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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:49 pm

Captain Ja'arda looked up as an Ensign arrived in the Lounge and reported in to her. She accepted the PADD that he was carrying, and took a look at it. It seemed as if the Klingon standing before her had been assigned to the Science department, which would mean that he'd be working with Joy Robinson.

"Welcome aboard, Ensign," she greeted him warmly. "I see that you have been assigned to the Science department. Have you reported in to Commander Robinson, our Chief Science officer?"

"No, Captain," T'oQ responded.

Azanialix looked to Commander Ducane, and then refocused her attention to the newest Science officer. She allowed him to take the PADD back and then suggested, "Ensign, why don't you try to find Commander Robinson? I'm sure she might have a few science experiments that she might want you to work on, especially in light of what the ship had recently been through on our last mission."

"Aye, Captain," he said.

"Again, welcome aboard the Zealous," she noted with a gentle smile.

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Postby Yunisca » Fri Apr 21, 2006 6:09 pm

Lt. First class Yunisca had spent most of the day in the counsling office before heading back to her quarters. Once back in her quarters she ate a quite dinner and crashed out. The next thing she knew it was morning. As she was grabbing a shower, she noticed the lights start to flicker. "Wonder what thats about," she thought. Noticing that it didn't last long she very quickly let it slide. "Quess I'll head back to the office for now and maybe the Captain will get back to me on the message today," she thought, "And maybe later tonight Murdock will feel up to grabbing some dinner togeather."

Carefully she made her way to the counselors office. After slipping in side she took a seat and waited to see how the day would unfold.

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Postby Ken_D_HT » Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:22 am


Since That Mann hasn't posted yet, I'll follow up on Luke's post then back post later when he does...


<<Security/Tactical Office, Deck 8, USS Zealous>>

Daniel was discussing the security procedures and shifting with Lt. Nord when his comm badge chirped.

"Osswell to Lt. Hunt and Ensign Mann. Report to the Shuttlebay immediately. An unknown vessel has docked with the Zealous.” Daniel taps his comm and answered “Acknowlegded. We’ll be right there".

Daniel signaled the Ensign to follow him as they rushed to the Turbo lift headed for the shuttle bay.

<<Deck 14 Shuttle Bay, USS Zealous>>

Cmdr Osswell smiled. “No problem. It’s a good sign you remember my name.”, There was a sound as the shuttlebay doors opened and Daniel and Ensign Mann rushed in. “At ease gentlemen”, Cmdr Osswell told them. This man is confused and harmless. You two investigate the pod while I take him to Sickbay.”

Luke then turned to the young man again and tapped his combadge, “Osswell to Bridge. There was one individual in the pod, he appears to suffer from severe memory loss. I am taking him to Sickbay. Lt. Hunt and Ensign Mann are
investigating the pod.”

Daniel signaled Ensign Mann to hoster his phaser and approached the Pod circling it once, the make was nothing like he has seen before, although most of the parts were reconizable.

Cmdr Osswell bid his farewell and accompanied the stranger to sickbay.

Daniel, taps his comm badge "Lieutenant Hunt to Commander Robinson."

"Robinson here". the commander replied through the comms.

"Commander, a pod of unknown origin has docked in our shuttle bay containing an individual, I think you might want to see this one."

<tag Robinson>

Daniel followed by Mann went to what looked like the front of the pod and when he was about to walk in and examine the insides, they were blinded by a flash of light and then the pod was gone. Leaving Daniel and Mann staring at each other.


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Postby Yunisca » Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:16 pm

Lt. First Class Yunisca had been waiting in the counselors office for a while now and so far no one had came in, she also noticed that so far the Captain had yet to reply to her message. "Captain, this is Lt. First class Yunisca here, when you have the free time, I'd like a word with you in my office please, " She stated after she touched her com badge. Normally she wouldn't have bothered with the com badge, she would have just waited for an answer, but she felt that these things needed to be discussed. It was bad enough she really had no ideal what to do, but she wanted to offer a suggestion on how she'd like to do some things. While waiting on the Captain to reply she decided to type out a message.

Tag : Captain

"Murdock, Reguarding our conversation in the lounge the other day, I would like to have at least a quite dinner with you sometime to get to know you. If you would logically like the same thing I leave it for you to set a date and time. Lt. First Class Yunisca, " Carefully she typed in the commands to send the message.

Tag : Murdock

After having sent the message, she once again sat back to see if any one would come in.

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