Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign, "First Day."

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Dr. Star Laurent, Ensign, "First Day."

Postby Star Laurent » Sat May 20, 2006 2:34 pm

(This should have been posted first before the other posts...out of order now)

Ensign Dr. Star Laurent
USS Zealous

First Day

Star had been packed for two weeks when she received her transfer papers from the T'Royt to the USS Zealous. She was so looking forward to her new duties aboard the Zealous that she had nearly forgotten to take her bags with her when the transport vehicle, the Augonaut, came to pick her up. The ship was not very big, but that didn't matter to her. Her quarters on the ship was more like a closet, but that didn't matter to her either. She would spend most of her two week travel time reviewing medical journals and trying to read up on the Zealous.

The Zealous was a war ship..the Prometheus Class. She wondered what she would face on this ship. Their Captain, Captain Zania Ja'arda was an accomplished Captain. One of Star's traits was to learn as much about her assignment and who she would be responsible serving. Reading over Captain's record, Star was impressed. Not only was she accomplished in command, but Star noticed the Captain also had training in Diplomacy, advanced weaponry, advanced piloting, and multi-environmental planetary survival. Reading over her medical history, Laurent was fascinated that she was half Betazed and half Ocampan. A rare mix, indeed. Possible complications, too. Continuing reading Star raised an eyebrow at the abilities the Captain manifests...Ocampan traits. The ability to learn at great speeds due to an eidetic memory...~not a bad thing,~ Star thought. The ability to direct the flow of life energy on the molecular level to the point of creating heat and telekinesis. ~Hmmm,~ Star contemplated remembering a Vulcan she had worked with rare mental traits, ~I wonder how this is effected when she is angry.~ And, finally, the reception of premonitions. ~Second guessing oneself with this one.~ Star was glad she learned the Vulcan mind controls on the T'Royt. She was a private person and did not like anyone trying to enter her mind. She told herself she will have to exercise this ability.

What concerned Star the most was the Captain's learned ability through contact with Hent Tevren...how to kill with the mind. ~This is extremely dangerous. But,~ Star continued to read the Captain's record, ~her record doesn't show any deviations. At least, not recorded.~ Setting down the PADD she was reading, she allowed her mind to wander back to her previous post.

The Vulcan ship, the T'Royt, she was transferring from, was a research vessel and never faced any mission that could be considered dangerous. The only dangerous mission she shared on the T'Royt was a viral infection that effected the crew debilitating them. She chuckled at the memory. The controlled Vulcans who were infected nearly showed emotions at the prospect of their limbs being slowly eaten away by this infection--not killing them, but causing extreme pain. And, it was she, a human, that found the cure. Their own doctors were stymied by this disaease. She discovered the correlation between their blood and the virus. The virus seemed to live and thrive on Vulcans and Romulans not on any other race.

Star stopped her mind wanderings for a moment wondering if the Federation would take her discover and make it a weapon against the Romulans. Germ and viral warfare was a horrific part of the human race. Deep inside of her she questioned if all in the Federation had evolved enough not to employ such tactics. Star had only wished she could have hidden her findings. A deeper appreciation began to form in her mind for her father. He had discovered much in his time of being a surgeon and research doctor, and, she wondered, if he ever had such thoughts about his discoveries.

Sitting back in the uncomfortable chair that was wedged in her quarters, Star glanced around her surroundings. A momentary discomfort, she thought, to a new and, hopefully, exciting career.

Just then the Commander of the Augonaut contacted her. "Dr. Laurent, this is Commander Adams. We will be rendezvousing with the Zealous in about fifteen minutes. Please head to the docking port. We will be docking with the Zealous shortly. Good luck, Dr. Laurent, on your new post."

Star smiled, surprised that she had butterflies in her stomach. She was so looking forward to this transfer and, yet, she was slightly nervous. "Oh, well, nervousness is a good thing. My Dad use to tell me it meant my body and mind was ready for what I would face," she said outloud to no one.

Quickly gathering up her belongs, she took one last glance at her room and with a smile leaving the cramped quarters and headed to the docking port.

Feeling the ship's engines drop to impulse she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like on the much larger vessel. Her desire since she was a very young child was to travel the stars and now, it would seem, she would have that opportunity. She would be able to use her medical skills more than she could even imagine.

"Hello, Doctor," crewman Johnson greeted her. "I hope your stay aboard our little ship was pleasant enough for you." "Oh, yes, crewman, it was. Thank you for all of your hospitality. The crew made it a pleasurable journey."

Johnson smiled at her compliment glancing at her wishing he had more time to get to know the Doctor. After all, she was a very attractive female, and, who knows, maybe...his mind wandered.

As the Augonaut moved into position and was docked against the Zealous, Johnson smiled again and said, "God speed to you, Doctor Laurent. May you find the answers in space that you seek."

Star looked a little surprised at Johnson's comment. ~Answers in space that I seek?~ she thought. ~Wonder why that wording.~

Slightly shrugging to herself, she returned the smile and simply said, "Thank you, crewman. And, thank you again for making me feel so welcome here."

The door slid open for Star to leave the Augonaut and begin her new life aboard the Zealous. An ensign was waiting there for her. "Welcome aboard, Dr. Laurent. We are delighted to have you here. If you would follow me, I will escort you directly to Sickbay. The Captain would like to meet you. Another crewman will deliver your belongings to your quarters."

Star nodded to the ensign and followed him. Entering Sickbay she looked around amazed at what she saw. The Sickbay as pristine look but not as cold feeling as the Vulcan ship was. It looked like it had the top of the line medical consoles and equipment. Yes, she would, indeed, enjoy serving on this ship.

The ensign led her up to the Captain. "Captain, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Star Laurent. Dr. Lauren, this is Captain Ja'arda."

Star turned her face to the Captain with a slight nod ~Yes,~ Star thought to herself having her first impression of the Captain, ~I will be impressed with this Captain.~
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