A new Beginning

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A new Beginning

Postby Don Quixote » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:50 am

Patrick Hannigan dumped his bags onto the bed, so these were his new quarters, he was quite pleased. He had to share his quarters with other crew members but they didn't appear to be here, and anyway, the quarters were big enough to share. He began to unpack his things, he didn't have much in the way of possesions, a picture of his parents took pride of place on the table beside his bed. He didn't start his duties till tomorrow so Patrick decided to unpack his things later and take a walk around the ship.
Patrick was again very impressed with the ship, it was a newer class of ship, one he had never been on before and was looking forward to serving on it immensely. He had never really served on a starship before, his previous assignment had been with Star Fleet Intelligence where he had been undercover, it was quite a jump but Patrick was relishing the challenge. Patrick had transferred after his commanding officer, Colonel Soren, had advised a change of pace. Patrick had enjoyed working as an Intelligence operative but he had a very bad experience.....one which still haunted him to this day. Bad thoughts had begun to circle in his mind so he made his way back to his quarters and decided an early night would be a good idea.
It took a few minutes for him to get his bairings and head back to his quarters, he wondered if the people he would be sharing with would be back. Patrick had spent almost his whole life in space sharing a confined space so he was sure he would get along with his roommates.
He returned to his still empty quarters, he decided he should unpack his things now. He took out his uniform and hung it up for the next day, he was looking forward to starting work tomorrow. He took out a few books and several other pictures, mostly of him and his parents, he had few other friends, only those he had made at the academy and he had lost contact with his most of them during his time as an Intelligence Operative, well, perhaps he should send them a message.
He yawned, it had been a long trip to get here, so Patrick decided he should get some sleep.

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