Shatter Peace

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Shatter Peace

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:59 pm

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Originally posted on 3/17/04
Credits go to Vaskel and Jake Sjet

Jake looked about the shuttle, looking at each officer and ensign in turn. Each showed their worry in some way, a small infinitesimal way, which boggled the mind. Some breathed slower while other were racing their hearts flat out. Others were cold, calm and collected
They were ready.
Jake reached for the communication panel to hail the Tarmon Ay Warbird.

As Vaskel stood waiting to hear the latest news form the Zealous. The Senator looked up at him,
'I hope your officer knows what he is doing or I will have his head on a plate.' Just then Captain Kaybeck spoke, 'Sir we are receiving a hail from the shuttle.'
'Put it through on audio. This is Senator Leania.”

The comm panel leapt life, blinking it’s lights at him with fiery temper as a little voice filled the shuttle’s cramped interior of the phaser welding assault team. He glanced around for a moment and tapped at the panel, disabling the camera feeds and bubbling a bit of static into the transmission to muffle the team behind him.
“Tarmon Ay Warbird, this is the Federation envoy. I ask permission to dock with your vessel and open a dialoged,” he sighed “one that I hope will lead to a long lasting friendship that we should have let grow before all of this happened.”

'Greetings Federations Envoy you have permission to dock at shuttlebay 14, I am relaying the co-ordinates to you now.'

“Excellent,” Jake smiled as progress was forged and Ti’ana followed the commands to the letter “we will be docked with your vessel in ten minutes.”

The Senator did not respond to Jake, she stood up and walked to a door to the right of the bridge. She turned to Kaybeck 'Take Vaskel back to his cell.' At this the forcefield was disengaged and Vaskel was hauled away. The Senator went into here room. At the far side was a large U shaped glass desk. On hit was a computer console and a thin beam of blue light at the top.
To her left hand side was picture of her husband Syrain. He was very proud of her and she smiled every time she looked at the picture. On the wall was a large picture of Jyrowanda above a shelf that had glass ornaments as gifts form her husband. To the right was a round table, at each end was a large armchair and against the wall parallel to it was a sofa. Behind her desk was a window to space.
She pressed a button on the console, and virtual screen appeared form the long blue beam. It showed the Zealous shuttle, using it to lock onto the pilot she beamed him directly to her office.

The shuttle was filled with glowing blue energies, electricity seemed to swallow Sjet and suddenly he was stranded between here…
…and there.
He looked around the pleasantly decorated room, pictures and ornaments adorned shelf’s. Apart from the Tarmon Ay female sat before him behind a large desk it was almost like the captains ready room.
“Senator Leania I presume?” Sjet’s glowing visages extended a opened hand towards her.

'Yes and Lieutenant Commander Sjet I presume unless are computer cross reference program is malfunctioning. Welcome to the Warbird Boeraux.'

“It is a great honor to stand here onboard a vessel we once consider a hostile alien threat, my presence here is obviously a sign of a possible peace we can forge here today.” He shock her hand, the grip being soft and subtle yet he knew she was not the type to revile her card to early on in the game.
“Wouldn’t you like to be remembered as the Tarmon Ay who stopped a war, saving millions of lives on both sides?”

She pointed to a chair, 'It does shine a good light on us. However if you had not denied our offer we could have been none as the Tarmon Ay who conquered and did not kill at the same time. You have already made us worse whether by killers or by peace negotiating weaklings. What benefits would this have to an already highly advanced empire with links to four other galaxies coated in resources.'

Jake took the chair and looked at the woman before him. While not as tall as he was he knew she had some sort of ploy playing behind her eyes in that devious maze she called a mind.
“If your so well of in resources, why bother with the Federation at all? Why go to the trouble of conquering a people who will only fight to the bitter end, throwing themselves at your ship’s in EVA suits if possible.” He smiled “You’d lose more than gain anything.”

'We would lose very little we are far superior to you lot. The reason being is that the galaxy that borders the Alpha Quadrant is at war with the Tarmon Ay. The over one hundred and fifty planets of the Federation would serve as a great strongholds for us so we could easily advance into their territory. Plus we aim to conquer and dominate so we can have a real grasp on this part of the Universe.'

“Ah but the universe is infinite Senator,” Jake corrected, “there is more than enough space for everyone and anyone who thinks they can rule the whole universe is sadly deluded. I am here to see the Federation not conquered but aliened with the Tarmon Ay Imperium, why have a strong hold when you can have a alliance with it’s own fleets.

There are things about the Universe you cannot even begin to imagine you have no idea on how the politics work. We are part of an organization like the UFP. This galaxy is know as Rjorian and the dominating race is the Tarmon Ay. We are more powerful than the Borg and so are the other alliances we will drive them out and rive you out.
They all want the same you gone so we can get rid of this bigger race. If we ask for their aid they will crack down on you hard, it will be like a man fighting a million person army. You are facing extinction, what do you say to that?

“I say we will fight.” Jake’s voice was no higher in volume, but it’s tone was anger filled “You have come here seeking nothing but blood shed and pain, and you dare call your self’s civilized? Most races have found peace to be more profitable and high in technological riches.” He [laced a clenched fist on the desk’s surface “You are making a grave mistake Leania.”

'Maybe I am, Jake, peace can be profitable so what do you suggest?'

“Two things,” he stood up and walked towards that large glass view port, it’s display of starts glimmering like the eye’s of a on looking crowd baying for blood.
“One you can leave now with your pride and self interest in tact and not spread out amongst the stars. Or..” he swallowed hard, glad the Captain and the crew of the Zealous were not here to bare witness to his madness “Or I can discuses terms for the complete and unconditional surrender of the United Federation of Planets.”

'I somehow doubt a Lieutenant Commander would be able to sway the Federation. Elaborate on your first choice.'

"You'd be surprised milady," Jake looked over his shoulder for a moment and then turned back towards the stars "they 'd do anything for you. With the right motivations people do crazy things, they’d lay down their lives to make sure not a single person was killed in a war, and disarm to avert a war of conquest. They have a strong love affair with self sacrifice."

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