Dr. Laurent, Ensign, "Taking A Short Rest"

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Dr. Laurent, Ensign, "Taking A Short Rest"

Postby Star Laurent » Sat May 20, 2006 3:13 pm

Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign
USS Zealous
Medical Department


Star rubbed her eyes. Staring at the computer terminal was beginning to wear on her. She realized she had been going for over 16 hours...from when she started reviewing records on the Augonaut until this very moment.

Sitting back in her chair she glanced out into the main section of Sickbay. All was quiet. She noticed the Captain had left. She hoped the Captain would fair well. Stretching she gets up and heads out of the office. Looking at the one nurse on duty, she addresses her. "Nurse Adams. I am going to head to my quarters until my next shift which begins in," she pauses and looks at the time, "6 hours."

Nurse Adams acknowledges the Doctor and says, "I was just going to suggest you go and unpack. You haven't even been to your quarters yet, have you?"

Smiling Star responded, "No, I haven't. And, that is exactly what I am going to do right now. I'll see you later, and nice meeting you."

Star leaves Sickbay as she glances around once more feeling good about this new post. She does not need to ask anyone where her quarters are. She had memorized the ship's layout while traveling on the Augonaut. One thing Star could rely on was her keen memory and sense of knowing where she was. She can thank her father for those traits.

Reaching her quarters she chimed her own door. It opened revealing a pleasant room devoid of any personality...yet. She saw her bags were neatly stacked in the corner. Walking over to them, she picked up one of the bags and walked into the sleeping area. She removed from it a picture of her family, placing it next to her bed, and necessary items for her to settle in for some sleep.

Saying to herself, "This will do for now. Unpacking can come later on after my next duty shift. Computer, awaken me in 5 hours." The computer responds with its normal chirp.

She gets ready for bed, crawls in to it, and quickly falls asleep without a second thought.
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