More Crystals

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More Crystals

Postby TaylorMase » Wed Jun 23, 2004 11:53 pm

="Exactly. I need to get to the shuttlebay now, try and retrieve the coordinants of that Ferengi freighter and tell the bridge that's our next target." Taneth said.

"I want to accompany the away team." Jarrold said as Taneth walked out the sickbay. Taneth stopped, turned to look at him and then continued on his way without giving any indication if he was going to allow the ensign on the away mission or not.

Jarrold shrugged his shoulder, determined to be a part of the away team unless absolutely ordered not to. He brought his hand up and tapped his comm-badge. "Bridge this is Ensign Scott."

Moments later a response came from the bridge. "Go ahead ensign. What can we do for you." Dillard replied.

"Sir I'm on my way up with coordinates to a Ferengi ship that is carrying more of these Crystals in its hold." Jarrold informed him.

"Acknowledged." Dillard said as he cut the comm line.

Jarrold walked out of sickbay carrying the orange crystal as well as several others. Now that he had figured out how to use one of them and he was sure that he could figure the rest of them out realitively quickly. A quick stride across the corridor found him standing in the turbolift. The door shut behind him "Bridge." he instructed. That's when it happened. His mind felt like it was on fire. Like something from a dark nightmare was reaching out across the realm of dreams to pour hot lava onto his brain. When the turbolift door opened Ensign Jarrold Scott fell unconcious out unconcious.

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