Mental Impressions

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Mental Impressions

Postby TaylorMase » Tue Jun 15, 2004 3:01 am

Whatever was going on in the minds of the Captain Ja'arda and the others was overwhelming. Jarrold could feel it in his own mind and for more than a brief moment he cursed his natural telepathic abilities. It was rare for a pureblood human to develop these types of abilities and he had always considered himself blessed to possess them. Now however they were more of a hindrance.

He could only try to sit back and work while recieving the impressions of fear and apprehension that the others were feeling. To him it was like getting hit with a tennis raquet over and over. Frankly his head was starting to hurt. At one point he had even considered trying to join them in their mindmeld but decided against it on the basis that first he didn't know if he could and second if he was successful he could end up doing mental damage to either himself or the others. A prospect that he did not particularly relish. He did however decided to stay just in case he was needed. He wasn't sure how he would know but had a feeling that they would somehow be able to tell him.

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