Crystals Understood

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Crystals Understood

Postby TaylorMase » Wed Jun 23, 2004 4:02 pm

Jarrold stood up and smiled. He had been studying the crystals for hours with no progress. It wasn't until he stopped using the scanners and focused with his mind that he realized what they actually were. He separated the crystals by size and color, from darkest to lightest and then from smallest to largest. On crystal in particular struck his interest and he picked up it to examine it further.

The medium sized light-blue crystal seemed to be some kind of map or locator. He could feel it reaching out almost as if it were trying to tell him something. Jarrold brought the crystal closer, it was emitting a small barely perceivable auditory hum. It was definately a locator of some type and now he thought that he knew how to work it. Its like the crystal itself had told him. It had also told him where there were more.

Jarrold sat the crytal down and then reached up to tap his comm-badge. "Ensign Scott to Lieutenant Taneth."

A few seconds passed and then Taneth answered. "Go ahead Ensign." Taneth responded.

"I am studying the crystals and I understand that you have some knowledge of them." Jarrold said.

"Yes, is there a point that you would like to make?" Taneth asked.

"I figured out how some of them work." Jarrold reached down and once again picked up the light-blue crystal. "I'm holding a crystal that seems to be some type of map and it's telling me that we are not far from a Ferengi ship that is carrying several more of them.

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