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The Upper Hand

Postby Ensign Vaskel » Fri Apr 02, 2004 4:01 pm

'Yes Captain I require an asylum, when I mentioned it to Lt. Vaskel he said that the Federation grant asylums in most of the occasions and the fact that I could provide some vital information would probably strengthen my request,' replied Lt. Aynia to Captain Ja'arda's question.
'Mr Vaskel is right the Federation do grant an asylum in most occasions and I cannot see why this would be an exception.' Lt. Aynia breathed a sigh of relief. The Captain also mentioned about a Tarmon Ay officer in the shuttle bay and the fact she had explosives on the ship.
'Captain can I put forward a suggestion?' asked Aynia
'Of Course Lieutenant.'
'The Commander that was assigned to this role was not given any explosives so I believe she is bluffing. However they may have been transported to her in a secret way. Knowing after a briefing a lot about the Zealous I suggest that you flood the ship with Gamma Radiation Emissions at a particle density of 2.4, therefore the explosives would be deactivated and that density poses no threat to any of the crew or myself. Lt. N'Vrix should have it done within five minutes and the commander would have no way of detecting the emissions.'
'Thank You Lieutenant.' At that the tactical console started to beep,
'What is it Ensign?' asked the Captain.
'The Boeraux is moving into an attack posture.' Vaskel turned to face the viewscreen as the Boeraux pulled back a bit and levelled itself with the Zealous.
'Their weapons are at full power.' Before the Captain could even get a word in Lt. Aynia jumped in,
'Captain the Boeraux shields operate on a frequency of 34.256, adjust your Quantum torpedoes to that frequency and let me show your tactical officer the exact location to fire. Captain we will only have one shot at this as the shields would be readjusted and if they realise I have left then we will not get a shot at all.' Vaskel thought it was worth doing and backed Aynia.
'Captain I agree, I will stand with Lt. Aynia as a security officer if you do not like her at a tactical station but we must take advantage of this situation. What do you think.' The Captain looked out towards the Boeraux.
'Captain torpedoes adjusted,' stated Lenario.

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