

She paused for a moment, sipping her drink. "Now.. here's the catch. The girl needs a bit of breaking out from her current situation. We'll need to be quick an' sharp. Belladonna will give us the exact location, in person. Which is another reason we're here at this particular place of sin. We get to go walkabout on the station to go an' meet up with her tomorrow."

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She sighed. "In the meantime, do try an' not get into mischief while on station.. "


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:19 pm
by Jake Sjet
“Er...I got me a few questions need rising.”

Shamus ‘Shoddy’ McDonald meekly held a hand up to indicate that his singular Scottish lilt had been the source of the inquiry. In this hand was still held a probe, connected by numerous wires to a yellow plastic box with lights, gauges and a small screen built into it that had the home made look of quite a number of gadgets that seemed to germinate around the Scot if you turned your back on him for a second.

Said box had been brought to the table for the meeting along with what Shamus assured any who asked, was not an important piece of the new Monarchs mechanical guts. It was just a piece that wasn’t working up to Shamus’s standards, which if they were gauged by his sense of dress could mean the New Monarch was not long for this world. The loud shirt’s were back, after a brief absence during the ‘We’re All Ruttin Doomed!!’ crisis of a few days earlier, as well as the kilt.

The sporran: fashion accessory or poor man’s utility belt?

“Now...I’m all fer saving the damsel if she be in the deperate need for savin’, but when ya be saying she needs a wee bit of breakin’ out...are we talking about rescue, kidnapping or aiding in an escape attempt from folks with pointy knifes and more gun’s’n a crazed Indie? Cause only one of them is noble and worthy of song writing.”

He paused for a moment, lowering his hand before quickly adding.

“I also need some walk around money for the on the station for bits and peices. Spare bits, odd bobs, carbon scrubbers so we don’t all go blue. Wee things.” He nodded, his eyes looking to the ceiling as he counted off the items he thought he needed to get “Oh and a bobbing head doggy.”


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Re: A Dandelion Floating In The Black.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:29 pm
by popcornman
Addy sat at the table and wondered what exactly his new role would be on the ship if he would even be allowed to continue on with the new ship. He did however feel comforted that he was invited to the lounge at all. He listened to the captain and then the mechanic. He thought for a moment but chose listen for the moment.

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Re: A Dandelion Floating In The Black.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:06 pm
by Sam Crerar
"You're worried about a ruttin' bobbing head doggy?" Sam asked, cocking her head. "We don't have much by walkin' around money available. Vital, necessary parts, no more. No ruttin' bobbing head doggy. Rest's for livin' supplies and anything we might need rescuing this...package." She felt awkward referring to the woman, girl, whatever, as a package, and suspicious at Ky for having referred to her as such. "What do we know about this package anyway?"

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:05 pm
by Jake Sjet
"Oh I'm sorry Sammy, did ya pop out and get that degree in nuclear physic's whilst no one was lookin'? Advanced Engineering and Material Sciences in ten easy lessons? No?" Shamus said in a voice so over loaded with sarcasm it became a parody of itself.

"Well I suggest when I say we need somethin', I ruddy well mean we need it. This boat ain't like the old Monarch, ain't even the same hull type let alone engine configuration. Praise be that we've yet to find any major show stoppers to date other than those caused by neglect'battle' damage," he paled a little, remembering that said battle had been against Reavers and that the defenders of their new home had lost that battle.

"The Monarch died on us cause I-" he stalled suddenly, rubbing his fingers hard against closed eyes as he corrected himself forcibly, his voice now a lot more quieter "...cause we didn't stop ta listen to what she was sayyin' all along. We pushed her to hard, asked ta much of her and...well look where we ended up. I know we ain't got the scratch to get nought but essentials, but keeping her flying...I think that's pretty essential don't you?"

He coughed lightly into one hand.

"Seeing as we've got a damsel to rescue..." he looked to Ky "It is a rescue right?"


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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:26 am
by Sam Crerar
"'scuse me, Shoddy, but 'ave you ever even been in a University classroom? No? You don't have those degrees either? Then we're square. I know enough about engines to tell you that we don't need any gorram bobble heads for anything. You want to give us a lecture about how we neglected the Old Girl?" Sam said, standing up, "It was your job to keep the ship runnin', that's why we pay you. If you can't do it without fake dolls, then what good are you? You buy what is only necessary, not everything you'd like, and if I see a doll, I'm going to check it and you out the airlock."

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:41 am
by popcornman
Addy watched the exchange from his now almost customary chair. The first mate was right that money should not be wasted but at the same time he knew the value of not only being alive but also the superstitions and luck that go along with ships. Many of his father's ships had little statues or plaques that brought them 'luck'. He had even seen a few bobble heads, though the pilots tended to have them.

He listened until the first mate finished speaking and finally made his decision. "Excuse me, Sam, I have been in a University classroom and it is true that bobble heads are not essential to the operation of the engine...I hope, but it may give us a bit of good luck," and help avoid the law, he didn't add. "I know that I am currently just a paying customer without a real say but..." his voice just kinda trailed off at that moment. He wanted to become part of the crew but he also had a growing feeling that he may be thrown from the airlock for speaking out of turn to the first mate of the ship.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:10 pm
by Tavey
Kynthia crossed her arms and leant back against a counter. Listened. Then held a hand up slowly to halt the back and forth, just for a moment.

"I ain't got details on what kind of deal Belladonna wants to pull." She said slowly. "Guess we'll be gettin' more of an idea once we meet up with the lady. If'n you can call her a lady. This person what she wants moved from one place to another.. well.. gonna have to get details from her about the exact nature of this extraction.. an' hope that it's not the blow up the penal moon kind of deal."

A wry smile quirked the side of her mouth for a moment. "As for bobble heads an' all. 'Tis all going to depend on how much we get paid. Coffers are a bit tight, even with the salvage on the Old Girl. Shoddy's right about one thing, this firefly ain't been modded the same way as the old was. We've got some learnin' to do about her parts, as it were. However, Sam is right on another side, we ain't got the cashy money right at this minute. "

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:26 pm
by Jake Sjet
Shoddy stared daggers at Sam from across the table, utterly ignoring possibly his only ally around the table in the form of Addy.

“Ya know, ya got a point. I ain’t sat in any fancy University, and I sure as ain’t got no skins on me walls telling folk I know what I know. I let me work speak for me, much like yourself.” Shoddy’s left hand curled in tightly on itself, balling into a white knuckled fist under the table “But I canny conjure up miracles like some voodoo holy man. The fact the Monarch kept her hull together for as long as she did was down to me and Bug workin’ our assess off putting patches over patches cause we didn’t stop climbing down the pit. I’m a Scot, we live and breath ships since the day we’re born cause we ain’t got not’ but the steel under our feet and the blackest of skies. So I ain’t gonna know toe to you, and bow to your...expertise.”

Mud Hen, Shamus cussed silently.

His eyes drifted to the table, bringing up his left hand to rest openly on the table, fingers tapping lightly on the table top as blood began to circulate through it once more. He kept his eyes levelled at the table, not chancing a look at the captain.

“I...reckon I can trim the list of necessaries down to the bare minimum. Keep us going a bit longer till we got the funds for more. Just need ta get the point out there that we shouldn’t let her run like this for too long...” he chanced a look at Sam again “...might not be a miracle like this the second time around.”

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Re: A Dandelion Floating In The Black.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:56 pm
by Galifestus
Bug served tea.

With the departure of the Monarch's chef, the duties devolved onto the "man of all work" hired on at Silence, though nobody had specifically told him anything of the sort. The boy had slid into the job without complaint, comment or trouble. The quality of the food was far more pedestrian, as the young fellow had only his service training to work with, but the food was edible and the tea was adequately prepared. It just lacked the spirit that the chef had been so regularly putting into the food.

Bug was happy that Tarragon had taken the slave with her. He was conditioned to the point of near uselessness and his very soul seemed to grate on the boy whose conditioning and programing were so much more sophisticated. Some things the government knew how to do better, no doubt.

The meal was plain, tea with an assortment of cakes and snackes all taken from standard recipes. The plates and cups were set in front of people with a distinct order, beginning with Captain Talland. The sweet, acid and creamy were put where any person could reach them and the boy turned back to the galley a few steps away from the table where all were gathered.

Bug listened and got most of what was said. He was becoming more aware of the building tension between the firey mechanic and the sla-- first officer. He kept catching himself thinking of Sam as a slaver, but he knew it was not entirely so, so each time he altered his thought to something else. Some time or other, though, that mechanic would find out just how dangerous the hard woman could be, and though he liked the man, he knew which side he would be trying to be on when the time came.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:59 am
by Sam Crerar
Sam grunted at Sjet, "When we have more cashey money, you can buy all the superstitious things you want to ward of demons or what have you. Including your ruttin' bobbing head dog." She took the tea that Bug had set down. "Thank you, Bug." It was a slightly uncomfortable silence for another moment. "Mr. Addy, as you mentioned, you're just a payin' customer. You stopping here or are you going to stay with us? If you're stoppin' here, you're going to keep your mouth closed about what we've discussed here. If you're staying...then we need to find out what you're good at. All hands aboard for whatever's gonna happen with this..." She chewed her tongue before finally saying the distasteful word. "package."

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:52 am
by popcornman
Addy looked at Sam for a moment and then to the Captain. He knew that saying too much could compromise the good situation that he was just offered. He looked once more before speaking again. "I know about moving things." He paused for a moment, "I know cargo. I can also fly ... a little... not like the cruise-liner pilot that has been flying... but mostly just moving things." His voice moved off as if a gust of wind blew it away down the corridor and his attention turned to the the tea the boy had given him. The boy had even used Addy's mug. The corners of his mouth twitched as he read the old inscription The Baron.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:35 am
by Tavey
Kynthia had been trying to think of how to answer the questions about Belladonna. And failing to find a way to maneuver through the complicated replies that jumped to mind. It wasn't easy. Belladonna had been around for a long time. She knew details about Kynthia that Kynthia barely remembered herself. Probably had sent Ky on some of the missions she'd been involved in, before the accident.

Ky's hand rubbed absently at the scar at her hairline, in the way that it did when she was a little worried about things.

She began to listen more closely to the conversation around her. Sam and Addy were discussing his abilities to stay onboard. Which was excellent. He flew. They needed another pilot. She missed Lu.

"Useful." she said simply. "Well, all this talk is fine an' dandyfied. But we got to go see the Lady before we get us the information that we need."

She picked up her mug and tilted her head towards Bug. "Thank you Bug, 'tis nice to have tea."

Looking at the small group of them in the lounge, one by one, she added a moment later. "I was lost in my memory of Belladonna. Since I got a memory of her an' all. Did I miss a question I ought to know the answer to?"

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:33 am
by Jake Sjet
Shoddy watched Bug serve tea with a sickening sense of sadness tugging on the hydrogen fuelled dirigible that was his happy place in the sky. It didn’t seem that long ago that the boy, who now meekly served tea as though he were part of the scenery, had been an eager grease smeared tech head who’d happily spoken his mind on a number of problems. he seemed just about able to solve the fluid dynamic puzzle of pouring water from kettle to cup.

It had all begun to go down hill for the little fella on that slaver barge, and with that rotting wench of a soul that Sam could choose to call kin if she so thought it. Had they done something to him, or merely brought some underlying sickness back from what ever dark place the kid had buried it? Shamus didn’t know, but he knew that in some small way Sam was to blame for it.

Funnily enough, blaming the fair haired thug for as many things as possible, including the death of the old Monarch (God rest her soul) made the tea taste all the sweeter. And Shamus did like sweet tea.

“I don’t reckon ya missed much Cap’n.” Shamus said softly, putting the dainty looking tea cup back on its saucer “Will we all be going to see this Belladonna lass, or will some of us be off getting ready for pushing off? I could take Bug and Addy with me, ya know so they could guard the purse strings from me spending habits?”

His eyes flickered from the Captain, a woman of honour, to Sam for a instance. He didn’t dwell on the fact of her honour.


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:29 am
by Tavey
Kynthia considered Shoddy's request and nodded.

"Aye." She said quietly. "Take Bug and Addy with you. Only what we need though. Nothin' fancypants right as yet."

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She nodded to Sam.

"Sooner we get to Belladonna, sooner we find out what she wants us to actually do. I don't trust her even as far as I'd spit Niska's skypalace, but she's got work. We'll take along anyone else who is around onboard an' wanting to come see what's up."

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Kynthia drank the rest of her tea, smiling at Bug as she put the mug down. "An' you young man. Don't you be thinkin' it's all right to be cleanin' up after everyone. We all got hands."

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About an hour later, they were ready to head into the station. It's shops and entertainment beckoned like a siren on a lonely rock. Which is more or less exactly what this place really was. Kynthia was painfully aware that there was an underlying darkness to this place though. For all of it's glitz and laughter, cruelty was only the wrong turn of a corridor away. It reflected it's owner only too well.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:56 pm
by Lucasausems
Dandelion Station

On a station where many things happened that were considered illegal, where other things happened that were considered dubious and a only a handful were respectable, one wouldn't expect a petite and cheerful young girl to walk around. But in the 'Verse many a thing happened that no one expected. So there she was. Like a beacon of light in a dark place. And everything seemed a little bit more joyous around her.

Zhumei was happily finishing the last bits of her meal. Contently she sucked the remaining juicy meats from the spicy chicken feet. Hen hao chi! She smiled at the polite woman owning the place. It had been a long time since she had eaten this well. It made her tummy feel all warm and giggly. A young boy in charge of the dishes stared open-mouthed at her.

"Fuwuyuan, maidan?" waitress, the bill?
"Ofcourse, dear", Aosha Uduri said and calculated her bill. “Here you go, xiaojie, and might I add that it gladdens me so to see you enjoy my food. That makes it all worth the effort”, she concluded with a smile.
“Xiexie”, Zhumei thanked her warmly. “I do admire your little establishment, it’s one of the few places where quality goes beyond just good food.”
“It’s my honour, little miss.” Aosha replied, she almost glowed from pride. “Now you come back anytime you want, dear, I’ll cook you something special.” And with that the Lady of the House walked away with an evening-lasting smile.

Zhumei got up and made a detour via Sweet Treats as she went back to her room. She loved candy. Upon arriving in her room she took off all her clothes for a hot shower. She hated the filth that lingered everywhere on this station. For a girl obsessed with personal hygiene she felt filthy just by looking at it. Ten minutes later, refreshed and reparfumed, she re-examined her target’s personal files. She paused at the target’s name:

Kynthia Talland (aka Execution)

The file didn’t give her much information. Parliament hadn’t been generous providing the details of her mission. They never had been. Still, she always got the job done. Every target they had sent her after had been either captured or neutralized.
Still, she had had assistance, her mentor was always there to assist when needed. It was he who had trained and honed her skills in tracking, combat, infiltration and assassination. She was so grateful to him, like a daughter to her father. Without her mentor she’d always have stayed the sweet little innocent child. In a way she still was, a sweet, little, innocent girl who stole and killed for a living. Someone had to sacrifice for a better world. Fate had chosen her for this. She devoutly believed in this. Didn’t mean she liked her job. She despised taking lives. But as she penetrated a little child’s heart with her sword, the knowledge of that better world always comforted her, and made her smile lovingly. At least her victims died with the image of a cheerful smiling young girl burned on their retinae. She considered that an act of mercy on her part.

But now she was on her own. Her first solo mission. The Apprentice cut loose. She felt very excited by that, and this made her even more cheerful than she already was. She felt confident in her abilities. She didn’t know yet what her final orders were. For now all she knew was that she had to find Kynthia and infiltrate her little group of associates, gain their trust. Zhumei was curious where this mission would take her. It would be a long term mission, months, maybe even a few years. Trust could not be bought and did not come easy, if it came at all.

After she put on a new dress and looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but admire her own beauty. She always did try her best to be beautiful. The frequent stares and attention from men gave her a sense of superiority over them. She could manipulate most of them with one look. Sometimes she wondered at their weakness in this. Made her wonder why the ‘Verse had so little powerful women in it. She liked her target being a woman. It made the mission so much more interesting and challenging. Quickly she darted out of her apartment, according to her source she would find Kynthia here, on Dandelion Station. No time to waste.


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:08 pm
by popcornman
Addy had a good idea about the the simple word 'useful' had meant. It was, in his mind and understandably so, his ability to pilot. His father had taught him how to fly the few firefly's that were in the fleet, but that was years ago and those were series 1. "But how hard can it be." he thought. Firefly ship works could have only improved the firefly from series to series, even the old monarch did not shake nearly as much as the fireflys of old. He listened as shoddy asked for him to come with him and he agreed, it might even give him a chance to bond with a member of the crew.

An hour later and a change into his standard brown pants and shirt but and noticeably not his cloak, he was ready and stood in the cargo bay with what might become his new family. For a rare moment he almost smiled.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:15 pm
by Tavey
The station was busy, as all such places are. Neon signs hung outside shops and booths, good hung where they could be seen and admired. Voices mingled and overran each other. Music from several different locations fought to be heard.

It was, in short, a place of serious business. And scams. And scantily clad girls prancing along the hallway advertising 'Kittys in Cages'. Wheeling and dealing. The scent of something cooking wafted on the air.

"Everyone clear on what they're up to?" asked Kynthia. "Goin' to lock down the .. Monarch, so you'll need your access code to get back onboard." Damn. It was going to take a while to get used to calling this new ship Monarch.

"Figure we got to get her all prettified too, 'an lookin' right."

With that, she walked out of the ship and into the station.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:21 pm
by Jake Sjet
“Whatcha smilin’ ‘bout?” Shamus asked as he walked, or maybe scampered, past Addy. Hopping from one sandal clad foot to the other he turned, fixing the Core born man in a quizzical gaze. Perhaps they’d be fast friends, boon companions, the two folks on the Monarch who could keep the new/old girl flying. Who knew what sort of misadventures they might well have, if they were friends of that calibre.

But right then, Shamus was sure a man who smiled at apparently nothing was nuttier than nutter butter. And thusly he turned around slowly, so as not to shock the fella into do something rash like murdering him with a tea cosy or some such.

Core folk were, after all, quite weird.

He liked Drift stations, they were as close to being home as he often got. The mix match of people, machines, the smells in the air and the general sense of chaos in every social function just sang to his roving soul. Even the scent of heavily spiced and greasy meat snacks called to him, masking their probably rancid contents with cumin and ketchup. His stomach growled menacingly, missing the Chef from whom fine foods appeared with little warning, and were eaten in kind.

All that was missing was the steady droning of refinery equipment, a billion dollar view of unending clouds, and the bustle of hard working folk earning a solid days living from the sweat off their own brows. He could almost be home...

But he drew away from memories of home, to avoid the sickness that came with them. He was dressed as any Scot would when working the barter system to his advantage, an obvious shock and awe strategy to dazzle unwary traders in the power of psychedelic colours. The brightly coloured shirt was off set by the plain tartan of the kilt, where as the blue ribbons tied about wrist, ankle and through a single forelock of hair were there quite obvious reasons.


He looked like the victim of Jack the Rippers hair dressing cousin, Carry the Cutter.

A worn satchel rested on his shoulder, and a folded piece of paper was held firmly in his hands, one being the barter he had one him to trade were the purse strings to tight, and the other being the list of bare essentials they needed to break free of the stations tie downs.

“Aye cap’n.” Shamus smiled, tapping a two fingered salute to his forehead at her question “We’re only ta get what the girly needs to keep limpin, nothing fancy to eat up both pennies in the treasury. And I assume not get killed or mugged by Drift trash?”

That last bit was lost on her as she left for her meeting with Belladonna...but he assumed she meant to throw in a warning to keep a eye on the purse strings from greedy fingers. At least, Shamus hoped she did.

“ we’re ready?” he looked over his shoulder and then at Addy “Hey, where be Bug?”

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:57 pm
by popcornman
Addy caught the comment and not only wiped the slight smile off his face and moved the section for his long brown hair from behind his ear, to its old spot in front of his face. He took a breath of the air and took in sight of the station. He had been on a station or two in the past few years but for the first time he did not feel totally alone. He glanced at the faces at the airlock who all looked they belonged and he almost felt the same. It felt good. He just took a second to take it all in almost as if it was his first time stepping off a ship onto another world.

“ we’re ready?” he looked over his shoulder and then at Addy “Hey, where be Bug?”

Addy glanced around, tapped his pistol on his left hip then shrugged.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:59 am
by Galifestus
The boy came scrambling down a catwalk and down the stairs at such a speed that it would seem impossible he did not tumble and break his neck, but was very soon standing with Shoddy and Addy.

A short comment on the general advisability of immediate progress in fluent cantonese, and Bug marched down the ramp and into the wonders and dangers of Dandelion Station, assuming the others were at his back. It was not long before he was in the market ring among the crowd milling its way about its daily business, a great deal of which had to do with seperating spacers from their hard earned.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:00 pm
by Lucasausems
Shamus kept a good pace behind Bug, and by that it is meant to say that he tried to keep a good pace behind Bug. There was so much to see! People, stories, smell, lights, noise, sounds and movement abounded as people cemented deals or hawked their wares. The trio, if the Baron hadn’t been lost in the confusion of Bugs hasty exit as the reconnaissance force of the Monarch’s teen tiny trade delegation.
“Hey! Wait up!” Shamus called out to a Bug, who was rapidly out pacing the once energetic spacer, in a brogue laced bellow that was both ear hurting to anyone close by and loud to those on the planet that orbited below “Cap’n Ky don’t want us gettin’ separated fore we get the Monarchs bit’s sorted!!”

Zhumei was darting from place to place, seeing new fancy souvenirs almost everywhere she looked. If she'd had a boyfriend she'd be pouting and pouting and pouting to him until said boyfriend bought the entire stack. But alas, no BF's for our little Zhumei. There was work to be done and everywhere she went she kept her ears and eyes open for any hint of the Monarch or its crew. So, naturally, she
heard Shoddy broadcasting the Monarch's presence through all of Dandelion Station and neighbouring sectors.

“Bug if ya’d just slow down a smidge...” Shoddy said softly, slowing down to not so much catch his breath as to wrestle his attentions onto a single focus. If it wasn’t the man with the top hat and a staff with a skull sat atop it, it was the vendor selling a selection of flavoured ice moons. Now Shoddy like to think of himself as a good multi-tasker when given a simple task, like picking the spot to plant a mass driver on a asteroid, or setting up a parasol on a Core bound comet.
But put him in a crowd of folks all shouting at once...
He rubbed a hand through his hair, and blue the dangling ribbon from his eye. Some traditions he could do without, but he needed the blessings of the Gods with him for trade, so the ribbons stayed put. He looked to his left hand for the..
The list was gone.
“Uh...oh...” he said softly, his eyes going quite wide.

The boy came running back to Zhumei. "Here you go, Miss. She smiled sweetly down on him, and gave him a gold coin. The boy happily ran away to buy some icecream for him. Zhumei had hoped finding the Monarch crew to prove a little more complicated. She had hoped for continuous prowling about, questioning a few tradesmen, maybe even threatening someone. It seemed fate didn't want her to play and
instead had guided her straight towards her target. Step 1: Search and Locate, was now completed. Now came step 2: Observe and Learn. Keeping her distance, standing at an interesting fashion store, she quickly browsed through the list. The list showed multiple items needed to keep a Firefly operational. From the looks of it the ship was in desperate need of repairs... Oeh! Sexy skirt.


Short JP by Shoddy and Zhumei.

Re: A Dandelion Floating In The Black.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:35 pm
by Tavey
JP by Sam and Kynthia.

Belladonnas lair was perched at the top of the station. Well, that was the theory anyway. Truth was the twists and turns that you had to take in order to gain access obscured the actual location.

”We're expected." stated Kynthia, flatly. The uniformed guards didn't argue, just opened the double doors to Belladonna's chamber. Probably had their tongues cut out, thought Ky.

”Execution. How wonderful to see you, and that marvelous woman who stays by your side. How you keep someone with such a delightful violent streak is far far away from my ability to understand." purred a voice from the gloom as they entered.

"It's better than the alternative." Sam said with a grunt looking around. Her small eyes flickered to the exit, and the weaknesses of the place. With a person like Belladonna, it was more than prudent to be hyper-vigilant of the surroundings.

Belladonna moved out of the shadows. "Well, yes, but your skills could be put to other uses as well. Come, both of you, sit. We have business to talk about."

The person who walked towards them would have made a handsome man. Back when she was one. Heavy brows arched over eyes that had been accentuated by dark shadow. Her lips were... well.. Kynthia couldn't stop looking at them."Nice colour that" she said simply before sitting on the over stuffed chair near her. "you should do pink more often. It's so feminine."

Belladonna glared. "Now now Execution," she snarled. "Be nice."

Ky sighed. "Work. Tell us about the work." she insisted.

"Please and thank-you, Execution." Belladonna said quietly as she sat down in a chair across from Sam and Ky. "Will you stop calling her that, she hasn't gone by it since the war." Sam said irritably, "Please."

Belladonna gave up trying to needle Sam and Kynthia. With a pout worthy of a five year old, she settled into an overstuffed chair and leaned back. A minion hurried forward to light some cancer giving stick.

"You might say that this package is to be handled with care." she began. "I am hiring you to get into a residence on Violet and get a young lady out of there. She is not to be harmed in any way. You will then take her to a drop point on Hera. Once there you'll get a parcel to return to me. Simple enough don't you think?"

"An' just how difficult is this to be?" Asked Kynthia bluntly. She glanced at Sam. One of those glances that said 'The money had better be good enough for this.'

Belladonna smirked. "About as difficult as you'd expect. There is security. Some smart thinking needed. If you can actually manage that. Probably some violence." She turned her head towards Sam. "Your speciality, I believe."

A nearly nude man with heavily made up eyes slowly made his way towards them. Oils gleamed on his skin. In his hands he held a tray with ornate cups, a matching jug and a plate of small sugary things on it. Belladonna pointed at a nearby table. The man knelt and placed the tray carefully. Then stood and backed away from them slowly.

"Your taste in servants ain't changed then I see." Kynthia commented dryly.


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by Tavey
Things in the rest of the station were busy, as usual. Shoddy, Addy and Bug made their way to Pieces and Parts to see what they could find tucked away on it's shelves. It was a fair be that Ness, the boss of the shop, would be able to hunt down the things that they needed, if he didn't have them there.

As soon as the door opened into the shop, Ness popped his head up from behind the counter, where he'd been shuffling around some of the goods stored there.

"'ullo." He grinned at them. "What ya needin' then?"

TAG - The Lads.

Back in the hall, the person who actually had the list they needed was cheerfully figuring out how best to use this to her advantage. A posse from Kitties in Kages sashayed by, temping with their bodies and smiles. The delicate gilt chain on some of them almost looked like it was part of the costume. Until you noticed the tiny slave tattoo on their thighs.

Someone bumped into Zhumei, knocking her shoulder hard. And slipping a hand into her pocket to see what was there to steal at the same time. The timing could, if one were suspicious, be tied into the Kitties walking by. If one were suspicious.

TAG - Zhumei

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:54 pm
by Jake Sjet
Deer. In. Headlights.

Shamus just stood there stupefied by Ness’s simple enough request. He could actually recall every item on the list. After all those items would keep the engine spinning, the air flowing, and the ship flying in the sky. And he was determined to keep the new Monarch flying. He’d failed before, hadn’t been good enough to hear her keel in pan before, but now...

Now he swore never again.

“ need to buy stuff.” He said slowly, frowning just a little as the words filtered back into his brain
from his mouth, but he soldiered on “I...mean I need stuff for fix’n a ship.”
Somewhere in his mind, a slow applause began apathetically.

“I” this time his brain was taking a running jump at linguistic communication, arming itself with a lexicon of voluminous vocabulary to get his point across “...need...items for the maintenance for a Westinghouse Radial Core reactor set...I...mean I need 50 fifty yards of super conductor cable for a 88 giga watt load, a kilo litre drum of coolant, name brand not generic. Discharge wand, a few compression coils shielding plate, I got the size for it here some where...oh and...standard grade hull plating, in single square metre sections. Ish? Oh, and...”

Shamus went on to speak more and more...well if not more confidently then at least with large words with a technical meaning. Any electrician, technician or ship handler would know that the parts asked for were either for general maintenance work or were to keep a poorly maintained engine running until she found another gravity well to fall into for repairs.

“As for payment...well I gone got some stuff to trade,” he patted the worn leather satchel and then looked to the Baron “But Addy, you gone got the coin for the man.'s quite intimidating.”

The hint might have worked had Shamus not turned, in plain view of Ness, and winked. With one eye than the other just to get his point across.

TAG-Bug, and Addy, and their tail.

Shamus 'Shoddy' McDonald
Engine Monkey