Planet Hopping and other grand tales of intrigue.

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Re: Planet Hopping and other grand tales of intrigue.

Postby Curtin » Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:10 pm

After talking to Ky, Sam headed for the lounge. She felt off put, not sure why, but that didn't matter, she'd shake it off. Turning around the corner to the lounge, she ran into someone, she stepped back, then saw who it was. "YOU!"

Paul stopped. "Excuse me? Do I know you?"

Sam grabbed Paul by the shirt and pulled him close. "You, Du Khang...ringing any bells?"

"I was captured as Du Khang..." Paul trailed off. "Shot down, rescued by some ground forces... we got captured after a pretty nasty firefight, I ordered a surrender, to save..." It clicked. "Your life."

Sam nodded, then punched him in the face. "That's for getting my squad killed, and getting me captured."

"So you'd have rather died with them? Fine, next time, I'll leave you behind!" Paul spat blood on the deck, at her feet.

"If you were competent, we wouldn't have been ordered to S&R, ben dan. And don't worry, Lieutenant, it just so happens I'm never going after your sorry self again." Sam growled, "Now what the hell are you doing on my ship?"

"First mate, so it's my ship as well." Sam replied, straightening.

"Well, unless you're gonna space me, First Mate, I would advise letting me go. Would be horrible for your passenger business if this got out... how you treat your guests."

"Don't tempt me on the spacing you, pretty-boy. I oughta. Last time I checked, you were being shipped off to a Core world, for a cushy stint."

"I didn't ask for that. My arsehole father arranged it."

Crerar let go of Paul and folded her arms across her chest. "You're a Core worlder, no wonder you got shot down."

"Yes, I'm a core worlder, by birth. Not by choice. My father owns a pharmaceuticals company, on Londinium. Really pissed him off when I dropped out of school, and joined the Browncoats."

Sam snarled and pushed past him. "Then what would you know of life, nancy boy?"

"You tell me. By my reckoning, you owe me yours, just as much as I owe you mine. If I hadn't surrendered, you'd've bled out, there on that field. 'Twas a nasty gut wound."

"That I can thank you for." Sam retorted, turning around to look at him. "You think I owe you my life? You crashed, we went to rescue you, under orders. You're the reason I got shot, why I got captured."

"And you were the one ordering the men under your command to die. If I hadn't overridden your orders, you and I would be to!"

"What do you mean I was ordering the men under my command to die? I was a xiancho medic!"

"At the end there, you were the highest ranking person left in your unit. And rather than consider surrender, you ordered four people to their deaths."

Sam pushed Paul against the bulkhead. "It was better to die! Alliance monsters, do you have any real idea of what they did?"

"I was in the same prison camp you were, for several days. I saw what it was like. You think I wanted special treatment? They told me it was because I was an officer. I knew better, I found out the truth. I tried to stay behind, they sedated me. I woke up on Londinium."

"Go-se, Lieutenant. Core worlder, you probably went into the war knowing you'd get special dispensation if captured. That's why you surrendered, isn't it?"

"No, it's not. I went into the war believing that I'd be treated no differently. I expected to be executed as a gorram traitor, but I figured they'd let you live."

Sam shook her head, "Likely story."

"And if you choose to believe it or not, that's up to you. you only have to put up with me until Serenity Valley. I'll disembark there, and arrange alternate transportation."

"Fine...step lightly, Lieutenant."

"I'm not a Lieutenant anymore. Good day." Paul started around the corner, headed back to his cabin.

Sam shook her head, then headed into the lounge. What a wonderful turn of events.
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