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Postby Zania Jaarda » Thu Mar 25, 2004 8:01 pm

N'vrix arrived on the Bridge, looking considerably better than the last time Captain Ja'arda had seen him. "Welcome back, Lieutenant N'vrix. Please, relieve Ensign Spade at Ops and continue the sensor scans on both the interior of the Zealous, and the Tarmon Ay ship. Ensign Spade, I'd like you to move over to Tactical and give Ensign Lenario a hand. If the Tarmon Ay realize what we've done, we may need to create a distraction so the shuttle can safely return," she suggested.

Ensign Robinson noted that there was yet another ring, which could probably change the appearance of the wearer, and then asked where Kelly Larson was. "Computer, where is Kelly Larson aboard the Zealous?" Azanialix requested.

"Kelly Larson is in guest quarters, deck . . ." the female voice began to reply.

"At the end of the briefing, I had assigned a security officer to serve as her bodyguard. If we encountered the Tarmon Ay again," the Betazoid Captain.

"We think Kelly Larson is a Tarmon Ay," Joy noted.

The look on the Science officer's face indicated that she was serious about this concept - very serious. "If you feel that you are certain, take a couple of Security officers and check this out personally. Report back to me with your findings, no matter what they are."

Counselor Richards then began to sense something with the away team. First, she thought that they were in trouble, and it had something to do with the doctor. Jake Sjet? Had something happened which triggered yet another transformation into the Construct? But, that seemed to dissipate, allowing her to reveal that she believed that she was succeeding with the Tarmon Ay.

"Good work, Counselor. Let me know if there are any other changes with the away team, or the mentality of the Tarmon Ay," Captain Ja'arda requested. They had to try and give the away team every advantage that they could!

Tag: N'vrix, Robinson, Melissa, and anyone else on the Bridge!

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