Intruders and more rings

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Intruders and more rings

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:57 pm

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Originally posted on 3/17/04
Credits go to Joy Robinson

Joy stepped onto the bridge followed by other officers taking their stations now that the ship was at red alert. They had detected the Tarmon Ay ship and suddenly the ship changed course to intercept them. Joy did not think that the Tarmon Ay were about to welcome them with open arms and knew she would need to focus on the task at hand. At that moment from what seemed like nowhere a Tarmon Ay officer appeared on the bridge. A person Joy did not recognise who was standing near to the Captain took the shots meant for her and managed to kill the Tarmon Ay officer with some strange power. However this left the man unconscious and the Captain called for medical assistance.

Joy looked at the Tarmon Ay officer slumped on the floor quite near to her station. There was something odd but Joy could not put her finger on it. That was it. On the officer's finger was a ring very similar to the one being scanned by Markus in the lab now.

"Ensign Robinson to Ensign Stratton" Joy said quietly "I think you better come up the bridge with whatever results you have as it appears we have got another ring to examine"

Ensign Stratton acknowledged and just then a response was recieved from the Tarmon Ay ship.

Joy was suprised to see that Lt Vaskel was stood on the bridge with the Tarmon Ay Senetor. Joy began suripticiously to scan the ship. Beginning with the bridge she noticed that Lt Vaskel although clearly on the bridge was surrounded by a forcefield.

Tag Markus and bridge crew
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