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Waiting Game

Postby llbirdnow1 » Fri Mar 26, 2004 9:08 pm

Jalovel watched Ti'ana put on a brave face. Her skin was bright red and must have been painful for her to even try to move, much less attempt to perform her duties. Perhaps Jalovel could find something in the medkit that would help, some sort of salve perhaps Ti'ana could put on to lessen the pain. She wanted to make herself as useful as possible, instead of the dead weight she felt like she was.
After a few minutes rummaging around, she finally found a salve like ointment that might provide Ti'ana some relief. Without a word, she handed it to the woman. If it helped, it helped and if it didn't...well, there really weren't any options left. Not until they got back to the Zealous at any rate.
Surely Murdock was heading back to the shuttle by now. And if something happened to them, how long could they wait before Ti'ana went into shock from the radiation exposure and the burns. Jalovel could only give her so many shots of the stimulant before it would do her more harm than could. After that, it would depend on her own's body's physiology and chemistry. She guessed that Ti'ana might have an hour, maybe two, before her body began to show the first signs of shock. Jalovel didn't say any of this outloud. Jake would come to the same conclusion on his own and something like that was best heard from a friend.
A friend. Again Jalovel wondered if Jake or Ti'ana would ever become friends with her. She felt she had come close to it time or two with Jake; felt like he was becoming her friend and then he would distance himself off from her. Probably embarassed to be around her. It wasn't like she had accomplished anything really great in her life. In fact, if she wasn't there at all, it wasn't like anyone on the Zealous would have noticed her absence. She should have been the one that had gone into the room after Jake, she should have been the one with radiation burns, risking certain death. She was expendalbe, whereas Ti'ana was not.
Sighing softly, Jalovel turned to look out the door,and made herself useful by watching for any sign of Murdock and the others.

<<tag, Jake, Ti'ana or anyone on the Tarmon Ay ship>>

Ens. Amina Jalovel
Medical Officer
USS Zealous

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