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Ensign Jason Garbing Bio Update

Postby Jason Garbing » Thu Jun 02, 2005 2:25 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Jason Robert Garbing
Rank: Ensign
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: England
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Skin colur: Brown
Eye Color: Brown/Hazel
Age: 24
Height: 5 foot, 11 inch
Weight: 70Kg
D.O.B: 5/1/2354

Background Information:

Education: 5 yrs, Starfleet Academy studying Secuirty and Tactical; 1 Year Starfleet officer task course Helm

Interests: Reading, Flying Shuttles, Conoeing, Climing, Battle Simulation

Hobbies: Battle simuilations on the Holodeck
(Both hand-to-hand , Particle Weapon, and Starship combat)
Garbing, when he has time to his self, often goes to the Holodeck and does simulations of Wolf-359, and tryying to see if there could have been a better outcome.

Special Abilities: Muliti-tasker - Experienced in Security, tactical, and some Helm experience. No Experience Elsewhere.


Parents: Father- Unknown, Mother-Janice Mary Garbing
Siblings: NONE
Children: NONE

Personal Background:

Brought up by his mother, who was an instructor for shuttle/runabout fliying, Garbing always wanted to join Starfleet, but thought that, following his morthers footsteps, he would be a helmsman. However, when he reached starfleet academy, after adolesence, he had a taste for fighting, and competition, and therefore enjoying security/tactical, his dream changed. He took up security/tactical at starfleet academy, although tried some helm work just to please his mother. Garbing Enjoys flying, and has always had a taste for it, however, the idea of pressing the putton on a console to say 'engage' is hardly his idea of fun. Garbing prefers a more hands-on approach, and therefore preferres flying using manual controls, and Piloting older starfleet ships and shuttles.

He eventually passed the starfleet academy (after failing the first time) and exams with fluing colours in Security and tactical, but only scraped through at the helm of a starship. Garbing was a great pilot of a shuttle/runabout, but couldn't get to grips with flying a giant starship; just because it didn't particularly intrest him.

Joined the Zealous as a security officer at the Rank of Ensign after leaving Starfleet academy, due to his Security/Tactical Results. Has had a few bad run-ins with Zealous crewmembers already, particularly Lt. Jarrold Scott, and Ensign Rip Stargrazer after a rescue mission in an attempt to rescue (Starfleet retired) Jake Sjet.

Personality Profile:

Garbing is a nice guy, that will get on with people well, but is initially very shy, and it will take him a few months to get used to a ship and it's crew. Within these few moths, he will be very isolated, but after, will turn out to be a vibrant member of the crew. He also likes to help people in trouble, hence becoming a Security officer, and enjoys having to protect and serve his crew.

Garbing has to be watched after a few months, when he is used to his surrounding, as then he starts to disobey orders, as he doesn't like being told what to do. A nice guy that needs to be put in his place sometimes. He also has a very large ego, and will often try to expand his abilities into other departments other than security/tactical, and that's when he has to be watched, as it is a formula for error. Garbing may think that he is as good an engineer as Scotty, but really, he couldn't fix a remote control toy runabout.
Jason Garbing

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