Indian Territory

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Indian Territory

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:06 pm

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Originally posted on 3/19/04
Credits go to Murdock

Despite the impending danger, Murdock was calm, cool, and collected. He had been in the heat of battle before, and this time didn't seem any different outside of the environment. There was no indication that he was anxious or nervous about this impending rescue mission.

Jake contacted the Tarmon Ay ship and then, without warning, was beamed away . . . and all before the shuttle was allowed to land in the Tarmon Ay shuttlebay. That really put them in deep. If they continued to fly toward the Tarmon Ay ship, they would know immediately that there was a number of officers on board, planning for a rescue.

That fear was soon allieved as the shuttle was pulled in by a tractor beam, but the sounds outside of the shuttle indicated that they weren't alone. The shuttle was probably surrounded, which would make carrying out the mission that much harder. And if Murdock remembered right, the transporter systems aboard the shuttle had been destroyed.

Ti'ana had managed to come up with transporter devices for each one of the team to wear. He grabbed a few extra, one for Vaskel, one for Osswell, and a couple just in case if one of them happened to fail. He was going to do everything that he could to make sure that they all got back in one piece.

He took the tricorder that Ti'ana had handed him, folded it up, and tucked it away in an empty holder that was attached to his belt. As Ti'ana settled down to try and get a fix on where Jake was, Murdock turned to his team . . . Allen Chi, Daniel Hunt, and Ma'riel Gine.

"Let's get this show on the road," he said to them, pulling out a hand phaser and reaching over to press the button on the transporter badge.

Immediately, the images around him changed . . . first from the interior of the shuttle, to some kind of an energy field, and then again to a corridor within the Tarmon Ay ship. Beaming from one place to another was something that Murdock didn't know if he would get used to. He was kind of used to the old fashioned way of walking or using regular transportation to get where you were going.

Inwardly, he hoped that they had manage to beam close enough to where Vaskel and Osswell were, minimizing not only the amount of time that it would take to reach them, but also the risks and Tarmon Ay they might encounter along the way. The quicker they could do this without triggering some kind of an alarm, the better.

"Here's the deal. We're in indian territory, surrounded, and there ain't no cavalry coming for us if we fail. We're the only hope Vaskel and Osswell have for getting off this ship alive. Keep your voices down and follow my lead," he instructed to the group.

The Texan then asked, "What are your tricorders picking up? Vaskel and Osswell's bio signs? How far are we from them?"

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