Dr. Star Laurent, "Preparations"

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Dr. Star Laurent, "Preparations"

Postby Star Laurent » Sat May 27, 2006 10:16 pm

Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign
USS Zealous
Medical Department


Star watches Dr. Black leave the Sickbay in preparation for the away mission. She just hopes he has taken her suggestion about the transponders for the away team. Turning around she looks over Sickbay and decides to prep it for any emergency they may face including injured crew.

Laurent's experience aboard the Vulcan ship was not one of crises. There were no injuries aboard that ship. The only serious situation they had to deal with was when the crew succumbed to an unknown virus. That was the only serious situation she had encountered and that was from a virus not from other living beings. She was well aware of how treacherous beings could be toward each other. She had experienced first hand such things while growing up. It always amazed her that her father could be so removed from what he saw. She hoped to be like him when confronting dire situations.

Quickly she gathered various equipment to be at the ready in case injured started coming in. She checked hyposprays for the proper meds for radiation, burns, pain, etc. She then checked the equipment. Star always liked to be as prepared as she could. Next, she took inventory of all the equipment.

Biobed - 6,
Surgical bed - 1
Decompression chamber - 1
Emergency Medical Holographic Program
Stasis Unit

Medical Tricorders, Detronal scanner, electron microscope and resonance scanner, K3 indicator, molecular scanner, neural monitor, neurocortical monitor, phoretic analyzer, psychotricorder, sensor cluster, subdermal bioprobe, autosuture, cellular microsutures, emergency surgical kit, exoscalpel, laser scalpels, sonic separator, tri-laser connector, propoplaser, bioregenerative field, bio-termporal chamber, cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber, dermal regenerator, osteogenic stimulator.

As Star reviews all equipment in sickbay she takes a mental note of how many and locations. She continues, cytoplasmic stimulator, dermal stimulator, genetronic replicator, genotron, physiostimulator, protodynophaser, spray applicator, T-cell stimulator, blood-gas infuser, cardiostimulator, plasma infusion unit, thrombic modulator, vascular adhesive, vascular regenerator, vaso-stimulator, cortical inhibitor, cortical stimulator, delta-wave inducer, hyperencephalogram, intraspinal inhibitor, myelin regenerator, neural caliper, neural interface, neural neutralizer, neural resonator and stimulator, neural transducer, neuralyte probe, neurolytic emitter, neurlytic restraint, somnetic inducer, synaptic stimulator, pulmonary scanner.

Star then reviewed the organ replacement section as well as nanotechnology section.

When she was complete with familiarizing herself with every medical equipment and medications, Star sat down and took one of the medical tricorders and began changing its program to her specifications. ~One can never be to sure what one may face. To be ready is paramount.~
Completing her task, she felt more than ready to be able to handle any emergency that is thrown to her. Just then she looks up and notices a crew member coming in holding her hand.
Star Laurent
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