Return from the Void

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Return from the Void

Postby KurumamcCloud » Wed Mar 24, 2004 1:04 am

Within the darkness that seemed to fill his world, Kyo drifted, along, unwanted. Was this death? Or was it merely unconsciousness, the darkness seemed to bear no answer, his last thoughts of the realm of the living was the throwing of himself into the path of that blast of entity, that Tarmon Ay intruder.
'Why had I done that' thought Kyo as he felt a calm wind pass by his face, yet strangely it felt like a distant memory, yet in spite of it his mind continued to contemplate that same question.

Within the darkness, a bright light filled the void, quickly clearing to reveal a large open area, as Kyo looked around he could see it was a cliff, the same cliff he had fought on many centuries ago, where he was trapped within the body of Kuruma, condemned to centuries within his mind, a cold barren void with no life, a forgotten soul.

Yet now he was free, yet for what, to be yet another prisoner, a prisoner of limitations, he hated this feeling. Kyo then felt a jolt on his neck, it seemed somewhat ironic, that he was not even permitted to endure these thoughts, a bright light then came upon the eyes of Kyo, causing him to narrowed his gaze to filter the offending rays. Kyo then felt a presence begin to hover over him, instinct quickly took over, as Kyo rolled off the biobed and came to his feet, glaring into the face of the figure, it was the face of Ducane. Kyo growled as he looked at the man, before sitting up, his blood red eyes glaring into the eyes of the man.
"What are you trying to do?" asked Kyo, causing Ducane to look at him with confusion, yet his face then turned into a look of indignation.
"Trying to save your life, you were injured" said Ducane
Kyo turned his head left and right, his eyes scanning the area intently, he remembered this place well, after they pulled him off that damaged wreck of a Warbird, they placed him here, right before he caused his fair share of damage to this crew.
"Where is the Captain?" asked Kyo
"On the bridge" responded Ducane
"Good, then I'll go there" said Kyo as he continued to walk forward.
"Wait a sec..." said Ducane, causing Kyo to stop and turn to look at him, a powerful glare in his eyes as he looked at the man.
"What?" asked Kyo fiercely
"You know we could use some help down here, so why don't you?" asked Ducane earning him a glare from Kyo.
'I might be not have my ki abilities, but I have more than enough to disembowel this one' thought Kyo, yet in the midst of his thoughts, he knew that he was somewhat helpless as he was, the blast from that Tarmon Ay had weakened him substantially, to the point where his abilities were removed. At this Kyo growled, it seemed as though he had little choice but to bide his time and regain his strength. Kyo then looked towards the trolly, and grabbed a tricorder, he was thankful that the Prelax had granted him some knowledge of medicine, just in case of injury, yet he knew that someone was going to pay for this outrage.

There was silence amongst Ducane and Kyo as the two began to move around the sickbay.

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