Surprise Delivery

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Surprise Delivery

Postby Zania Jaarda » Tue Mar 23, 2004 4:23 pm

Azanialix Ja'arda nodded to Melissa Richards. She was concerned about the welfare of the Counselor with what she was proposing, and she had every right to be. Still, she was willing to take the risk, just as any Starfleet officer probably would.

Ensign Tylor was monitoring the situation with the rescue teams at one of the nearby Intelligence Stations on the Bridge. "Ensign, what's the progress of the rescue mission? Any indication that the Tarmon Ay have discovered what we're up to?" the Captain wondered, hoping that Counselor Richards was succeeding.

Another Ensign, a female Vulcan, walked onto the Bridge and Lieutenant Stanton asked her to take over with the Science station. During a time when the ship was in a state of Red Alert, it went against protocal for a senior officer to turn their station over to an Ensign, unless they were going to personally check on a problem.

There was also the matter of the two other Science officers on the Bridge as well. Both of them had been on the Zealous longer, and had been placed in charge of overseeing some scientific examinations on the mysterious crystals. They would probably need to use that station to continue examining the data.

Since all of the modified torpedoes had already been prepared, and Taneth's refractive shield was functioning properly, the Betazoid Captain wasn't sure what was going on that prompted her to have an Ensign relieve her. That was something Azanialix would need to speak with her about, once this situation was finally over.

Suddenly, without any warning, a shower of energy appeared on the Bridge. Immediately, Ensign Sara McGonaggle drew a phaser and pointed it at the the energy. When it passed, the body of Luke Osswell was laying on the floor of the Bridge. He looked to be unconscious, and barely alive.

"By the four Deities!" Azanialix exclaimed in shock. "Computer, activate EMH in this location."

The female EMH materialized on the Bridge, wearing the traditional teal medical uniform. "Please state . . ." she began until her eyes came to rest on the individual who was in need of medical attention. "Oh my."

"Taneth, any idea how they could have gotten Ensign Osswell through your refractor and beamed him to the Bridge?" Captain Ja'arda inquired of the El-Aurian. She then focused her attention on Ensign Osswell once more. "What is his condition?"

"Brain activity is minimal. Life signs are 16%, and there are significant physical signs of torture," Jennifer, the EMH replied.

"Will he survive?" Azanialix wondered.

"If I can beam him directly to Sickbay for immediate stasis and treatment, I believe that he has a strong chance for survival. He may have a long road to recovery, but that is a small price to pay in exchange for saving his life," Jennifer noted.

"Ensign, beam Ensign Osswell directly to a Biobed in Sickbay," Captain Ja'arda ordered of the Operations officer. She then glanced to Ensign Richards to see how the Counselor was faring with her projective empathy and telepathy.

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