Trying to Ascertain...

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Trying to Ascertain...

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:48 pm

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Originally posted on 3/14/04
Credits go to Melissa Richards

Melissa was as shocked and taken off-guard by what happened as everyone else. Perhaps it was because she was so busy trying to focus outward she'd missed the obvious when it came from within.

Still, that didn't explain how the Tarmon Ay intruder got aboard or how he might have avoided detection. She had no answers and at this point could only rely on her Betazed gut feelings.

Her eyes moved to Kyo who was on the ground. Outside of an earlier feeling of arrogance she had sensed and danger from this person, she now felt pain and some sort of loss? Melissa nodded to the Captain.

"I'd be ready for any possible assault from the Tarmon Ay.." she replied softly. "As for
Mr. Kyo, he's hurt and in pain. There's something about him I don't quite understand Captain, maybe medical can figure it out with a deep scan and diagnostic."

Her eyes turned towards space again. "Our crew on the shuttle I...think..are concerned. I don't know why, Ma'am. But, the Tarmon Ay cannot be trusted. It's sad to say but..I don't see any way out of this now but taking down their defenses to rescue our crewmembers. Assuming of course..we can.." her voice trailed off.

It was hard to ascertain what was going on. There were so many distractions...


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