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Postby Zania Jaarda » Tue Dec 02, 2003 5:47 pm

Your idea is a great one! A discussion of the species, especially during the time that they are being used in a storyline, could help to generate new ideas.

The only problem with stickies is that we've got a lot of them as it is already, and a few complain from time to time about how cluttered the boards look.

Here's a possible idea that could be used to circumvent that, while still keeping with your idea:

We already have a sticky for the summary of the current storyline. We do one for every storyline, and unsticky the old ones.

When a new storyline is started using one of the created species, the very first post could include a link to the discussion on the species. That way, it would be easy to go there and check it out to get more detail in the process of learning the events taking place aboard the ship.

Would that work for you?
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Postby Allen Chi » Tue Dec 02, 2003 6:13 pm

These measures are not for me, but for the benefit of everyone on board :)

In my view, it'd be fine.
Allen Chi

Planet - Terra

Postby Quamada » Mon Apr 12, 2004 3:08 pm


Name: Terra
Class: M

System: Unknown

Location: Fourth planet in orbit around its sun, and the only inhabited planet of the system of 10. Namely, because of it's unique position when crossing the system's wide asteroid belt, such that although the belt causes a storm of shooting stars twice a year, it is rare for the planet and its twin moons to suffer a major hit.

Gravity: 1.1 G

Length of Day: about 26 hours

Length of Year: 398 days

Atmosphere: Oxygen-Nitrogen with pressure similar to Earth

Hydrosphere: Water covers 77% of the planet's surface

Terrain: Varied - the poles are uninhabitable by all but a few species, there are deserts, savannahs, lush jungles, and paradisal forests, as well as volcanos and rugged mountains. Tides tend to be high and strong.

Temperature: Averaging 105 degrees F in the summer and 5 degrees F in the winters

Climate: Zones range from tropical to artic; average rainfall in zones is about the same as Earth's, though some zones are wetter and some drier. No weather-control technology is upkept, although there is evidence of climate and plate-tectonic tampering in the region of Rinara.

Sapient Species: Rinaryns (25,000), Kamalti (unknown numbers, assumed to be in the tens of thousands), Stormseekers (about 500 million), Ifreesian (about 500 million), Kelm (reportedly, unknown numbers), and Human (3 billion)

Tech Level: much less advanced than the Federation

Government: Many different. Some monarchial, some democratic/republic, some theocratic, etc.

Culture: Those inhabiting Terra are many and varied in culture and customs, and are highly segregated. None have travelled beyond Rinara's two moons, and many haven't even developed ships. Technology is highly segregated, and ranges from primitive spaceflight (some Terran Humans) to primitive agrarian communities (Rinaryns) and anywhere in between.

Affiliation: Undiscovered.

Resources: N/A

Places of Note: Rinara and it's Dead Man's Sea, li rires, fabeled uth owntan, and the Kamalti's Holy Mountains. The Jungles of Azizth. The Land of Kelm. Cihan.

Spaceport: N/A

Ship Facilities: N/A

Major Exports: None

Major Imports: None
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Species: Rinaryns

Postby Quamada » Mon Apr 12, 2004 3:30 pm

Name: Rinaryn

Home Planet: Terra

Territory: Confined to the island-continent of Rinara, with the Kamalti and another sentient race known to the Rinaryns as the 'Rinaran Aeyasn'.

Personality: The Rinaryns tend to be the good, honest, hard-working farmer type folk. There are no Rinaryn cities, for they only live in villages of approximately 1,000 people. They live off the land, hunting, fishing, and gathering, with gardens and a few farms. They keep domesticated animals, and use a frightening looking animal with the heart and spirit of a dog sometimes to help with the hunting effort. They rarely cut down trees, but instead build around them, disturbing nature as little as possible. Rinaryns look upon the land as something to be taken care of, something loaned to them for a little while. The Rinaryns has a great curiousity and are very generous and giving people as a whole. They definately are not a suspicious people, but instead, very much inclined to trust even a stranger just met.

Languages: Rinaryn, Standard
Favored Professions: Hunter, Warrior, Farmer, Storyteller, Priest, Drasoaenen Rider.

Physical Description: Rinaryns look much like a humans, though they do have very slightly bigger eyes- a difference which really isn't noticable. They are also shorter than most humans. The average height of an Rinaryn is 5'4, though it is not uncommon for them to stop growing at a mere height of 5'1. Their strength has a limit, as the Rinaryns are naturally very light. Rinaryns have wings which can either be 'in'- meaning you cannot see them because they are disguised by psionics and pulled close to the body- or 'out'- meaning they are there for all to see. Wing color varies from white to a gold brown color, and length varies with the height of the Rinaryn. Rinaryn wings are made more for soaring than anything else.

Species Abilities: Besides having wings to fly, all Rinaryns have some psionic abilities- just enough to disguise their folded wings and as a dim fifth sense, to know another Rinaryn or psion is there. Some Rinaryns naturally have higher levels of psionic power. Usually these are limited to either telekinesis or telepathy, but in some cases a Rinaryn may have both.

Culture: Although an agrarian society, Rinaryns have developed a rich culture. They are severly claustrophobic as a whole, and have been known to die of hyperventilation or of severe bruising and fractures due to trying to get out when there is not enough room (think butterfly in a small jar). Rinaryns tend to be good, honest, friendly folk, and believe very much in giving to the whole.
The chief of each village- called a tsadre- is elected by the villagers. The length of the time the tsadre serves differs from village to village. The tsadre is usually the Storyteller of the village, as the Storyteller is widely accepted as the wisest and most knowledgeable person among the villagers. The tsadre presides over the village council, and the village council consists of any representative of each family that wishes to take part. The representative may be either a man or a woman, but is usually a man. In the larger villages, the family unit extends to near relatives, as well.
Children and women are looked upon as very special. Children are educated in schools for half the day- from dawn until the mid-day meal. The rest of the day, they are left free to run about the village and the nearby country side. The older children spend much of their free time until dusk in the surrounding countryside, learning by living.
When free-time comes, Rinaryns indulge in it. Rinaryns are fond of parties, and have many scheduled holidays, as well a birth celebrations, marraige celebrations, and celebrations for a person's birthday. During each celebration, the whole of a smaller village typically takes part, while in the larger villages, the celebrant invites as many people as possible, and then the dancing, singing, and merriment spread throughout the streets so all can take part, if indirectly. On the days when there is no celebration planned, the Rinaryns still have a good time. They are a light hearted people, and love any reason to have a good time with their fellow Rinaryns.
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Postby Taneth » Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:19 am


Name: El'Aurian
Personality: Described as 'Listeners', El'Aurians are well known for being peaceful and wise.
Physical Description: Almost exactly like Humans, just no eyebrows and an option of blue or white hair. On a biological level, however, more differences exist. El'Aurians posess full body regeneration as well as a seperate organ for processing Oxygen (as opposed to that ability in the cells). The heart is in the top right of the chest, where another difference is found: they have no blood. Instead, they have a fluidic substance called Ichor which does much the same thing. This may be a cause for their extreme longevity. The average El'Aurian lifespan is well over a thousand years. The high alcaline level of El'Aurian ichor is their weakness, as it has introduced a problem called 'hybrid blood poisoning' where hybrids have blood/ichor too acidic for their circulatory system to handle and often is the cause of early deaths.
Homeworld: El'Aura (lost to the Borg)
Culture: A very patient and non-agressive culture. They prefer to discourage hybrids given what happens to them, and often keep to themselves.
Over the centuries, minor civil wars have broken out over traditionalist and revolutionary ways. The traditionalists have held power for most of the time. Countries like Triaun, Nerona, and Telget have broken away to start their own way of life.
The country of Istal is always the last to enter any conflict, preferring diplomacy over all else, yet they are sworn to protect Bendari, a country that often gets dragged into conflicts because of it's location. Utaz, Svan and Anniria are the more agressive ones.
The traditional way to build ships was to build them to last. Often they would become so old they cannot be connected with newer ones. No ship is upgraded officially, and no two are alike.
About 150 years ago, the El'Aurian homeworld was attacked and defeated by the Borg, and the survivors were scattered throughout the galaxy.
Languages: The El'Aurian native language is the most complex meta-language in the galaxy, with phrases, redundancies, commonplace words and syntax tracable to just about every other species. Very few know the original language.
Common Names: Male: Tangean, Sebell, Darian, Garet, Tolian, Jaxom, Malkan
Female: Tiraunda, Guinan, Rovano, Ninrian, Wendy, Wodan
Family: Taneth, Soran, Sintar, Karses, Gimalt
Favored Profession: Analyst (technical, psychological)
Species Abilities:
Temporal sense, the ability to sense time changes and see things out of phase.
Full body regeneration which allows them to heal completely but slightly slower than humans (ie, a severed arm will grow back).
Longest living species known to the Federation, known to pass 1500 Earth years
Sharp hearing and eyesight.
Long and highly accurate memory, even when unconcious.

Name: El'Aura
Class: M
System: Es'Desti
Location: Domani Cluster (El'Aurian coordinants: V16 in the Domani sector)
Gravity: 1G
Length of Day: 200 hrs (native) 555.5 hrs (Earth)
Length of Year: 982.3 days (native)
Atmosphere: Oxygen-Nitrogen with pressure equivelant to Earth. High concentrations of Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Florine.
Hydrosphere: Water covers 65% of the planet's surface
Terrain: Poly-Trinic alloy
Temperature: Sustained at 38.2 degrees C
Sapient Species: Borg
Tech Level: 37
Government: Hive Mind
Affiliation: Borg
Resources: Metals
Ship Facilities: 3 Cube Factories
Major Exports: Metals
Major Imports: Power systems
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