reporting for duty

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reporting for duty

Postby batiras » Tue Mar 23, 2004 9:26 am

OFF: i'd like to point out her name is VT Rehu only the hfhar is not, its only
to point romulan
nolbe house is from, its like Mr ok... plaese make a note of that, i'm sorry for
the cunfussion it
may have made... thank you

[in trasport room 1]

ens steeps off the trasport pad, looked at her gear on the pad... "she walked to
the conttler and
said" can you plase send them to my quarter on..." she looked at her PADD then "
deck 8 section
24... hann'yyo(thank you) ens"

"sher your welcome..." he looked at her with blank look in his eyes
ens VT trun to the door then left for her new quarters on the new ship for her
frist real assinment

[abptu 15 mins later at her quaters]

she enterd the living room of her quarters ~my new home~ she put her close, and
some of her books a
way when she unpacked her house banner ~where to hang it..~ she lloked around
the room then looke
at the oppist wall to the door ~there is the right spot~ she hong the banner up
and then finnesd
her unpacking and then clanged in to a new unitform, ~time to report to my
chief...~ she leet she

[outside Lt. Stanton's office]
she rain the door chaim and a voise from with in siad come in, the door opened
and ens VT walked in
to the office, up to the deck and said "ens VT Rehu , reporting for duty, madam"

she stond up and put her hand out and "welcome to the uss zealous, ens... i have
read over you
feil... this is your frist assinment to a ship, we hope you'll be a good menber
to the crew"
"thank you, madam"
"as you know, i'm Lt Stanton, your spurrer officer and chief Science officer on
this ship.."ens VT
noted her head "good, you will be on duty in 4 hours, go have a rest in
tenforward before your
shift, and welcome agian VT"
"thank you, madam... i hope i can be of service to the crew" before truning to
leve she raised her
right hand in the V shape and said with a smile "live long and Pousser, madam"
then she left the
room to go to ten forward...

[on the brige 4 hours later]
ens VT walks in... looks aroonds sem-like a deer in head lights, then hear from
a science
station "ens VT, over here if you would..." she looked over to the station to
see LT Stanton there
ready for her.. she walks over, stands next to her "good to see you made it her
in good time ens,
you will be at this station take your station and be ready for any thing" VT
nodded her head then
toke the seat from Lt Stanton, then the Captian walked on to the brige...

OFF: frist post, hope it works...

ens VT Rehu of Vulcan and Romulan
science officer
uss zealous

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