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Postby Amanda Rose » Fri Feb 25, 2005 2:42 am

Zuub wondered why Scott had not answered her question about the possibility of the creature remaining on the shuttle. Obviously, he was not concerned. Zuub kept the secret of his great telepathic abilities. She then watched him approach Counselor Richards and then break up a brawl between Murdock and the furry creature that intrigued Zuub almost as much as Rip. She decided that now that she would have THAT conversation with the Counselor, as Scott was obviously busy. She approached the Counselor and asked, "May I have a word with you, if it would not trouble you?"

Melissa looked at the Andorian female and nodded. "Alright..I'm open to it." she nodded.

Zuub figured that must have meant yes. She was somewhat familiar with these Pink Skin expressions. She sits down next to the Counselor and inquires, "Do you know why I was promoted two ranks and made assistant chief?"

"I imagine because you earned it, and the Captain felt you could handle the additional responsibility." Melissa smiled.

Zuub's antennae start to writhe and her wispy voice gets lower, "Earn it? What have I done? I went on a shuttle mission that ended before it started. I haven't cured any horrible ailments. I seem to have upset more people than not. So, why? It makes no sense."

Why did they do it then. For that matter,. why had Melissa had Lt. Commander? There must have been a reason. "I...the Captain likely has her own reasons." she finally said. "Perhaps when this mission is over, you can discuss it with her."

"Do you think it would be right to approach her? I mean, I may be a full Lieutenant but still, I'm not part of the senior staff."

"I think in this instance, you are asking questions that it's difficult to answer." Melissa explained. "You have a legitimate concern why you were promoted. Most people look forward to it. Does this bother you that you feel you were given something you don't feel you'd earned, Zuub?"

Zuub falls silent for a moment and says, "It is uncomfortable. I do not wish to appear favored. I already seem to have enough problems fitting in."

"Why do you feel you are favored and don't fit in?" Melissa asked softly. "Others were promoted as well. If you were the only one, there might have been..questions. But, you were part of a series of promotions to the crew. What problems are you having?" She was more curious now.

"Well, I saved Scott's life at some point but he seemed not to take well to my suggestions at play. Of course, at the time, I did not understand that both of you felt the need to be married to one another. And then I had another cute ensign run out on me. Now, Rip," Zuub looks at the Helmsman quickly before returning to Richards, "I thought was interested in playing but then he started to flirt with the furry ensign, which is also interesting. Other than you and Ti'ana, I doubt I've had a real conversation with anyone."

"I see.." Melissa nodded. "Maybe you should try to talk to others. Break through the cultural differences. hat's what Starfleet is all about. Showing cooperation between the various races to protect the security of the Federation."

"I understand. But I did not seem to have a lot of these problems at the Academy. I don't know why. People and species liked to play there. The atmosphere was different, perhaps. I don't know. On top of that, I did not join starfleet to really meet others. I came here to find a cure for my mother's condition, as you know."

"Yes, we talked about that." Melissa remembered. "Any further word on how that's progressing for you?"

"I have not had time to do more research. I figure that at some point I may approach your boyfriend and ask for his assistance. But the fact is that this ship seems to send me in different directions all the time."

"B..boyfriend." Melissa blinked. "I'm sorry, but I don't have a set..boyfriend right now."

Zuub's antennae start to thrash. "I saw you and Mr. Scott together and you both talk about one another. I must be missing something if you are not his girlfriend."

"Uhmm.." she tried to think on this." each other, yes. But, nothing is formal as to my only seeing Mr. Scott."

Zuub's antennae don't stop thrashing and continue to get wilder. "What's the difference?"

"Well..I am seeing more then just Mr. Scott. There are others that are..interested in me, Zuub. I haven't made a choice yet." She sighed. "And sometimes I don't know what to do.

Well...because I should choose just one of them. They are all serious about me. What would you do?" she asked feeling like as counselor she didn't know her job now.

"Well, as you are well aware, my species has very different beliefs on sex and relationships. But, from what I understand from you, it is important to you that you be with one person at some point. Why don't you tell me what you like about each and perhaps we'll figure out why you can't choose one."

That was different. With Jarrold here, and likely coming back in a moment, she didn't want to get into that..not now anyway. "Perhaps later." she replied softly. "When we're alone?"

"I understand and look forward to that conversation. By the way, do you have any sense of anyone else being in here other than all of us. I do not but I do know that your abilities and Mr. Scott's are much stronger than mine. That whole thing with Ti'ana was a bit disconcerting."

Melissa opened her senses. "I am feeling..a little concerned about Ti'ana. Other then that, I don't sense any overt threats." _Yet.._she thought thinking of Jake Sjet again.

Zuub's antennae relax and lean in towards the Counselor. "That is comforting. I suppose that we have nothing to do but sit and wait, then, until we get somewhere to deal with that Blue Light Bulb."'

"Yes..I guess." Melissa looked at Zuub. "What do you know about Jake Sjet, Zuub?"

"I know little of him. I saw him glowing in sick bay and have not talked to him. He was away almost the entire time I've been on Zealous. Is there something I should know?"

His Construct is..violent. Be careful if he turns into it." she whispered.

"Yes it..'s quite terrible to behold." She took Zuub's hand. "Once I tried to have him removed from the Zealous because of it. The results were..frightening."

Zuub feels the Counselor's fear rising in her. Zuub had not ever sensed this before from her. Obviously, Zuub's hand gave her comfort. "Do you wish to talk about it?"

"Not right now. But, just be on your guard. It's part of the reason he's a civilian right now and not in starfleet."

"I will take your word on it." She clasps the Counselor's hand. "I will be here. If he tries to harm you, he will find out that he has more than you to worry about."

"Thank you." Melissa felt better. But she also knew Jarrold wouldn't let anything happen to her. And yet, it had been Jarrold that had asked her to come along on this..excursion. But, he hadn't known about Sjet.

Zuub continues to hold Richard's hand, waiting for the next bit of chaos to occur on the shuttle.

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