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PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 5:25 pm
by Mcgeneral
Note from your host team:
This thread is available for all crew members to share their posts within the current storyline on the USS Zealous. In the case that problems surface with the mailstrings, the forums will serve as our primary back-up in order to continue simming.

All crew members are encouraged to contribute to this thread!

By Zania: (OOC: Okay, everyone! Time for a new mission! We're going to jump time by a day, so feel free to backpost to wrap up a few things and have your characters get some rest).


After an exhausting day, Azanialix Ja'arda had sat down for a nice dinner with Alex Ducane. The dinner was again marvelous, with Alex picking out various dishes that complimented each other, yet they were all full of flavor. Then again, it had been her first taste of food ever since that incident.
Following the dinner, she had turned in for the night and got a considerable amount of rest, or at least as best she could. Images from what she had endured flashed within her mind, playing out over and over again, occasionally waking her up from her slumber.
The next morning, when her alarm went off, she was somewhat rested, but those images still plagued her. It would be quite some time before she could manage to put those events out of her mind, and they wouldn't continue to be a walking nightmare.
She pulled over a PADD from the side table next to her bed and reviewed what was on there. The Senator had settled in on the station, and the station was actually delivering several Valkyrie fighters to the Zealous' shuttlebay. Apparently, following the Dominion War, Starfleet had been trying to develop a line of small, maneuverable fighters, similar to what the Jem'Hadar had used. The Zealous
crew was apparently going to be the first to test these new ships.
But, there was no indication of other orders yet, which was pretty unusual. There wasn't even anything from Admiral Granger. The Betazoid got out of bed, proceeded to get dressed, and then made her way up to the Bridge.

Lt. Commander Luke Osswell walked down the corridors of the USS Zealous. He'd just woken up an hour ago and had washed, eaten breakfast and put on a fresh uniform. He wondered if Joy had talked to the Captain yet about her sister. He hoped she had done so... When the turbolift arrived Luke found the Captain there, traveling to the bridge as well. As the doors closed and the turbolift started moving, Luke asked: "Good morning Captain, I hope you've had a good night sleep?'. But before the captain was able to reply, the turbolift's lights started to fluctuate and power momentarily went off line... Thankfully the turbolift made it to the Bridge. When the doors opened it was hectic. Computer glitches everywhere, lights turning on and off. When Luke tried to acces his Tactical Station all he got were ones and zero's... "What's happening?", Luke asked while he made futile attemps to restore order...

Zania sat down in the Command Chair, trying to ascertain what was going on. The ship had been repaired, or at least that was what she had been led to believe. Of course, this could be the work of saboteurs, but she didn't want to alarm the crew just yet if that theory turned out to be true.She reached up and tapped her Combadge. "Captain Ja'arda to Commander Scott, what's going on? We're experiencing massive power fluxuations on the Bridge." There was nothing but silence in response, even after several moments. She tapped her Combadge again, and heard a sound which suggested that the com lines were down.
She got the same result when she tried to contact the station. "Communications are down," she noted aloud. She looked back to Commander Osswell and asked, "What are you getting over there, if anything?"

Luke gestured by putting his hands in the air. "I'm getting lots, but I don't understand any of it. It's all ones and zero's." Luke tried a few buttons again. "If I didn't know better I'd say it's a binary code.. But that doesn't make sense, why should we be getting everything in bynary codes?"

The dark-haired Betazoid thought about it for a moment, and then wondered, "Could there be Bynars working on the station? They do work as a team, and I do recall seeing a report of one instance that took place with the Enterprise-D, where they comandeered the ship to try and save the rest of their people."

"I wouldn't know, but maybe if this is indeed a bynary code, perhaps it can be translated.", Luke said. But the moment he'd said it, he knew it was impossible, since the computers were all mixed up... "Sir", an Ensign said behind him, "Tricorders seem to be working, mine is anyway...". "Great", Luke said while taking the tricorder.
"I'm entering one sequence in the tricorder and attempt to translate. He typed: 01010111 01100001 01110010 01101110 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100001. It took a moment before the tricorder translated: Warning!. He looked at the Captain. "It says 'Warning!'" He didn't understand. Warning? A warning for what? He put in another sequence: 01000001 01101100 01100101 01110010 01110100 00100001: Alert!. Luke looked up at the captain. "It doesn't make any sense at all..."

The Betazoid became concerned upon hearing that. It was almost as if things were starting to go from bad to worse, and they hadn't even left the station yet. Why was this happening to her, or more so to the Zealous and its crew?
She glanced over to Luke and asked, "Is the binary code revealing anything else?"

Luke was just about to say no, when the Red Alert sounded, causing everybody to look up at an invisible foe that wasn't there. The viewscreen flashed on and the following sequence appeared: 01000100 01100001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01110010 00100001. Followed by: 01010011 01110100 01100001 01110010 01100010 01101111 01100001 01110010 01100100 00100001. Luke entered the sequences into his tricorder. Two words appeared: Collision! Starboard!

Then the screen changed showing the stars next to the spacestation. But nothing looked out of the ordinary. Then slowly something came into visual range. It seemed like a small solar probe or a very very small vessel, heading straight for the Zealous.... Luke tried power up the shields, but they were offline. "Can't raise shields! Brace for impact!", Luke shouted. The object came steadily closer.
As it approached, it's contoures revealed it was a small shuttle travelling at high velocity. Luke tried to grab something on which to hold himself. It was on a direct colision course with the Shuttlebay... He prayed no one was up there at the moment. Just as the shuttle was about to collide, it slowed down almost to a halt. Luke couldn't believe his eyes as the shuttlebay doors opened and the shuttlebay doors opened...
Luke looked at the Captain. No words were needed. He immediately turned around and left for the shuttlebay.

When the Turbolift doors opened his combadge sounded. Confused, Luke answered. “Osswell here”, he said while running.
“Commander”, Captain Ja’aarda said, “ship functions and communications came back online when the shuttle docked. Call for extra security. I’ll have the deck sealed off.”
“Understood. Osswell out.”. He then tapped his comnbadge again: “Osswell to Lt. Hunt and Ensign Mann. Report to the Shuttlebay immediately. An unknown vessel has docked with the Zealous.”
“Acknowlegded. We’ll be right there”, came the replies.

After a run that seemed to take forever Luke arrived at the Shuttlebay. Luke grabbed his phaser, and began to walk around the shuttle, examining every inch of it before attempting to do anything further.
The shuttle was extremely small. More like an escape pod of some kind. It didn’t have any familiar markings or features to identify it with though.
Luke rounded the pod again before he stopped in front of what could be an opening hatch. When he reached for the handle the hatch already started to opened. Luke backed away, his phaser ready. When the hatch opened, nothing happened. After a few moments Luke approached the now open hatch once more, and peered inside. What he saw surprised him, the being inside looked human...
It didn’t appear to breathe. Luke scanned it with his tricorder. No lifesigns…

Except that it opened it’s eyes….

Total darkness and silence was all he remembered. The silence was interrupted when the hatch opened. He felt a sensation of warmth when something moved over him. He tried to open his eyes, which wasn’t an easy task. It felt like it was the first time he attempted to open them. A flash of light, that’s all he saw the first second. The brightness of the light made him close his eyes, and when he tried to open them again a few seconds later he saw a figure standing over him.

To say Luke was confused was a bit of an understatement. The tricorder clearly declared this man dead. But here he was, looking the other in the eye…. He didn’t know what to do. The man seemed confused and struggling to gain control over his body….

He tried to move his arm, but it wouldn’t move. So he decided to try to communicate with the man who was leaning over his body. He managed to open his mouth, but no sound was heard.

Luke watched the other opening his mouth, attempting to speak. But even that seemed to hard a task for him. He holstered his phaser, the man clearly wasn’t a threat. He was hurt, or at least incapacitated. Luke got hold his arms and started to pull him out of the pod. The poor individual just slumped to the floor. “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright.” He said gently. Not knowing what else to say, he was too confused to call for Sickbay…

To his surprise he clearly understood the words of this man. He tried to respond, but his voice was still faint. “Who, what”, were the words that came out of his mouth. The man didn’t seem to understand the words so he repeated them. The words came out more clearly this time. It seemed his voice was getting better with the passing of time.

“I’m Lieutenant Commander Luke Osswell. You’re on the Federation Starship the USS Zealous.” Luke answered slowly, trying to articulate clearly. “Do you know who you are?”

He understood what the man said. But his gentle tone of voice wasn’t enough to calm down the thoughts he had. You see, he didn’t even realise he didn’t know who he was. The words of the man came as a shock. All kind of things went through his mind. He looked around the room but didn’t recognize anything. After a minute or so, he said: “no”.

Luke watched the man lying on the ground before him trying to remember. He was lost, that was obvious. When he finally replied his voice sounded desperate. “What is the last thing you remember?”, Luke asked quietly.

He started looking for any memories in his mind. But it was like someone cleaned things up in there. No memories to be found. “Nothing”, the man replied. He noticed he regained some strength in his body. The man tried to sit upright. When he finally managed to get into this position he replied again: “I can’t remember anything”.

Luke was surprised at how fast the young man was regaining control of his body. It made him curious as to what had happened to him. “We’ll get you to Sickbay, there we’ll try to find out why you can’t remember anything okay?”.

The words of the man seemed to calm him down. He was still concerned about what happened, but the restoration of strength in his body gave him a bit of hope his memory would return eventually too. He looked at the man again, and said: “Luke, was it? Thank you”.

Luke smiled. “No problem. It’s a good sign you remember my name.”, There was a sound as the shuttlebay doors opened and Lt. Hunt and Ensign Mann rushed in. “At ease gentlemen”, Luke told them. This man is confused and harmless. You two investigate the pod while I take him to Sickbay.”
He then turned to the young man again and tapped his combadge, “Osswell to Bridge. There was one individual in the pod, he appears to suffer from severe memory loss. I am taking him to Sickbay. Lt. Hunt and Ensign Mann are investigating the pod.”

“Understood, Commander”, came the reply of the Captain.

Moments later Luke and the lost one were transported to Sickbay… While back in the Shuttlebay, the pod disappeared in a bright white flash, leaving two stunned Officers staring….

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??The Lost One??

Please all welcome this loner, as he is now a member of this great sim!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 1:04 pm
by Jake Sjet
He smiled, looking down at her quiet still form for a moment, not wanting to let the moment evaporate. But all good things must always end, its one of the many rules the galaxy set down when it decided to piddle in the primordial muck that would make life. That and the rule about irony sneaking up and biting you in the rump, were the corner stones in the physic’s Jake Sjet subscribed to.

Which was few he concerned him in the medical fields, and the fields of science that made his continued existence possible. ‘He’ was a bit of stretch, not to say he wasn’t pleased to be of the male gender, it was just a little odd to call a swarm of nano machines shaped in a human form anything other than ‘it’.

Maybe ‘They’ was a better word, but in the end humans were like that. They were just swarms of particles, swarms of organs that decided to cut out the middle man and call it’s self a ‘Me’ instead of an ‘We’. He smiled, brushing a lock of Ti’ana’s hair from her brow.

Her eye’s twitched and rolled beneath their lids, her mind hopefully full of happier dreams than the nightmares he had often fallen into. Dreams and memories of a past that wasn’t his own, but he felt connected to them all the same. As his hand retracted from her brow, he turned the palm over.
The first sign.

The skin on the back of that hand was one of many such patches that were beginning to show the some what terminal nature of his condition. Not terminal, but slowly and surely at the end there wouldn’t be a shred of this version of Jake Sjet left. The skin was beginning to segment, to form large diamond shaped scales with a silver metallic trim.

Not a decorative trim, just where the nano cells were hard at work turning the soup of atoms and molecules into something that was encoded into the memory waver of each of the atom sized machines. And apparently, that ‘thing’ they were making, had more in common with a velociraptor than anything else.

But the change, in all its wonder and complexity, would take time to complete. Years maybe, possibly months if something drastic happened, but he doubted he would care by the end. He just wished he had the courage to tell Ti’ana all he knew…

He just wished…

Standing, he walked over to the window and let the sapphire glow of his body, the result of heat sinks built into the flesh to keep the nanties toasty inside, washed over the walls of Ti’ana’s quarters like moon light on water. He needed to do something, to think of something to do to keep him occupied and perhaps even progress to finding a cure.
And if not that, a way to slow it down.

Zania didn’t know this, but he feared the same thing would happen to her, a slow metamorphosis from one thing to the next, and then what? Would the cycle begin anew, a biological body turning into a swarm of nano machines and then back into a biological form of a different race?
He sighed slightly, seeing the chronometer on the wall.

“She’ll be awake soon.” He said softly, turning to look back at her form, wondering if making her breakfast would be too little for the gift she’d given him last night in the mess hall.
No, he thought, breakfast would be just fine. And with that, he left his emotional baggage by the window and went to the small kitchenette in her quarters. By that he meant a small cubicle and a replicator. He could replicate the ingredients and perhaps even use nano tech to make it, but that was both dangerous and sounded like something from science fiction.

Then again he lived on a space ship so, what was science fiction these days?

He smiled, taking the collection of eggs and other food items. After a while, with the small pan sizzling happily to itself and the scent of cooking in the air, Jake began to sing ever so softly. A happily little melody from Mars his home world, of course it was sung in Russian, it had to be as some of the first Martian colonists had been Russian.

It was called From an Island into the Deep Stream; it was something his father had sung him as a child to help him sleep. Half way through the last verse his voice cracked slightly, failing to pronounce the Russian words correctly.

“Don’t tell anyone,” he told the scrambled Andorian eggs in a whisper, not wanting to wake her up “but I miss him. Even more so I know he’s alive.”

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 1:50 pm
by trikejacob
Jake Spade woke up after a surprisingly restfull night. He hadn't had such a night in a long time and it felt so refreshing. Looking at the chronometer he saw that it would still be a while, at least a couple of hours, before he would have to be back for duty. So he just laid there in his bed taking his time waking up fully. He thought about his parents and family, and just how far he come in Starfleet in such a reletively short amount of time. A sonic shower would probably make me feel even better he thought.

It was while he was in the shower that the red-alert klaxons sounded. The loud blaring of the klaxons shocked him so much that he was momentarily unsure of what was happening. 'Wait! What's going on?!' he thought, 'We shouldn't even be away from the station yet!' He quickly got out of the shower and went to put on his uniform. But just after he stepped out of the shower, the alarms died just as quickly as they had began. Apparently it was a false alarm of some sort. 'Good,' he thought, 'that almost ruined my day.'

After putting on his golden Operations uniform, he noticed how hungry he was. A short breakfast would be all right. So he headed out of his quarters toward the officer's lounge. After a quick breakfast he would go up to the bridge and help out if needed.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:23 pm
by Mcgeneral

Luke heard Hunter's suggestion to put the unknown man on the biobed, so he did so. "Don't worry, the Doctor is coming in a moment to find out why you can't remember anything", Luke said quietly to the other.

“Ok. I hope he can find a way to help me remember”, said the stranger with a depressed tone in his voice. “Do you know what happened to me? How I came on board of this ship?”, the man asked.

Luke thought for a while, was it wise to tell him? It might make him even more confused, then again, it might help him remember... "It was strange... I was in the turbolift when the power started to fluctuate...", Luke said and told all that had happened up untill the point that the man had woken up.

“That, doesn’t really make any sense. Why would your ship be affected by my arrival?”, he asked Luke. The man was quiet for a moment while he tried to remember how he got into that vessel. But the first memory he could think of, was the moment he felt Luke standing over his lifeless body. “Do you think someone put me in the vessel you found me in?, the man asked.

"I don't know", Luke answered. "It is a possibility...", Luke was silent for a while. "Are you sure you don't remember anything? A memory, a thought... perhaps a feeling?"

Again, the man searched his memory. The result was the same, still nothing. “Nothing, my memories go back to the minute I woke up and beyond that… nothing“, the man said. The man looked around, looking for something he recognised. He saw a few biobeds, a plant, some PADDS to his left. To his right, he saw some more beds, and a few medical supplies on a table. He was hoping for a flashback or something, but none of the objects in the room where familiar. He turned back to Luke and said: “Nothing, nothing in this room seems familiar”. He looked at the medical equipment and saw there was a mirror on the table too. He realised he didn’t even remember how he looked, so he moved the scanner that was on top of the mirror, and picked up the mirror. He hesitated. What if he didn’t recognise his face? He looked at Luke with a scared face. He hold the mirror up and looked in it from a few different angles. “Nothing”, he said in a tone of voice that could be described as the tone of a man that was scared but didn’t want to admit that he was.

Luke sighed. He was running out of options..."What about knowledge? Do you know about mathmetics, physics or anything? Have you heard of the Federation, the Dominion, the Q, the Klingon Empire? Do you know what humans are?".

“Well, I seem to know things. Those names, Federation and Dominion sound familiar. I know that Klingons and Humans are races. I know u are human. I just didn’t know I was…”, the man answered. The man thought about all the things Luke mentioned. He did recognise all of them. He know what math was, and that there where different races. Suddenly, he saw a bright flash, which took him by surprise. The man fell from the biobed, knocking over the table with medical equipment. “What was that?”, the man yelled.

Luke jumped when the man suddenly fell from the biobed without any appearant reason. "Nothing... You closed your eyes for a moment just before you fell from the bed... Did something happen? Did you see anything?", Luke asked concerned.

“I don’t know. One moment I’m thinking about the things u said. The next thing I know I’m seeing a bright light.”, he replied. “Didn’t you see that!!”, he yelled.

"No...", Luke said, trying to calm him down. "Here, I'll help you get back on the biobed".

He was confused. What just happened? Did he imagine the light? Or was it a memory of some sort? “Thanks”, the man said when Luke helped him on the biobed. His hand was bleeding. He seemed to have cut it on the edge of the table he knocked over. “My hand”, he said.

"Easy now", Luke said, while looking around for the doctor. Fortunately he arrived. "What happened here?", the Vulcan doctor asked. "I don't know how to begin.", Luke said, "He arrived in a pod and can't remember anything. Just a few moments ago he said he saw a bright white flash, that's why he fell out of bed and cut his hand. But here's the real strange thing. The tricorder said he was dead when he arrived...".

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??The Lost One??

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:54 pm
by Lucasausems
Somewhere amid the stars....

It glided through space. An ancient thing. It knew its place. It knew where it had to go and why it had to go there. The why was simple. It needed to live. His destination would give him that. The problem however was the where. It was a long time since he'd last visited the place. It was also the last time since he'd seen them. His saviours.

How long had it been? Decades? Decennia? It honoustly did not know. It had a lot to tell. A lot to share. Many things had happened on his journey's. Things of importance and interest. Yes, he looked forward to seeing them all again. To be among those whom he cared for.

It increased it speed.
Time was not an issue.
But he couldn't resist the temptation.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:02 pm
by H M Murdock
OOC: Since the Captain had us jump forward in time, this is a backpost to try and get both of us up to speed.

Murdock nodded to Ken, who wanted to see some of the areas involving propulsion and sensors. Well, the best spot for that was perhaps engineering. Hopefully, now that the repairs were pretty well done from the last time, things would have settled down enough to where it might be safe again to go in there without having a bunch of crew members scrambling all over the place to get stuff fixed.

"Okay, lets head to engineering then. Tomorrow, we'll get you going on a shift on the bridge. Once the senator leaves and we're cleared to leave the starbase, that'll be when the real fun begins," Murdock grinned.

He led Ken to engineering, where they bumped into Jarrold and they both showed him around.

The next day, after getting a lot of rest the night before, Murdock walked onto the bridge and found that Ken was already there. "Hey, looks like you beat me! Wanna take the helm? It'll give you some experience, even though we're still docked."

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:37 pm
by blake
Blake= Blue Luke=Brown Ja'arda=Black Aurius= purple *even though you can't see the color here

Blake was already back where the main sickbay was at and staring hard at Cmdr. Luke he spoke "why are there medical instruments strewn all over the floor Commander" he said while taking out a tricorder and examining the new patient on the bio-bed closely holding the tricorder he had to practically hold it close to his eyes before, he finally understood what was going on "nice holographic image. Cmdr" he said again judging from the tricorder (which appeared to be broken) this man was dead

Luke raised an eyebrow. "That can't be right. The tricorder first said he was dead, but then suddenly he was showing life-signs. Like he was raised from the dead... You're saying you can't get any readings now?"

"yes Cmdr. that is exactly what I was saying unless this" he said jabbing the man with a hypo "is actually alive" he said noticing that it didn't blur out like a normal hologram

"Doctor, as far as I know I'm alive, and always have been. I don't know how this is possible but I assure you, I feel pretty much alive", the man said to the doctor, who seemed a bit surprised this reply.

indeed Blake was very surprised "and you don't remember anything" he said asking him "not even your name, or what today's star date is" he said

nothing", the unknown man said. "Nothing at all"

Luke thought this was getting stranger by the second. "Perhaps we should call the Captain?", he asked the doctor

"yes perhaps that would be advisable" he said "shall you call her or shall I" he said getting ready to tap his comm-badge

"Go ahead", Luke said.

"as you wish, and we really must get a name from him" he said pointing to the man on the bio-bed and tapping his badge +Captain+ Ma'am can you come down to sickbay for a moment please, it concerns our new arrival" he said waiting
for a response

Captain Ja'arda heard the call over the communications channel on the Bridge. She raised an eyebrow, somewhat inquisitive as to what was going on.

She hadn't been informed of a new arrival. Then again, they had nearly had some unknown object hit the Zealous.

Azanialix reached up and tapped her comm-badge. She was tempted to reply with a bit of sarcasm, as Lieutenant Hunter was the one who had ordered her to light duty, and being summoned to Sickbay could violate that order, depending on his definition of what did and did not define light duty.

"I'm on my way. Ja'arda out," she replied, tapping her Comm-badge once more to close the channel.

Luke was glad the captain was coming to Sickbay, perhaps she would find out more. But what would there be to find out about?? He honestly didn't know. Lt. Hunter did had a point though. "I agree with the Doctor, you should have a name."

"And how do we figure out my name?" the man asked. "I don't recall anything, including my name. Should I make up a new name?".

"Hmm...", Luke thought for a moment. "I read this book once about the ancient Roman Empire. The lead character was Marcus Aurelius. It was a brave and honorable man. What do you think?"

The man did like the sound of that. But to be named after a fictional character, that could be confusing. Maybe he should alter the name. Marcus could become Marc. And Aurelius could be, Aura. No that sounds weird. Aurora maybe. No, that's not it either. Aurius! Yes, perfect.
Marc Aurius. "Can we change it to Marc Aurius? Marcus Aurelius kind of sounds ancient.", the man said with a big smile on his face.

The Betazoid walked into Sickbay and looked around. Commander Osswell and Lieutenant Hunter were standing near a biobed, upon which sat an unknown individual. She walked over to the group and turned to ask Luke, "I take it this is our guest?"

The Betazoid smiled at their visitor. She extended a hand and told him, "Welcome aboard the Zealous, Marc. I hope you'll find your stay a pleasant one."

"thank you miss", Marc said. "Are you the captain of this ship? Because i would like to know what happened." Marc asked.

Zania nodded, her dark hair flowing around her shoulders. "Yes, I'm Captain Azanialix Ja'arda, commanding officer of this vessel. You were in some kind of a pod that had almost collided with the Zealous. We recovered it, and apparently you were inside." She looked to Hunter and asked, "What's his current medical condition. Is he cleared to where he could be given guest quarters?"

"his current medical condition, reads..." he said looking at the bed scanners "they read the norm... other then his loss of memory captain... I think that it would be safe to clear him into quarters, after I have cleaned up his injuries" he said pointing to the hand which was bleeding a bit

Azanialix nodded. "Very well." She then turned to Luke and asked him, "What is your impression of this situation?"

"Well, he remembers nothing from his own life, nothing about how he got aboard the pod, nothing about who he is. However, he seems to know a great deal about the galaxy and science. I think something, or someone wiped his memory. Further tests might clear that up. But I think Marc here is under enough stress now as it is. It might be best to let him rest for now. The tests can be done later."

"Agreed," Zania noted. "I'm sure he has been through a lot, and probably could do with some rest."For now, she turned to Marc and told him, "Once again, welcome aboard the Zealous. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll also see if our Chief Counselor can check on you, to make sure that you're settling. Would that be okay with you?"

"Yes, offcourse. Thank you all very much for helping me", Marc replied.

"I'll see him to his quarters", Luke offered

"ok, lead the way Luke. Good bye Captain. And i bet i'll be seeing you soon doc, for the tests", Marc said.

"Indeed we shall" he said heading back to the office


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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:40 pm
by blake

Blake was in sickbay once again... he still couldn't figure out how the previous patient that came in there didn't remember who or where he was. Finally having some time of his own. Blake decided that it was already once again time for the crews 3 month physical. So he decided to start out with the new people that had just come onboard

"computer, access medical files, clearance level 3 Hunter Ceta Alpha 5589" with a small chirp the computer brought up the medical files of all the new recruits "ah there we go" +ToQ+ Mr. ToQ, can you come to the sickbay, it is time for you physical and you are a new member to this ship so it is vital that you come" said Blake through comm system

Hearing his Comm badge chirp, he said. "Aye sir, I'm on my way". And headed for the nearest Turbo Lift. With in ten minutes he was standing in the doorway to Sick Bay. "Hello"... He said.

"I shall be right with you" said Blake from the office "If you could just take a seat on the bio-bed I shall be with you momentarily" he said grabbing a med-kit from the office before heading out

Walking over to the nearest biobed he sat down. He wondered what the good Doctor had in mind. Star*Fleet Physicals always made him nervous. Seeing the Doctor heading his way he said. Q'pla Doctor! Looking at the Med Kit that the Doctor had in his hand he gave him one of those intense looks that Klingons are famous for and asked, "Will this take long Doctor"?

Blake just looked up from the PADD he was holding at the mention of 'Q'pla ~oh dear, a klingon~ he thought raising his hands in the usual Vulcan manner and saying "Q'pla" back to him. Then when he was asked the question of about the length of the physical he said "well Ensign, it will take as long as it needs to be" he said simply

"I see"... He said. "The reason I'm asking Doctor is that I'm trying to find CDR. Robinson, so that I may report in for duty to her".

"Ah, science... no doubt" he said simply taking out the scanner and beginning the physical

"Aye sir"... He replied. "I am T'oQ, Ensign T'oQ, Assistant Science Officer".

"Blake Hunter, Lieutenant Junior Grade assistant Medical officer" he said putting down the scanner and taking out a PADD "so Mister T'oQ, any symptoms that you may have been experiencing lately, nausea, nervousness... and the likes" he said

"No sir". He replied again. "No nausea, and Klingons don't get nervous... Sir".

"any chronic illness or medical surgeries with in the last month" he said

No sir. Not at all. In fact the last surgery I had was a appendectomy during the year of Matlak.

Blake just nodded "any thing that is not listed on your medical file that I should know about" said Blake continuing on with the questions

No sir... Not that I can think of.

: Oh... I almost forgot to tell you. I have never had the GloK TagH. That's the Klingon version of the Measles.

"hmm, well it sure is a good thing every one here on the zealous has already had the measles then" he said then he continued "well it seems that this concludes our physical ensign, if you need to speak to someone, or need counseling please don't hesitate to ask either myself or 2nd class Lt. Yunisca, who is the new chief of Counseling no doubt she will be able to help you out in some way" he said "you are free to go"

No, I was waiting for "tag" as I didn't want to interrupt.

"hmm, well it sure is a good thing every one here on the zealous has already had the measles then" he said then he continued "well it seems that this concludes our phsyical ensign, if you need to speak to someone, or need counseling please don't hesitate to ask either myself or 2nd class Lt. Yunisca, who is the new chief of Counseling no doubt she will be able to help you out in some way" he said "you are free to go" he said

Thank you sir. As Ens. T'oQ began to exit Sick Bay. He asked the Doctor. "Sir, how long have you been aboard the USS Zealous sir"?

"about six months ensign" "may I ask why you ask" he said

"And you've enjoyed your time here sir, found it rewarding"?

Blake his eyes forming into a frown said "yes ensign, and I can't wait untill the next mission begans" he said

"Aye sir, just trying to get a feel for my new home".

"hmm, you should try the loung Ensign, most of the crew members assemble there daily during their free times "perhaps you should check it out" he said

"Aye sir, just trying to get a feel for my new home".

Turning back to the main sickbay he went back into the office, ~and where is the CMO~ he thought

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 10:37 am
by Robinson
OOC: Sorry T'oQ I had intended on responding to your tag sooner but been having e-mail problems. They are all sorted out now though. Joy is now on the Bridge looking forward to meeting you properly.


Joy was pleased she had spoken to the Captain and at least told her of Melissa's presence on the Zealous. It was still unclear what was to happen next but Joy was relieved to have got the situation out into the open. Embarassing though it was.

Joy headed back to her quaters. She sat down at her desk and took a deep breath before making what was to be a difficult call to home.

She waited for a few moments while communication with her family home was established. Then her mother's face appeared on her monitor.

"Hello Joy" she said "How are you"

Joy smiled "I'm fine mum" She said. "I have some important news"

Joy's mum looked confused. "What is it Joy" She asked.

"It's Melissa, I've found her"

Joy's mum burst into tears. She turned around as Joy's father came over to her. She fell into his arms sobbing.

"What is it" He asked Joy "I've found Melissa dad she's alive and is on the Zealous"

The relief on her father's face was incredible Melissa had been missing presumed dead.

"Dad she was found on a True Federation base. I can't go into too much detail at the moment but she is in trouble. I'm trying to do what I can for her but I just don't know. She just does not seem the Melissa you know anymore"

Joy's dad looked shocked.

"Are you sure there is no other explanation for her being there"

"I wish there was dad but there isn't"

"Well i'm glad it was you who found her" He said.

Joy was not so sure she was glad. The way things were between her and Melissa before and since Joy found her.

Before Joy could say anything else the lights flickered and her console started to flicker.

"I had better go dad something is going on. Don't worry I will contact you again soon"

Joy ended the transmission and left her quarters.

The lighting was still flickering. Joy tried to access a wall computer terminal but just got some sort of binary code. She headed for the nearest turbolift just as things settled down again.

Joy headed straight up to the bridge to find out what was going on.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 3:21 pm
by Ben_Kuehn
The next day, after getting a lot of rest the night before,
Murdock walked onto the bridge and found that Ken was already there.
"Hey, looks like you beat me! Wanna take the helm? It'll give you
some experience, even though we're still docked."

"Yeah, I'd like to have a look at it... those simulations and trainer/fighters were cool, but of course they didn't let us fly the capital ships at the Academy." Ken replied and prowled forward. He hoped it would be another feeling to be in charge of Helm REALLY than in a holodeck training soon as he took place, he felt it. A rush ran through his torso, a buzzing feeling, a bit like when you become enraged, but much more positive... he sat in front of a CONN console and simply knew he was able to fly this gigantic vessel.

"Wow... feels awesome." Ken blurted out, not really wanting to express his feelings in front of his superior.

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by Lucasausems
After Luke had shown the new arrival, Marc Aurius, his quarters, he decided to eat something in the lounge. It was way after his lunchtime. He wondered how Lt. Hunt and Ensign Mann were doing on the research of the pod, but he decided that he would inquire when he had finished lunch. A few minutes later he arrived in the messhall.

In one of the large chairs of the lounge, the oens reserved for those who wished to sit and drink their confections with a good view, was Jake. To say he was sat in them, would be an error, for he wasn't really. He was sat upside down, his long legs lounging over the top of the chair whilst he let his head see the world on it's head. Dressed in his usual causual fair of a loud Risaian shirt and jeans, he looked to be on vacation.
His drink, a dark almost toxic seeming coffee, had a small umbrella in it.

Once in the messhall Luke walked over to the replicator and ordered a croquet sandwhich with mustard, a popular Dutch snack which tasted quite well. Just don't mind the calories.. He ordered a coca cola with it. He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt an appetite for fastfood and the popular 20th century drink. Alas that it was replicated, the real stuff tasted so much better. He sipped his coke and took a bite out of his sandwhich. That's when he saw Jake, sitting... Well, sort off. "Problems in paradise?", Luke asked with a grin while he sat himself in one of the large chairs.

"Huh?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the view afforded to him by the large windows "You muttering something?"

"Enjoying the view, I presume?", Luke said while following Sjet's gaze. Outside you looked at the giant spacestation, while a little of to the right space stretched out almost endlessly, only to be blocked from view by a small moon on which a biosphere was located. It was indeed something worth to look at.

"Just trying to waste time until..." he sighed, shrugged and rolled forward onto his feet in a fluid movement "You know what? There's nothing to do for a civilian here ya know?"

Luke was captivated by the small individuals inside the spacestation moving passed its broad windows. "At least you are free to visit the station and explore it." He paused. Funny that Jake should bring this up. He had never quite understood why he had left Starfleet..."Why have you resigned, Jake?", he asked quietly.

"To be honest, because of what I am. I was, at the time, the last of a dead breed...a Nano augment, the prize for any number of research groups. A slew of weapon's plans, engine name it their tucked away within the coded memories of the nano machines. I wanted out before Starfleet made me vanish like a ghost." he shrugged "Now...well now there to many of us, people are I just want to fight for my right to be here..."
e grumbled and sat down heavily.
"Free choice..." he sighed, and then a moment later "So why are we here again? Scuttlebutt says we're picking up some new shuttles?"

The abrupt change of subject didn't go unnoticed by Luke. It disappointed him that Jake didn't want to talk about it more. He was an enigma to many people. Luke would be lying if he said that he wasn't one of them. At least Jake had Ti'ana. So he wasn't entirely alone. And perhaps that Jake would consider Luke as a good friend someday, too. "That is the rumour going around at the moment. The Zealous has had a tough time this year, it feels good to go on a simple routine mission once. I've been in enough battles for a while", he paused, "We all have...".

"We fight no more, forever no longer." he said softly, nodding slowly, rubbing his head slightly "An old sayying from..."
He shook his head agian, sitting to sip from his coffee again. It was a sayying from a place long forgotten, a place long since losts to the sand of time. Place called Iconia, and a place part of him called home. A place that was beginning to take away his home of Mars.
"You know...I've always wanted to fly..."

"Earth", Luke said, "An old saying from Earth after World War I. Little did we know back then that we had to face two more...". As Luke thought about it he wondered how many times humanity had stood upon the brink of self-destruction. WW I set the roots for WW II, and then the Cold War... A century of the devil... "Our helm department is small, I'm sure that if you ask the Captain she'll make you one of the test pilots?".

"I might well ask about a seat on the test pilot gig." he shrugged "Something to do I guess."

Luke smiled, glad that Jake wanted to do this. "Very well", Luke said as he finished his coke. "I have to go now, lunchbreak's over. Glad to have talked to you". He stood up and gave Jake a few pats on the shoulder. He turned and went back to the Bridge.

"Later days." Jake muttered, turning to see his friend off. Yes, he thought, it would be nice to do something with my time. Until the tide begins to head out, and by then, who knows...

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by TaylorMase
Jarrold sat in his new office, looking over a stack of padds. He had been here for hours, organizing things, going over files and creating maintenance schedules. There were a few things that concerned him and he felt needed to be looked over. Of course that could wait until he had gotten to know his team. To be effective at his new post he would need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the people under his command. The thing was that he had worked on the ship with them for a while now but had never really spent time with them. He had a short time to do it.

Then there were his own personal projects that he wanted to attend to. Being moved from science to engineering would mean that he had less access to the materials that he needed to carry out his experiments with the crystals. Then again it would be easier for him to get ahold of some of the other equipment. He would have to find a balance. For now though his top priority was getting the ship in peak form.

One by one he went over the personnel files of the engineering staff, learning what he could about each of them, well what he could from static data on a padd. There was also the living element that he needed to take into account when working with the other engineers. Personally he couldn't wait to get to work.

After scheduling a team wide meeting at 0900 hours set about looking at the ships repair and maintenance logs. From just the glance that he had taken there were things that concerned him. Mainly some shortcuts that had been taken in a hurry to get things done. Now it was time to do things properly, even if that meant taking the ship back to spec and then starting over from scratch. He just hoped that he they wouldn't have to go that far.

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by Mcgeneral
After Luke left him, Marc sat down on his bed. He was feeling better than he did before entering sickbay, at least physically. His mind was racing ever since he saw that light, or didn’t he see the light. Did he just imagine it? He lay down on the bed. Maybe it was better to let it rest, for now. This had been a weird day, to say the least. Waking up on a star ship with no memories at all, is not what he would call normal. At least, he thought it was not normal, after all, he had nothing to compare it with. Marc wondered what he could do now. Luke had explained how the gadgets in the room worked, but he couldn’t really find a reason why he should use them. While he was lying on his bed, he felt his eyelids getting heavier by the second. Before he could ask himself what was happening, he passed out.

A few hours later, Marc regained consciousness. He felt empty and weak. It was weird, most functions of his body were familiar to him. He knew how to move, how to talk and how to think. But he couldn’t place this feeling. Maybe he should ask some advice from the doctor. He looked at the ceiling. “Computer, where is the doctor?” he said out loud. “Specify the person you are looking for”, the computer replied. What was his name again? “Computer, who works in the sickbay?”, Marc asked. “The Chief Medical Officer is Commander Alex Ducane. Lieutenant Junior Grade Blake Hunter is currently assigned to sickbay”, the female computer voice replied. Marc moved to the communication-panel and used it in the way Luke had shown him before. The computer gave a brief sound to indicate a com-channel had been opened. “Marc Aurius to Blake Hunter. Doctor, I’m not feeling well. Can you please come to my quarters?”

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 8:31 pm
by Mcgeneral

“Enter”, Marc replied when he heard the chime.

Blake enters the room and heads towards Marc, taking out a scanner as he does so "well what seems to be problem Mr. Aurius?" asks even though he sees the answer on the scans

“I don’t know doctor. I’m feeling weird. And a few hours ago, I passed out”, Marc replied.

"more like you fell asleep, and it could also be for lack of food" takes out a hypo spray, and injects him with liquid food. then he turns around and spots a replicator "has commander Oswell shown you how to use a replicator" he asked.

“Well, Luke told me that I could order anything I wanted by just asking the computer. He also said this machine would provide it.”, Marc replied. He was feeling better now. The empty feeling wasn’t there any more. “I don’t understand, I fell asleep? I know what sleep is, and also what food is but I didn’t know I needed it”, Marc said with a puzzling face.

Blake tried to laugh but couldn't due to his vulcan side "yes you require food approximatly every 4-6 hours, depending on ones metablalism. He walks over to the replicator and replicates some food for Marc to eat "eat up... you are going to need your strength" he said handing him the first plate of food.

“Thank you. I’m sorry to have bothered you doctor. I don’t know what it is. I know everything, but it seems I don’t have any experience with these things. It almost seems like I’ve never eaten anything before. How can that be?”, Marc asked. Marc put a piece of meat in his mouth, and tried to swallow it whole. The meat got stuck in his throat. He started coughing to try to clear his throat.

Blake realizes that he is choking on a piece of meat ~always meat~ he thought acting quickly he performed the hiemalch manuver "guess you forgot to chew correctly" he said.

“Chew?”, Marc said.

"yes chew..." he said as he grabs a piece of lettuce and puts it in his mouth making chewing motions "like this"

“I know what chewing is, but it seems I just didn’t know I needed to do it now.”, Marc said.

hmm" he said picking up his scanner "ah, I see the problem... your neuro-pathways... they must have been somehow affected when you landed inside our shuttle bay" he said "I might need to operate but, it can be fixed" he said "however... there is a slight problem with this procedure..." he said waiting until Marc could process the information, given.

“Are you sure an operation is necessary? Maybe its just a matter of time. I mean, my body recovered as time passed.”, Marc said. He grabbed another peace of meat. He put it in his mouth, and started chewing. “It seems I can chew”, he said while he was chewing the piece of meat.

"yes only after you are thought to... very well then I can''t force you to undergo an operation... you will just have to learn everything from scratch I will speak to the captain about setting up some classes to re-teach you all that you can't remember" he said

“Thank you doctor. And I apologise again for disturbing you”, Marc said with a expression of relief on his face. He couldn’t explain it, the thought of an operation made him feel, awkward. As if that would make it worse. No, no surgery if it can be avoided. “Do you have some suggestions concerning the food? I don’t know what is good.” Marc said with a smile on his face.

"well, I think perhaps we should start you off on liquified drinks, and foods" he said grabbing a PADD and downloading a lot of information containing all the information he had on liquified drinks "there are some Vulcan drinks in there... I don't much like meat... hope you don't mind if they come up to be to veggie style" he said.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. Again, thank you for your help mister Hunter”, Marc said.

"no problem Mr. Aurius, very well if nothing more, I shall be in sickbay... contact me if you need further assistance" he said going to the door.

“Wait a second doctor. I was wondering when u where going to start your tests.”, Marc asked.

"as soon as I clear the captian of light duty... I shall call you in for testing" he said

“Goodbye doctor”, Marc said while he saw the doctor walk through the doors.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 5:13 am
by Zania Jaarda
Following the encounter with the new guest of the Zealous in Sickbay, Captain Azanialix Ja'arda returned to the Bridge and sat down in the Command Chair. She closed her eyes for a moment, wondering just how long they'd have to wait until the Zealous would receive its orders for their next mission.

"Captain?" Spade spoke up, holding a PADD in hand.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" she inquired.

"These orders came in while you were in Sickbay," he noted, handing her the PADD.

She accepted the device and read what was on the display. It seemed that they didn't have to wait long at all to receive their orders, as they had just come in. From the way that it sounded, this mission was going to be fairly easy by comparison to what they had been through of lately.

That was good as they could all use an occasional change of pace, and a chance to experience a relaxing mission instead of having to constantly find themselves in the heat of battle.

"Lieutenant, has our cargo been loaded yet?" Azanialix wondered, referring to the new Valkyrie-class fighters that they needed to test.

"Yes, Captain," Spade noted.

Upon hearing that, she focused her attention on her Helm officers. Murdock seemed to be giving a newer officer a chance for some hands-on experience in that position. "Helm, prepare for departure. Once we're clear from Starbase 345, set course to Science Station 140.3, Warp 5."

"Yes, Captain," she heard Murdock reply, who then turned to the Ensign at the controls, who inputted the commands.

As they were doing that, she figured that she might as well see if she could learn more about these fighters that they had just taken on, and Starfleet Command wanted them to test. She tapped her Combadge and announced, "Captain Ja'arda to Commander Scott, plese report to the Bridge."

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 2:39 pm
by Robinson
On arriving on the bridge things had calmed down. Obviously the situation was under control.

Joy was about to walk over to the main science station on the bridge when the Captain came back onto the bridge. She went over to talk to Lt Spade. Joy turned around and someone in a blue uniform she did not recognize appraoched her.

Politely approaching her he proffered his PADD to her, and said. "Q'pla Commander Robinson, I am T'oQ, Ens. T'oQ, I am your new Assistant Science Officer".

Joy accepted the PADD having lost Jarrold to engineering she was pleased that they would not be short of science officers.

"Welcome on board the Zealous Ensign" Joy said.

Joy could not help by being curious as she heard the Captain ordered helm to set course to Science Station 140.3

"So" Joy said to T'oQ "Is this your first assignment?"

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by trikejacob
After breakfast, Spade headed up to the Bridge and took his seat at Ops. The Captain was apparently down in Sickbay for some reason. He knew that the Captain had recently been injured in some way and had spent a lot of time in the Avenger's Sickbay. He sincerely hoped everything was all right now.

The Captain came back shortly (Spade was relieved to see that she still appeared to be ok). He handed her a PADD with their latest orders from Starfleet on it. He was very interested to see the new Valkyrie-class fighters that had been brought aboard. Maybe he would get a chance to be one of the crew to test them out. He was not a pilot. But perhaps they had an Ops or some kind of secondary station inside their cockpits.

He put those thoughts aside when Ti'ana Sullivan walked onto the Bridge. He gave up his seat at Ops to her and went to an aft console of the Bridge. He noticed Joy Robinson with a new science officer nearby. The new science officer (to Jake's disbelief) was a Klingon! 'Now I've seen everything,' he thought... 'Well, almost everything.'

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by Robinson
Before Joy and T'oQ could say anything else Joy heard.

"Lieutenant Hunt to Commander Robinson."

"Robinson here". the commander replied through the comms.

"Commander, a pod of unknown origin has docked in our shuttle bay containing an individual, I think you might want to see this one."

"I'll come straight down"

"Would you care to join me" Joy said to T'oQ.

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As they arrived in the shuttlebay Joy was astounded by the absence of anything unusual.

"OK Lieutenant" Joy said to Hunt smiling "So where is it"

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by TaylorMase
Jarrold sat at his desk looking over the files that he had been looking at all day. He was still excited about his assignment as Chief Engineer and digging into every bit of information that he could about the ships systems.

Just as he reached up to stretch the comm-channel opened.

"Captain Ja'arda to Commander Scott, plese report to the Bridge."

Jarrold reached up and tapped his comm-badge. "On my way Captain." he replied.

Quickly he rose from his chair and left. He had a feeling that something big was about to happen. As he passed his team he looked at them. "Looks like we might be getting ready to take off. Prep the ship for warp flight."

With that he left engineering, hustled to the turbolift and made his way to the bridge.

Once he arrive Jarrold moved directly to the center chair. "Lieutenant Commander Scott reporting as ordered ma'am." he said proudly.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:30 pm
by H M Murdock
Murdock couldn't help but to grin a bit as he watched Ken at the controls. He seemed to like it, although it was a bit hard to tell. Still, he figured that it would do him some good to get experience at the station, so he was going to have Ken do it for as long as he could, and stick around in case if he needed some extra support.

Well, it looks like they didn't have to wait too long. The captain returned to the bridge and ordered for them to leave the station, and set course for some science station.

The Texan looked to Ken and asked him, "Have you had any experience with pullin' outta garage?"

Ken looked a bit confused by that expression. Murdock shook his head and chuckled to himself, forgetting that some of the sayings and stuff that were commonplace to him no longer really fit anymore. "Nevermind. Just an old saying. But, the first thing's first. We've got to clear the station so we can head to this starbase that the captain had ordered. Did they go over that on those simulators?"

"Yes, sir," Ken answered.

"Good. Let's take this one step at a time then . . ." Murdock suggested, allowing Ken the chance to handle the controls, and only giving him a few pointers and nudges when it was needed.

He seemed to catch on pretty quickly, and it wasn't long before the Zealous had pulled away from the station, and they were on their way to their new location. The helm officer grinned at his fellow officer and congratulated him, "Hey, that was pretty good! You seem to be a natural. Want to continue for a while more, until we get to the science station?"

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:53 pm
by Mcgeneral
After Marc finished his second plate of food and his third glass of water, he walked over to his bed, thinking what to do next. Well, it seems I’ll be staying on this ship for a while, he thought. Maybe he should explore the ship. All had seen where sickbay and one of the shuttle bays. It might be a good idea to get to know the ship he was on, and maybe meet some of the crewmembers. Well, where to go?

“Computer, can you show me a map of the ship”, Marc said out loud. With a soft chirp the computer displayed the USS Zealous on one of the panels in his room. “Computer, where are we now?”, Marc asked. The picture of the ship shifted until a room lit up. “We are currently on deck 5, crew quarters”, the female voice answered. Hmm, deck 5. So, where should I go. He didn’t know that much people on the ship. The doctor was probably in sickbay, but there was no need to bother him. And besides, he would be seeing a lot of him in the next couple of days, when he starts his tests on him. Maybe he should look for Luke, but he would probably be busy with his job. What about the captain? She seemed nice. Maybe she knows something he could do? Perhaps he could help out on the ship. Everything’s better than sitting around in his room. “Computer, where is the captain?”, Marc asked the computer. “Captain Azanialix Ja'arda is currently on the bridge.”, came the reply. “Computer, how do I get to the bridge?”, he inquired. The picture of the USS Zealous disappeared and a map of the deck appeared. “The bridge can be reached by using one of the Turbo Lifts”, the computer answered. At the same time, a few lights lit up on the computer panel. “Those must be the Turbo Lifts.”, Marc mumbled. “Affirmative”, the computer replied, who seemed to think he was asking a question.

Marc walked towards the door which opened with a funny noise when he came close. He entered the corridor, it was completely abandoned. He walked to the nearest Turbo Lift. When he came close to the lift, the doors opened with the same noise. He didn’t know if he would describe the sound as a funny or an annoying one. He stepped inside. The doors closed behind him. He was looking for a console or a computer panel, but there where none in the lift. He looked around, when he thought about asking the computer. “Computer, to the bridge please”, Marc said with a hesitating voice, since he didn’t know if it would work. The computer accepted the order with a small sound. The lift started moving and before he realised it the doors of the lift had opened with the same “swoosh” as it made before. He saw a lot of people on the bridge. All of them where in uniform. “Maybe I shouldn’t be here”, he thought. But he was here now, and its not like he knew where to go elsewhere. Marc stepped outside the lift and spoke in a soft voice, as if he didn’t want anyone to hear it or he didn’t want anyone to be disturbed by him: “Hello?”. It didn’t have the effect he wanted. Instead of one of two people reacting to his hesitated greeting, all the people on the bridge turned there heads and where now looking at him.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 2:18 pm
by Robinson
"OK Lieutenant" Joy said to Hunt smiling "So where is it"

"Thats the thing commander," Daniel said, puzzled. "There was a flash of bright light and it was gone. I do not have a clue on what happend"

Joy's smile faded slightly this was no joking matter.

"Did you gain any information about the pod before it dissapeared" Joy asked Hunt.

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"OK" Joy said "Let's see if there are any residual readings" and she quickly began a tricorder scan of the room.

"We should have some internal sensor information although I did notice we were having some computer problems earlier"

Joy said to T'oQ "Ensign can you see if you can get the internal sensor readings for the shuttlebay for the last hour. Use the science station on the bridge and let me know if you have any problems"

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:38 pm
by TaylorMase
Captain Azanialix Ja'arda couldn't help but to smile a bit when she heard Jarrold report in, using his new rank. Truth be told, she had always admired his work and his dedication, and he did deserve the position that he currently had.

"Yes, Commander. Would you care to join me in my Ready Room for a moment?" she asked of him.

Jarrold nodded at the ships commanding officer. "Yes ma'am." he said as he followed her into the ready room.

Zania got up from her Command Chair and made her way into the Ready Room. She moved over to the desk and grabbed a PADD off of it, but didn't sit behind it. Instead, she moved over to the couch and gestured to it, to indicate that she wanted the meeting to be more informal.

"Please, have a seat. Is there anything I can get you?"

"No thank you ma'am." Jarrold said as he took a seat on the couch. "I was just looking over the ships maintainance logs and setting up a schedule."

She nodded, and then gave him a gentle smile. "How has the adjustment been going? Have you experienced any problems? I'm sure that it's not easy for them to suddenly find themselves with a new department head, after Vaskel's longevity in that position."

"They seem to be adjusting. I'm sure that the engineering staff will be fine. One thing that I noticed about engineers is that they are usually to wrapped up in projects to notice who's in charge." he replied with a smile.

She couldn't help but to giggle a bit with that. "I'm sure that can be a good thing, at times."

The Betazoid looked down to the PADD in her hands, and then glanced back up at Jarrold. "I'm sure you're wondering the reason why I had called you up here," she began.

"To be honest I thought you wanted me up here for departure." he said. "Was there something else?"

Zania nodded, and then handed him the PADD that she held her in hands. "I'm not sure if you are aware, but we've taken on some special cargo. Starfleet has been developing this for some time, and would like us to evaluate their performance in the field."

Jarrold took the padd and looked at it. "What exactly is this special cargo?" he asked. "Something that my team is going to monitor?"

"In a sense," she mused. "They are Valkyrie class fighters, developed as Starfleet's answer to the fighters that the Jem'Hadar had used in the Dominion War. No one, from Starfleet Tactical, could deny the edge that those small craft provided in the many battles that were fought."

She tugged slightly at the bottom of her uniform shirt to try and straighten out any wrinkles in it, and then refocused her attention on Jarrold. "Our Helm department will be responsible for testing these fighters and judging their flight performance. I'd like you and the Engineering department to evaluate their technical performance."

Captain Ja'arda then smiled at Jarrold and suggested, "Of course, if you or any member of your department would like a hand in testing the fighters, you're more than welcome to do so."

Jarrold started rubbing his hands together as a gleam formed in his eye. "Well the best way for use to evaluate these new fighters is for us to get hands on experience with them" he said. "Is there a team set up to do the flight tests?"

Zania shook her head, her dark hair flowing around her shoulders. "Not yet. We just received these fighters yesterday. I'd like for you to coordinate with Commander Murdock and set up that team. The tests will be conducted once we reach our destination."

"And our destination is?" he asked.

"Science Station 140.3, which is near the planet Baku. I'm sure the Briar Patch will prove to be an interesting , and even a challenging testing ground," she noted.

"Quite." Jarrold said. "Perhaps I should start looking over those fighters to make sure that they'll function in the Patch. That place can play havoc on sensors and navigational controls."

"I'm sure that region can. I remember the difficulties the Enterprise-E had in that sector," she noted gently. "Thank you, Jarrold . . . for everything. You are a good friend, and I'm glad to have you as a member of this crew."

"And I'm glad to be here." he replied. "Now if you'll excuse me I'd like to go look at those fighters."

Zania nodded, and stood from her seat. "Of course. I need to return to the Bridge myself."

Jarrold nodded and turned towards the door. "My people will be ready when we get there."

"Excellent. I look forward to seeing how the tests progress. Thank you, Jarrold. I'll talk to you later," Captain Ja'arda said, stepping onto the Bridge once again. Apparently, it was just in time, as the guest that she had seen in Sickbay had managed to find his way onto the Bridge.

She walked over to him and gently noted, "We didn't expect to you come up here. Most civilian guests usually don't visit the Bridge."

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by Lucasausems
After a short walk Luke arrived on the Bridge. The cargo and the supply's had been loaded and the ship was on its way too the Briar Patch. Luke wondered if it was a good idea to test the fighters there, if anything went wrong they'd be in a lot more trouble than if they were in normal space. But, Luke had full confidence in the pilots and their skills. It should be alright.
He began remodulating shield harmonics so that the Zealous would have a smooth flight once they reached the Patch.

Just then Marc Aurius walked onto the Bridge. Luke was surprised to see him here. It wasn't common for civillians to enter the Bridge. But Luke also knew that Marc didn't know better. Maybe he shouldn't have left him alone. He didn't know the ship or any of its functions.. It might be safer if someone accompanied him for the first days.

It reminded him of the pod which had brought Marc in. He tapped his combadge: "Cmdr. Osswell to Lt. Hunt, how is the investigation of the pod going?"

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by Lucasausems
Science Station 140.3.
Ba’ku Sector.

"What is it, dear?!"
"Can’t find my data pad!"
"Left pocket!"
Mark reached for his left pocket. There he felt de missing datapad tucked away safely in his tunic. Thank God for Annie, what would he do without her, he wondered not for the first time since they were together.

"Excuse me, but I believe it’s my turn now", a young ensign Mark said, standing in a squash court, racket and ball in hand.
"Oh damnit! Is it time already?", an even younger Annie replied while hitting her ball hard against the wall and bouncing it back in Mark’s direction, who caught it with his right hand.
"Sorry", Mark countered with a smile. He threw the ball toward the little blonde girl.
"No you aren’t", she said , capturing her ball.
"Yes I am". He played with his racket, throwing it in the air circling.
"In that case, are you in for a little competition?" She said with a sly expression about her face.
"Sure, you’ll lose though".
"I’ll go easy on you…" And before Mark had the chance to stand ready she hit the ball with the fasted speed Mark had ever seen in a girl. Still, he managed to hit the ball back, barely.
"Ah, you may have speed, but I’ve got strength, strategy, insight. Everything a man is born with."
"Oh please, a woman has those same qualities, more even. We’re as good as you men, probably better"
"Really? Maybe it’s just you..".
"Men… So arrogant sometimes."
"Women… Think they know it all".
"We do know it all, it’s what us feminists are all about."
"I’ll remind that on our wedding day".
"Wedding day?! Oh no mister, there’ll be no marrying here. The thought of being committed to one single man alone is enough to make me gag. Unless you make me pregnant… but only then, no sooner."
That last remark surprised Mark so that he completely missed the ball coming straight at him and hit him in the groin.
"Okay…that was quite painful", Mark groaned slightly.
"See? Men are weak", she declared victoriously.
Clearly seeing there was no way to counter this daring but seemingly logic conclusion, Mark gave in.
"Mark Reynolds", he said while offering his hand.
"Annie Galen", she said smiling, took his hand and shook it.

A loud ‘Bang!’ sounded through the tiny station and it shuddered heavily, tearing Mark out of his daydream. A scream echoed. "Annie!" Mark shouted and dropped the data pad, running to the origin of the sound. As he rounded the last corner he found her… Pinned against the bulkhead of the small kitchen, with 4 metal wires pierced through her chest and abdomen. She still lived. Crying. Arms hanging loosely about her mortally wounded body.

"Annie…?" Mark whispered, his hushed voice trembling.
She looked at him with her deep brown eyes, tears streaming down them, and smiled. "My love…"
Mark ran to her, uncomprehending, not believing what he was seeing. "Annie…", he said in despair, caressing her face, holding her bloody hand. "Don’t worry, you’re going to be alright, I’ll fix this, and then we’ll…"
"Mark…", she interrupted him, his voice barely audible, "Kiss me…".
Mark obliged, lost in despair and grief, and they kissed. It was a long and strong kiss, only possible if two people loved each other unconditionally.
The station shuddered again and some computer terminals exploded nearby, but it went unnoticed…

"Mark…" her voice no more then a soft gentle whisper, "I’m pregnant.."
Mark stopped breathing…after all those months trying, finally…
"Oh Annie, that’s wonderful", he said crying. He looked at her belly, a big iron spike was shoved through it.
"Hold me, love", her voice was almost gone…
And he held her, and he cried freely as reality dawned on him. He held her tightly, not wanting to let go, not wanting to accept what was about to come to pass.
He felt her warm breath in his neck, her tears meeting his own. Her skin against his. Time seemed to freeze and they were locked together for what seemed to be an eternity. But slowly time gained on them, slowly sapping the life out of her. Her breathing became less, her eyes drifting. Mark held her tight, clanging so desperately to her as if to try and squeeze his life into hers.
"I…love..y…", her head fell loosely onto his shoulders. Death had taken life. Grief took its place.

Outside the station it glided. Feeling no remorse, no regret. It just knew that it had to be so. Acting otherwise might have destroyed it… They were responsible… They might do it again… Then they might succeed… It had no choice but to eliminate this threat. Its survival was paramount. They counted on it, it counted on them. It was a symbiotic circle. If harm came to one, harm would come to the other. It was the way of things.

It made one more pass on the threatening object and then started towards the planet…