Reporting for Duty

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Reporting for Duty

Postby TarynRyder » Mon Nov 22, 2004 12:07 pm

Taryn Ryder gazed out the starbase's viewports towards Earth, her last view of the planet that had been home for the bulk of the past four years. In an odd way, the alien world felt more like home than just about anywhere else, by simple fact that it was the longest she'd lived anywhere in her life.

She didn't blame her parents and she didn't mind her upbringing. Her mother, Sierra M'Hawarr, had been - was - a Starfleet Captain (and eventually other ranks too); and her father, Taren Dar, had lived his own colorful life, deep in its complexities and oddities. And she had been raised amidst it all, experiencing her own twists on life: years spent on the Forever World with her father; alternate universes visited with her mother, including one where she had been worshipped as a prophet for a few years. It would probably have given somebody else a complex; but she had taken it all in remarkable stride growing up.

Taryn was 3/4 Bajoran and 1/4 Vulcan. Should she survive the best that Starfleet could throw at her during her career, she should live to be a ripe old age - not quite as old as a pure Vulcan, perhaps, but a good age nonetheless. Heck, her mother was approaching triple digits. As a child, she had strongly resembled her mother: the same pointed ears, with intense eyes peering out over Bajoran nose ridges. She had once overheard her father describe her, with great fondness in his voice, as "a tiny Sierra clone," which she assumed was a compliment and had never asked otherwise. But as she had grown older, her hair had lightened, now a sun-streaked dark chestnut, and her features had changed slightly, taking on more of her father's looks - making her looking strikingly like either parent when standing next to them. Over the past several years, she had become quite athletic, and now she sat, relaxed in the lounge, waiting to be called to the docking bay for her shuttle to the Zealous.

"Latinum for your thoughts?"

Taryn turned and smiled at her mother, who took a seat beside her, steaming cup of rakatajino mocha firmly in hand. Sierra seemed never to age. She was wearing a formal black and silver Vulcan robe, for she had just come from a Council session, but beneath the rich brocade were the dress whites of her Starfleet uniform. At this time of day, they were nearly alone in the spacious lounge, aside from a Gorn at the bar who was yakking the bartender's ear off.

"Where are they sending you off to this time?" Taryn countered, neatly sidestepping dealing with her emotions too deeply.

Sierra made a motion with her hand as if to dismiss the answer. "Off to Deep Space Nine, some meetings with Kira and Commander Vaughn, and if Dare is currently on Bajor, then I hope to catch up with him before heading to Cardassia for a month or so. Semi-ambassadorial type mission." She shrugged. Sierra referred to her ex-husband by the nickname he had had on the Darmok - back in the day when he had been known as Dr. Daryll Ryder. It was both out of a desire to not be simply known as "the Admiral's daughter" and for her father that she had chosen to be known in Starfleet by his name from then. (When married, Dare and Sierra had merged their two last names - Ryder and M'Hawarr - into Rhydarr).

"Ah." She sipped at her own coffee, gazing back out at the viewport.



Sierra smiled, then shook her head slightly. "I used to worry so much about all the weird things your father and I got you involved with - generally unintentionally, of course, but as a parent you tend to shoulder the blame when things like that... happen. It was a great concern to us how it would affect your development. But here you are, ready to go off on your own first true mission... we're just proud of you, Taryn."

"I know, Mom." She smiled. Taryn was touched. That was about as emotional of a display as you'd ever see out of Sierra. Not that her mother was Vulcan cold - far from it. She just tended to be reserved in public, and showed her emotions only privately. She had always been a warm and loving mother.

"Well. I know your shuttle is due any time now, and the Archeron awaits." Sierra named the Akira-class vessel that had been her home and command the past five years. Taryn knew she held great fondness for the Akira-class vessels ever since her days aboard the Potemkin. They both stood and embraced before Sierra stepped back and tapped her comm badge.

"M'Hawarr to Archeron, one to beam up." Her mother disappeared in a swirl of light, and like the Cheshire cat, her pleased smile was the last thing to fade.

Her own comm badge chirped. "Ensign Ryder, report to shuttlebay 27C."

She tapped it to respond. "Aye, sir, on my way." She chugged the last of her coffee, grabbed the small personal bag she'd kept with her, and headed for the lifts - and a new chapter of her life, aboard the USS Zealous.
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