Dr. Star Laurent, "The First Patient."

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Dr. Star Laurent, "The First Patient."

Postby Star Laurent » Sun May 28, 2006 1:43 am

Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign
USS Zealous
Medical Department


Seeing the female enter Sickbay holding her hand, Star quickly gets up from her review of medical equipment and walks over to her.

"Hello, I am Dr. Laurent. How may I help you?" Star says as she reaches for a medical tricorder.

"Umm, hello, Doctor. I am Samantha Baines," she says with evident pain in her face. "I had a slight accident and...ummm...can you help me?"

Laurent quickly helps Baines to a biobed. "Please have a seat, Ensign. I most certainly can help you."

Ensign Baines sits down on the biobed still holding her hand. "Let me see your hand, Ensign." Samantha allows Dr. Laurent to examine her hand.

"How did this happen?" Star asks noting third degree plasma burns.

"I was working on a torn conduit and I cut the wrong junction. It burst and plasma streamed out of it. Am I going to lose my hand, Doc?" Samantha asked with fear in her voice.

Smiling, Star reassured the Ensign, "No, no, you won't lose your hand. The burns are bad, but I can fix it." Star reaches for a dermal generator and begins working on Baines' hand. Slowly, the burns disappear and new skin is formed.

"Now, let me check for any internal damage to your nerves." Star scans her hand with the medical tricorder and notices some nerve endings that have been damaged. She reaches for a neural stimulator and begins to regenerate the nerve endings.

Seeing Samantha's concerned face, Star reassures her, "Don't worry. You will be as good as new. There, you are all done. How does your hand feel?"

Baines flexes her hand and looks up at Laurent in amazement. "That was painless, Doc. And, it seems as good as new. Thank you."

"Glad to be of assistance. Have you had a physical lately? If I remember correctly, you are due for your annual one," Star inquired.

"Well, I suppose...you want to do a physical now?"

"Right now is as good a time as any other, wouldn't you say?" Star says with a smile. "Now, just lie back down and let me check you out."

Baines lies back a little plaintiff. She watches as the Doctor hooks her up to the biobed for additional readings. After a few minutes, Laurent tells her, "Well, everything seems to be in proper working order. You will be glad to know you are physically fit. Now, that wasn't too bad was it?"

Star helps Samantha sit up as Baines replies, "No, Doc, that was virtually painless, too. I can go now?"

"Yes, you can and try not to burn yourself any more," Star said with chuckling. Star watches as Baines gets up and leaves Sickbay. She thinks to herself, ~One down, and a number of others to go.~
Star Laurent
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