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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:28 pm
by Quamie
The news, and not seeing Sam, caused Ameri to step out from behind the wall where she'd been hiding. "We aren't leaving Sam, are we? We can't!"

She trembled with fearful shyness as she spoke, but there was a driving force behind her words.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:48 pm
by Tavey
Kynthia stopped when she saw Ameri.

"Mei mei." Her voice carried conviction. "I ain't leaving Sam. But she might not be here no more. An' a little warmth in them engines might make gettin' her back a little bit o' easy."

She made sure that Ameri could see her eyes.

"I mean it Ameri. Long as I fly on the Old Girl, she'll never again take off an' leave someone behind. I promise."

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 5:46 pm
by Sam Crerar
Sam swore in Mandarin, her running pace not slowing as she turned from one alley to another. She had gotten her bearings, sort of, she knew where she was, kind of. As long as she didn't run into any more unexpected obstacles, or maybe people, she'd be able to get to the Monarch.

Left, right, dead-end. Wait! A crack, she could get through. She squeezed herself through before pulling up her rifle. People looked at her as if she was going to kill them. Although, it wasn't an unreasonable assumption, she was very visibly armed with a rifle on her at the ready. "'scuse me, pardon me, comin' through." She said, moving through the crowd.

It took her another three minutes to get to the Monarch in the docks. She was covered in sweat, looking around in every direction. "Guys, I think we'd better hump it, someone wants me and wants me bad!"

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 9:07 pm
by Saint
As Sam was running to the ship, she recieved a shot towards her feet. "Not one step, Miss Crerar..." Behind her was the living nightmare for the entire crew of the Monarch. Agent 41. "You're coming with me."

Sam stopped, weighing her options. She could dive for cover and shoot, but that would leave the others vulnerable, open to be shot. Or she could go with them, which was ridiculous. "Surprised you ain't going after Maverick..." She drawled lightly, hands tightening on her rifle. She might get shot doing this, but it was basically her only choice.

41 looked at her, "Oh, trust me, little girl... His time will come. Today, your sin is... Wrath." The hardened Chinese woman looked at Sam with stone cold eyes. "You are being called in for warrants outstanding and for the charge of murder of a business man on Higgins Moon. And you are not going to resist."

Maverick readied his guns. "That's ridiculous, even for a believer like you... 41."

"Silence, Maverick... Be lucky they don't call in your burn notice."

Sam actually looked around at 41, "Murder? On Higgins Moon?" She barked a cold laugh. "You've got bad information, I've never even been to Higgins Moon. Might have the wrong Crerar."

"I do not get bad information, Miss Crerar. The Cortex is never wrong." She looked ready to strike, in case Sam was going to.

Maverick looked around at the soldiers gathering around. "Not good." He waved everyone on the ship to move away as he pulled out the guns and put his back to Sam's. "Ready, daughter?"

"I ain't your daughter, have more respect for you than that. Get the girls to safety, Mav, this ain't your fight." Sam replied, looking around. And with that, she pulled the rifle up just a little and fired from her hip, hitting 41 in the arm. Damn, she was going to have to work on the hip shots. Without hesitating, though, she bolted for cover, pulling the rifle up and shooting while she did.

Maverick yelled, "Glad to hear that, young one!" He fired the Peacemakers hitting two soldiers in the head. "Solomon, get the girls inside. Kynthia, on the bridge now!"

41 felt the shot into her arm. "Inconsiderate bitch!" She reached and tried to swing at Sam.

Sam blocked with the rifle, then planted her foot into 41's chest and pushed out. "I ain't goin' to prison for something I didn't do!" She growled, looking at 41, rifle aimed and at the ready. She should have squeezed the trigger right then, but something stopped her, held her back. It had been a life-time ago that she had actually killed anyone, usually aiming for non-lethal areas. Still, the woman deserved to die, but...was she a murderer? ... Yes. And she fired into 41's chest.

41 felt a shot right into her chest. The shot was so powerful that it knocked her back at least 5 feet. Her head hit against the wall of a nearby building. All 41 could hear at the moment were shots all around her. "Must... complete... the... mission..."

Maverick looked around, as he fired shots all around at the soldiers who tried to enclose him, all the way until one lucky shot... BLAM!

The bullet went clean through the top of his chest, hitting the top of his lung. All Sam could see is the old man falling to the ground. "Samantha... run..."

Something clicked in Sam's mind, a history, a habit. She dropped her rifle, pulling up a pistol as she ran and skidded, guarding Maverick's body with her own. She shot at the soldiers every now and then, but mostly focused on Maverick. She tore his shirt open, looking at the bullet wound. It didn't look too bad, except that it's location made it a sucking chest wound, and she didn't have anything to work with.

The old man looked at her, "Get on the ship... Kynthia will get you home..."

All of a sudden, he saw a rifle butt swinging towards Sam's head with a sickening thump. "Goodbye... Colonel." And then he saw the butt on his head.

Sam had just been about to respond with a "no" when she felt the crack and the rushing darkness. More than that darkness, though, was an even darker feeling. She had failed.

41 motioned to the soliders to take away the limp Sam. "Choose, ladies and gentleman. Revenge or saving a life..." She then stripped off her coat and then took off her 'shirt' to reveal mesh armoring. As she removed a shirt, her bra was exposed, as was the large slug bruise. "None of you have the courage to pick revenge, because like all Browncoats, you are weak."

As she followed the soldiers, she just shook her head and slipped on a black tank top. Maverick reached out and felt helpless for once in his life...

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:10 pm
by Quamie
"No no no no no no no no no," Ameri murmured, ducking as shots were fired. She was no fighter, and trembled behind cover.

"No, no no, no no no no no no," the words tumbled from her mouth in a whisper as Maverick was shot. In a flash, Sam was taken away and Maverick lay unconscious.

"No no," the words were silent now, her lips just moving as she looked up at 42.

Maverick needed her. His lung was punctured, beginning to fill up with fluid, and Ameri scrambled for the new medical supplies to stabilize him. She still needed to get him to the infirmary to repair the damage, though, and for that she would need help.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:49 pm
by Kris
Everything had been happening so fast Lu barely noticed that one of the flying bullets had grazed her shoulder. At this moment she did not care as she pulled out her gun and pointed it at the men running away with Sam as she rushed over towards Ameri and Maverick.

"Ameri, we gotta get him inside, we gotta get off the surface until we find some way to get Sam back."

Not waiting for Ameri to reply, she began to pull Maverick slowly back into the ship as Ameri worked on him. She was doing her best to not upset his injuries.

Once back inside, she knelt down whispering. "Come on Mav...come can't give in...not this time. Stay with us."

Glancing around, she knew she had to get back in there and get the ship moving, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She wasn't going to let them lose two members of the crew. She might only be the pilot, but she did pack a punch if she needed to. Looking to the others, she frowned.

"We gotta get Mav taken care of...then we go after Sam...if there's anyone to go after." That last part was said in a hushed tone. There was no way she was going to try and take off right now, no possible way. She probably wouldn't make it out of the atmosphere with how furious she was at Agent of her friends was taken, another hurt....and there was nothing she could do....


PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:09 pm
by Tavey
Cursing all the way, Kynthia sprinted for the bridge. She swung into the pilots chair and began the startup sequence.

The Monarch rumbled into life.

Kynthia was profoundly uncomfortable. Shots were being fired. Her friends were in danger.

"LU!" she roared. "Get your gorram skinny butt in this here chair!"

She turned towards the console again to check that all was well. Then turned back to the doorway again.

"LU! What's keepin' you?"

Deciding not to wait any longer, Kynthia pivoted the chair. She grasped her gun and ran to the cargo hold.

She was too late. Sam was slung over some goons shoulder. Maverick was down and bleeding.

Something snapped. Kynthia loved her family and the 'verse wasn't gonna take them from her.

Smoothly, she brought her gun up and fired. The shot, as always, was true.

41 halted as a bullet whistled by her shoulder. She turned and looked at the stocky woman pointing a gun at her. 41's smug smile said it all.

"You ain't won. you pissed me off. Consider this a warning."

Then Kynthia dismissed 41 and turned her back to show just how little she was worried. She knelt beside Maverick. The wound was deep and whistling. Kynthia pressed one of Mavericks hands over the wound.

"Ameri, patch this with a field dressing. Leave one side open but make sure you cover it. Solomon, help her to get Maverick to infirmary and get him gorram stable. I'm gonna make sure we got our supplies secured."

She called to Lu. "Get ready to dust off. I want Monarch in the air as soon as they leave. We gotta be mobile so we can find Sam. I am not gonna leave her."

She took a deep breath, then stared at them.

"Well? You gonna let the old man die on this here ramp or what?"

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 12:03 am
by Quamie
Kynthia took a deep breath, then stared at them. "Well? You gonna let the old man die on this here ramp or what?"

"Help me," Ameri said, struggling to lift Maverick as she held pressure on the wound.

Together they managed to get Maverick to the infirmary, where Ameri quickly took over. The shy young girl became confident in her movements, shooing people out of the way when needed. There was a pain in her expression, however, that reflected the pain they all felt. Sam had been taken from them, and they needed to get her back. There was no other option.

Ameri quickly closed the wound in the lung tissue, removing as much of the fluid as she could. Still, she needed to use pulmonary stimulators, just to keep enough oxygen flowing through Maverick's aged body. As she repaired the wounded tissue, removing shrapnel and any other foreign material, she administered a dose of ivopravalyn and another of monoxceline-B.

It was about half an hour later when surgery was done, and Ameri stripped off blood-soaked gloves once she finished with the dermal mender. She started a drip going, replenishing his fluids and electrolytes. Ameri sighed, and looked out to whoever was watching.

"He'll be okay," she smiled softly, before her brow wrinkled. "We have to get Sam."

The End of Episode One

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 12:06 am
by Saint
Once Kynthia had spent some time with Ameri to make sure that she was going to be alright, she headed to Maverick's bedside.

He was asleep, dark circles under his eyes showing the depth of hurt he had endured.

She sat beside him in silence for a while. This lovely old man who she had begun to trust so much. She reached out and touched his hand, then held it gently.

"I let you down, Mav. I'm sorry." she whispered, then bowed her head and let the silent hot tears fall that she had held inside since the moment he had fallen.

He opened his eyes, and put an arm around her. "You didn't let me down, Kynthia. I trust you still. I was the foolish one. That Operative was too much for me, dear. We have to figure out where they're takin' Sam..."

He was deeply hurt, that was true. But, he knew that anger wasn't a way to solve it. "You're now the first mate, Kynthia. Our mission isn't for money right now. It's to get one of our own back...."

She leaned into his arm for a moment, needing the comfort. Then moved back. Ameri would yell if she saw.

"Where do you think they'll take her? Maverick, why would they take her?"

She looked at the man lying in the bed. It was hard, but she knew that she needed to know.


"That was a lifetime ago, dear... I will tell you the truth. I was Alliance. In fact, Kynthia. My name was Col. Saul Alexander Armstrong. The Twin Gunner. I was a mean son of a devil back then." He looked at her, as he held her hand.

"If I can guess, they're headed to Penal Moon. That's the only place that's high enough without risking too many assets." He tried to sit up, but nothing doing. "Set a course for the Patella Drift, Kynthia... We need to prepare for a jail break. Sam is one of our own... That harlot better know that hell is coming, and we are the reapers..."

He looked at Kynthia, "They haven't seen revenge, dear. They will."

Kynthia just looked at him. The revelation of who he used to be weighing against who he was now. He watched her carefully too. It suddenly occurred to her, that maybe he was worried about her reaction.

She smiled gently.

"Ain't no mind to me who you used to be. Since I can't get my leaky brainpan to tell me anything about who I used to be an' all. You're a good man Maverick. The Best. They ain't got a chance what with The Twin Gunner, whoever he might be, an' the best shot in the nearest ten planets comin' after them."

"You sleep now. I got the ship alright, since you trust me with it. But you gotta get whole now." Kynthia leaned forward and dropped a gentle kiss on the Old Man's forehead, much as a daughter would...