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Federation Fools

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:58 pm

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Originally posted on 3/17/04
Credits go to Vaskel

Vaskel stood and listened to Captain Ja'arda, that was it. There had to be a rescue team hidden somewhere on the shuttle. Vaskel could only think of two ways they could be hidden. Modify the naecelles to emit high levels of harmless plasma that would block the sensor, the Tarmon Ay might of thought it was an inferiority within the engine design or to be locked in a transporter cycle. He waited for the Captain to finish.
Senator Leania gave out a hearty laugh.
'You humans are so interesting and yet so predictable. You would go to every last resort to try for peace even when it puts your crew at great risk. Very well send your officer, there is no gurantee he will come back and if he does it will not be in one piece.' She put on an evil grin then closed the channel.
'For your friend Osswell's sake you better hope your diplomat succeeds.'

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