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Peice Talks

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:01 pm

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Originally posted on 3/17/04
Credits go to Vaskel and Jake Sjet

'Doubtful I find this a trick, drop the matter and stop trying to persuade me. Remember the situation you are in do not go against me. Now elaborate on what you first proposed.'

"Leave." Jake turned, hands behind his back he held himself as though he was the teacher and this were class room "Right now, your no more than two hours from the largest task force within four parsec's and another hour from the largest fleet this side of the Kurak Rift, and give it a day you'll have four Empires rallied against you." he stated coolly.
"You will find each world to be as dangerous as the next, millions will revolt under your yoke and trillions more will fight against you." he paused "Leave and save your self from damnation, do not make mistakes I..." he paused."...mistakes a race once made that ended with them being exiled. That ended when they were in your same position."

'The fleets are no match the Tarmon Ay have only shown a glimmer of what power we have. You mentioned that peace can be a profitable thing for us. You seem to be going back on your word, that will cost you your life and the Federation any trust they may have left. Remember you are a diplomat act like one you don't go back on your word'

“I would act in such a regard if I was shown such courtesy from some one open to peace but closed off to common sense!” he raged.
“Look around you Senator! If you go to war you will win but you will lose. You won’t have gain a population who will work for you, you will have gained prisoners of a harsh totalitarian regime. You will be the first to fall in this war!”
“You have yet to fire a single shot In a open war against the Alpha Quadrant,” Jake walked quickly to her desk, his skin pulsing with a soft glow as though was redirecting his anger away from his heart “and you will be forgotten, your family shamed..”
“You’ve already lost.” He smiled.

The rage built up within her. 'You foolish boy, you know nothing do not try and insult me. There is no fame on my family my ancestor Senator Joran led a fleet that crippled an Iconian attack force millennia ago. He was a great warrior and his blood runs in my veins and I am just a capable. Do not try and scare me with your Iconian genetic inheritance.'

She was practically screaming her eyes were livid red like the fires of Jyrowanda volcanic ranges. 'You boy are a fool trying to outsmart someone who is older and vastly smarter than you. I have more power in me than the entire Federation and there are twenty Senators in the Tarmon Ay high command, you try and act all philosophical as if you know everything. You know nothing of the Universe and how things work. You are an ant trying to beat a bird in combat. You have no idea.' She slammed her fist down on her desk and on the console. She watched as the green transporter energy constricted him until he disappeared. With that she gave a cruel laugh and sat back in her chair with a feeling of immense satisfaction and victory. Then Colonel Huin's voice came over her comm system.

'Senator we have the shuttle in docking bay fourteen.' 'Good work Colonel.' A smile spread across her face.

Jake seemed to fall for what seemed like an eternity until finally the glowing pillar released him, dropping him a meter from the deck. Hitting the girded the floor he rolled onto his back, absorbing the fall on his shoulder.
As he came to a complete stop he looked about the room he found himself in. It was bathed in a sickly yellowish light that made even the deck plates look pale and unwell.
He could feel a slight buzzing in his black teeth as though he was vibrating and after a moment of sitting around doing nothing an immense head aches ripped through his mind.
Standing up shakily he grabbed at the side of his head, holding his palms against his temples as though to shut out what ever radiation was being filtered into the room, the coppery taste of blood began to spread across his lips as it burned a path from his nose and eyes as blood vessels feel apart under the unrelenting attack.
And he screamed.
He screamed until he could scream no more.

TAG- Anyone, Jakes locked in a room of radiation (Nice idea Vaskel, thanks lol) Vaskel is else where, Luke is….well Luke is what he is so he’s anywhere, and the Zealous is battening down the hatches and ordering ice cream. The shuttle….well it was double parked so the Tarmon Ay have impounded the ‘empty’ shuttle.
Have fun guys and gals.

TAG-Anyone, it was to long lol
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