Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign, "Settling In"

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Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign, "Settling In"

Postby Star Laurent » Sat May 20, 2006 4:53 pm

(Ok, messed up again...this post comes right after the Captain's post, "Medical Questions" and before Star's "First Normal Day of Duty." Egad)

Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign
USS Zealous
Medical Department

Star, after hearing the Captain's response to her question, realizes the Captain's experience may be yet too traumatic for her to discuss with a new crew member. She nodded to the Captain and stepped aside as Lt. Hunter spoke up.

Quietly listening to Lt. Hunter's request about medical staff joining away teams, Star thought back to the Enterprise under Captain Kirk. Many times, Dr. McCoy, Kirk's closest friend, would join them on away missions. His presence most times became valuable when any crew was injured. She did not interject her thoughts in their conversation feeling it would be out of place for her to do so. Perhaps, she would speak to Hunter later concerning her thoughts.

Star quietly stepped away deciding to review records in the medical office available to the staff. She was impressed with the computer system aboard. Yes, the T'Royt had a sophisticated system, but, even their system seemed to have the characteristics of Vulcans. It was impersonal. Star chucked to herself at that thought...personifying a computer system. She thought to herself, ~Perhaps, it is the layout of the screen. It exhumes friendliness.~

Star began to review some of the crew records noting who hadn't received a physical the longest time. One name popped up above the rest, Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott. The next one she noticed was the Chief Tactical/Security Officer, Lieutenant Commander Luke Osswell. If memory served her right, her father often told her the most difficult officer to get into Sickbay for a physical besides the Captain was the Chief Tac/Security officer.

~Well, we shall see,~ Star thought to herself.

"Computer, send a message to Lieutenant Commanders Scott and Osswell." The computer responded in its normal efficient way with a quick chirp.

She begins dictating her message. "Memo to Lieutenant Commander Scott and Lieutenant Commander Osswell. This is Dr. Laurent. Please contact me for you annual physical with a day. I promise you it will be swift and painless. I shall expect to hear from you shortly."

Sitting back she thought to herself, ~Short and sweet. No lead to put pressure on them yet.~ Smiling, she returns to her review of each crew's medical history.

Tag to Scott and Osswell
Star Laurent
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