3/4/2006. Zealous. "Not again....."

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3/4/2006. Zealous. "Not again....."

Postby Phantom Sojourn » Fri Mar 10, 2006 11:30 am

Crystal concidererd the little adventure in Captain Zania's mind as... interesting. Though she had done very similar things before. But meeting with an Iconian after all these millions of years was... a fair treat. She had known a few many millions of years ago, but hadn't heard from or seen them since.

Backing a few steps away, to let the Captain slide off the bio bed, Crystal began to notice a tingling type sensation all over here body. As she looked at the palm of her hand, the skin, flesh and bone were starting to be come transparent and clear as glass, something for the time being only she was able to detect. What passed for her 'heart' in this human form skipped a few beats in surprise when she realized what was about to happen, a punishment from the Q high council itself. But why was she being punished like this? She hadn't done anything wrong in her eyes and she wasn't a troublemaker for the most part to begin with. Although if angered beyond a certion point... "Trouble" could easily follow. Within a matter of seconds to minutes, Crystals transformation would be complete. At least this time around, she knew pretty much what to expect. She was about to become 'ghost like' as some people might call it.

Turning to face Zuub, and starting walking towards her, Crystal froze in her tracks as her entire body and cloths transformed in an instant to glass like, non shiny, transparency. Difficult to see in bright light, but far from fragile. All sences were in tact, and she could still feel her powers running through her... even though they felt diminished by perhaps... a quarter? A third? She wouldn't know for certain until she tried them. Though there were things she knew would be set in place now. She couldn't return to a solid form, like she was when passing as a human, and objects could pass right through her painlessly. Moving or lifting objects was possible, but it took some effort to do and she had learned from the last time this happened to do it both physically and with telekinesis at the same time. Her powers themselfs forming a kind of temporary forcefieald that the moved object would rest against.
Crystal stood relaxed but still as her eyes scanned sickbay and awaited comeing reactions. The last thing she wanted, was a confrontation.
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