Fine Tuning

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Fine Tuning

Postby Zania Jaarda » Sun Mar 28, 2004 4:17 pm

Captain Ja'arda looked toward Ensign Spade, feeling something, although she couldn't be sure of it. She offered him an encouraging smile, hoping that he would accept her repositioning of the crew.

She knew that the events that had taken place were no fault of his own. There were things that just happened, even in the depths of space, which no individual could predict, much less prevent. That was just part of the mystery of the universe, which prompted many to explore the stars.

N'vrix had just returned to duty, and she needed an experienced hand at the Operations officer, considering the situation. N'vrix had also served on the ship longer than Ensign Spade, so he was more familiar with the different nuances of the Zealous. In time, Jake Spade would be able to learn the same thing and become just as experienced.

For the moment, though, they had to prepare for the worst. Having an extra hand to help man Tactical would provide an advantage, especially if the Tarmon Ay chose to fight. It was something the Betazoid Captain hoped to avoid, but if they continued along the path that they had, it was bound to be inevitable considering what they had seen of this mysterious species.

Counselor Richards stepped back and sat down, closing her eyes. She looked exhausted from the mental projection that she had been doing, trying to confuse the Tarmon Ay long enough for the rescue team to have a chance. "Take a moment to relax, Counselor. You did a good job, and I believe you made a difference in the success of the away team," Azanialix encouraged.

Turning to N'vrix, Captain Ja'arda asked, "Lieutenant, can you tell the status of the away team?" Without hesitating, she addressed Ensign Lenario and Ensign Spade, "Keep weapons armed and ready to fire."

Ensign James had been sitting at the Helm station since he had relieved Lt. Commander Murdock. He had been doing a good job at keeping the Zealous at a safe distance from the Tarmon Ay ship. "Ensign, be ready to move us in. When our shuttle leaves the Tarmon Ay ship, I want us to close the distance so they won't have to spend that much time out there."

Tag: Melissa, N'vrix, Spade, Lenario, James, and anyone else on the Bridge!

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