Assessing the Situation

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Assessing the Situation

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:12 pm

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Originally posted on 3/21/04
Credits go to Azanialix Ja'arda

(OOC - Ducane's asked for a 2-week LOA, and has given us permission to NPC his character.)

Ensign Robisnon and Taneth both arrived on the Bridge, just as Senator Leania replied to the Captain. She noted that there was no guarantee that Jake would come back, and he wouldn't be in one piece if he did.

Based on what she had said, it could only mean one thing. She was going to go against everything that Starfleet had learned about the Tarmon Ay through intelligence, and probably torture Jake Sjet. Captain Ja'arda's heart broke at the thought. Had she committed him to a death sentence by allowing him to go through with his idea?

Ensign Robinson noted that Vaskel had been surrounded by a forcefield while on the Tarmon Ay Bridge. That was not good news. It meant that it would be much more difficult for the rescue team to be able to get both Vaskel and Osswell to safety.

Joy had also mentioned something about another ring, which Taneth confirmed. "Another one? How many of these rings or crystals are there?" she wondered. "If they are this powerful, we cannot allow the Tarmon Ay to discover or claim any more of them."

Turning to Ensign Spade, Captain Ja'arda ordered, "I want you to run continuous scans on the interior of the Zealous. The moment any more Tarmon Ay beam over, I want to be the first to know."

Lieutenant Ducane arrived on the Bridge with a Med Kit to assess Kyo's condition. After a brief examination, he accessed the transporter controls at a nearby console, and beamed the two of them directly to Sickbay.

Captain Ja'arda turned to the Counselor when she suggested that she could use her Betazoid gifts to perhaps confuse the Tarmon Ay. Azanialix was concerned about what it could do to Melissa. The last time projective empathy had been used in such a fashion, it was on a much larger scale and had resulted in the deaths of many Betazoids who had been overwhelmed by the process. Still, it had been enough to drive the Dominion from Betazed.

"If you are sure that you can handle the strain, do it. The moment you feel light headed or about to pass out, I want you to break it off. We already have several crew in danger, and I do not want to endanger your life as well," the Betazoid Captain informed her, concerned for her well being.

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