“A Chance Encounter”.

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“A Chance Encounter”.

Postby EnsToQ » Wed May 02, 2007 4:16 am

:wink: Ens. T'oQ walks into Lab number three just in time to see Crystal finishing an experiment. “Still working I see”.

“Not turning away from her work, the ghost-like Crystal pushed long hair from the side of her face to behind her right ear. "Yes, working as always ToQ. How are you?"
“I am well M'Lady, Q'pla! Live long with much honor and die well.
"So what are you up to today ToQ?" She said as she put part of her experiment on a shelf.

Watching Crystal, he said. “Nothing really, Can you use a hand with this experiment?
She sighed softly. Finishing the experiment and starting to clean up the area from it. "I can use the company. I'm starting to wonder if looking like a ghost, but not actually being one. Just a she Q with an aggravating problem is scarring crew away. I brought in a newly hatched worm into sick bay, lay it down and left. Otherwise I haven't had much interaction with others". "I don't mind interacting with you Crystal". He said trying not to look too obvious.

Turning to face him she replied. "Nice to know. Now if I can get more interaction with the crew I'd be happy". Half-teasing. "Not may want interaction with a Q anyway. Doesn’t seem to matter if they have a bad reputation or a.....good...one". It felt strange to her, but she could see a sparkle in the young klingons eyes as he looked at her. She had a klingon mate once before, but this one.... there was something...something different about him.

Moving behind her he could smell her light perfume. Mmmmmm... "That's lovely"...
Giving her one of those extremely intense looks that only Klingons are known for he said. “I've been watching you since I first reported aboard... There is something about you... You... You act like a Klingon.
Taken aback, her eyes widened. "I act like a klingon? What makes you think that?"
In deep thought for a few moments he said. "It is the way you present yourself, the way you move, the way you act... I'm sorry, I can not fully describe it"...
A little perplexed, she replied looking into his eyes. "Uh... alright. I never thought of it that way, but if you say so".

He was ashamed, but... He had these feelings... He didn't know what they were, and he had no control over them either.
"ToQ, do you know what your feelings towards me are telling you?" Crystal smiled.
Feeling embarrassed that he didn't seem to know his own mind he said. "NO. Do you Lady Crystal"? He asked.
"ToQ”, she said softly. “that feeling is love for another.... a woman".
"So... You are saying that... I feel "love" toward you"? Not possible! He exclaimed. "I was always told that when that time came it would be a Klingon woman I would have these feelings for"... His face was beginning to feel flush and he was getting warmer the more he thought about it.
"leS ToQ. Qa' bit jot. (Relax toQ. Don't be nervous, be calm)" She said reassuringly.
"I've been watching you since I first reported aboard M'Lady... Your are... Regal when you walk. You have an air, a confidence that the rest of the crew wishes to emulate. This I think is why they do not interact with you".

Crossing her arms loosely over her chest, she said. "Eh, maybe.. So ToQ, when do you get off duty?"
"I am in fact, off now". He said with a rye smile. "I've been off for over an hour and I got, as the humans say "bored". A smile played across his face as he said. "So I thought I'd check the lab see if some one was running an experiment". The smile was blossoming into an outright grin as he continued. "However, I understand this ship boasts one of the finest arboretums in the quadrant. Would you care to join me, and maybe later we could have a quiet dinner in Ten Forward? Or if you prefer... Some place more... Out of the way. I'm not doing a very good job of concealing my intentions am I M'Lady"? He asked.
"No, you're not. But time is an excellent teacher. Your feelings and intentions will become more defined. Don't worry about stumbling or making mistakes. It's natural. Now here’s a question for you young ToQ. How can you fall in love with someone who's mostly transparent, save for a light smoky white tinge, looks like a ghost, and is trapped in this form and can't become solid? Those in the Q High Council really hit me with one heck of a punishment and I have no idea why I'm being punished. Be careful though, yes, I do still have my powers".
"There is no need for me to be "Careful" M'Lady, for there is a beauty in you that defies and transcends you’re smoky appearance". That extremely intense look that only Klingons are known for began to slowly move across his face as he continued and said. "I can see your smoky fringe and what I see is fairer than fair. I do not worry about your punishment, because I'm convinced that whatever the "Q" Continuum is punishing you for, you will be vindicated of, and you yourself will be allowed to assume your normal form again. Does this work well for you. As it does for me".
"Some things a sure thing ToQ.... you learned flattery awfully fast."
"My words are not simple flattery, designed to get me a night's pleasure"! He said suddenly feeling insulted and spurned. The hotness of his anger came in the form of verbal bile as he spoke the words. How could she just dismiss him like some addle school boy. "They come from my heart, a heart that beats only for you. The heart of a Klingon warrior who would gladly give his life to save yours". Having said these things he turned his back to her, for he was sure he had just blown any chance he had of winning her love in return. He would spend the rest of his life alone, wanting a woman he COULD NOT have.

Her mind was running at warp speed as a kindly yet a little mischievous idea came into her mind. She flattened out her hands, holding them with the thumbs folded down, but the whole side of the hand facing the ceiling (think hand poised for a karate chop) and slowly pushed them through his body and sides. He could feel it as a light tickling. Pushing them out the front, she clasped them lightly in front of his waist. Her head resting sideways against his back.
"BY ALL THE DEAD GODS!!! I CAN FEEL YOU"! He said. I can feel you, and it's wonderful. He couldn't believe the gift she had just given him. "Thank you M'Lady". He said. "For this wonderful gift you've given me. I feel so privileged". "Thank you". He said
Removing her hands from ToQ and turning him around to face her. "ToQ, we have to let the Captain know about this! Though we best be prepared to catch her if she decides to go into a dead faint about it".
"Agreed... Do you think we should notify Sick Bay just in case"? He asked.
"Yeah.. it might be a wise idea. Last thing I really want to do right now is to flush pink in embarrassment... " She laughed softly, only half serious.
"At least she'd be able to see you". He replied.
"Smarty britches....." She smiled, teasing him.
Chuckling at her remark he said. "C'mon, let's go now".
"Lead on.... you klingon tiger you..... " Her smile was getting wider and her eyes sparkled. Looking somewhat as if with their own light.

Coming out of the Lab they went for the nearest Turbo Lift. After getting in he said. "Bridge".
Soon the Turbo Lift was moving and within a few minutes they were on the Bridge. As they exited the Turbo Lift they saw the Captain sitting in her Command Chair.
“Excuse us Captain”, Crystal began, smiling broadly. "but we have something that we wanted to tell you, in private. Do you have a moment?"
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