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The Predator

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:49 pm

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Originally posted on 3/14/04
Credits go to Vaskel

Vaskel was lying on his bed, he had hoped that Lt. Aynia had succeeded in her mission to help the rescue team. Suddenly he heard Senator Laenia's voice come over the comm system.
'Mr Vaskel we have reached the Zealous, would you care to come to the bridge?'
'Yes indeed,' Vaskel said immediately without thinking. At that the green transporter energy swirled around Vaskel and he was beamed right onto the bridge. As soon as he had fully materialised a forcefield was erected around him. Vaskel took a quick look around the bridge, Captain Kaybeck was at the tactical station. Like the information room on the top of the console was an orb. Kaybeck pushed a button and blue energy errupted from it and surrounded the tactical station. It provided a tactiacal overview of the Zealous Internal and External with all the systems labelled. Behin him was a hole wall of consoles viewscreens. Senator Leania's chair was in the centre of the bridge and there was a chair for Colonel Huin would sit with his console just like a starship. A few feet infront of her was a large console where the Helmsman and Operations officer sat. Further down was a large viewscreen.
'Hail the Zealous.' Vaskel saw the bridge of the Zealous appear up on the viewscreen.
'Ah Captain Ja'arda what brings you and your little ship to this part of the Quadrant?' She said sitting down in her chair with Vaskel right next to her, she looked up and gave him a smile.

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