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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:05 pm

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Originally posted on 3/18/04
Credits go to Ti'ana Sullivan

Ti'ana yelped as Jake was plucked right out of the co pilots seat by a transporter.
Murdock yelled.
"Dammit, they beamed him out."
"Why him?"
"I have no idea" she said quietly.
He plopped into the co pilots seat next to her.
As they slid to a stop in the Tarmon Aye hangar, he looked at her.
"Can you tell whats goin on in there?" he asked quietly.
She inhaled and closed her eyes a second.
"He's angry. The Senetor is being unreasonable."
"Do you think this diplomacy thing will work?"
"No. Not a chance in hell." She turned to him. "Time to shine Murdock. We have to get them out the hard way."
He nodded.
Ti'ana started, putting a hand to her temple. "They have him....they have Jake, he's in pain." She looked up. "I can find him. I have to go with the rescue team. I can program a tricorder to transport you back when your ready. I'll give you one for your team, and one for me, and one other person." She sighed, and held up a small blinking silver badge. "These are transporter badges. (OOC: Think Nemesis, at the end) I am going to put one on everyone. That way we can beam through the shield I just erected around the shuttle. We are stuck here in the hangar, and thats not so good. Now that they have Jake, that seriously complicates matters. I think we should split up. You take your team and go for Oswell and Vaskel. Hopefully, they will be in the same area. I can locate Jake. I will take Ensign Jalovel. I think that with fewer people it may make it easier to go unnoticed. Its the same plan we had before, just...modified. OK?"
She stood up and started slapping transporter badges on everyone.
"Don't loose these people. We need them to get you back."
She stopped in front of Jalovel.
"Pack a medkit, your coming with me. Make another up for the other team as well, and grab a phaser rifle."
She heard muffled shouting from outside the shuttle.
"Dammit, there just is never enough time." she turned again to Murdock, handing him a tricorder she had just programmed.
"Here, when your ready to come back, just initalize, ok? I programmed it to activate the shuttles transporter, you'll end up back here. Since we are inside the ship already, sheilds won't be a problem. With the badges on, it'll go through the shield I put up around the shuttle."
She grabbed the rifle Jalovel handed her.
"Time to go. Murdock, you go first, I think you guys will end up needing more time."
She sat in the middle of the floor, legs crossed and eyes closed, to search for Jake. Jalovel stood over her, looking worried.
She grunted. "Got him. He's in a brig on deck 38. And its full of radiation." Her eyes snapped open. The shouting outside the hull had stopped. She smiled grimly, betting they were trying to get through the shield she had erected.
She stood. Come on, let's go."
She and Jalovel stood on the transporter pad, phasers at the ready, and transported into the mouth of the beast.


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