Ensign Bryn Kincaid

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Ensign Bryn Kincaid

Postby Bryn Kincaid » Mon May 23, 2005 4:28 pm

Character Name: Bryn Kincaid
Character Race: Human
Character Gender: Female

Age: 27
Height: 5'2
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair: Extremely long black hair reaching her waiste if worn down (which
is hardly ever), it's usually tied up in a thick bun

She appears younger then her actual age and is often given a hassle for
her younger looks. Her skin is lightly tanned and she has an athletic build.

Character Personality:
For the most part she's laid back. She has an excellent sense of humor
and is almost always wearing a smile. However in times of emergencies,
medical or otherwise, she's all business. She is deeply caring and
loyal, a wonderful friend. She's very protective of her fellow
crewmembers. She's always the first to defend those she cares about. However, if you annoy her enough or if she finds some reason to be angry with you, watch out, her temper can be red hot at

Character Background:
Father: Captain Andrew Chase (retired)(67)
Mother: Alaina Dickson Chase (Died at age 40)
Brothers: Lucas Chase (35)
Micah Chase (33)
Husband: Lt. Robert Kincaid (Declared MIA at age 26)
Son: Robert Kincaid Jr. (5)

Bryn was born and raised on a starship, to be exact it was the starship
her father served on, the galaxy class ship, USS Oakland. When she was
born he had been the executive officer and eventually become her
captain. Her mother served as the ships teacher and it was there that the
met. They had Lucas when she was 27 and he was 32, and 2 years later
they had Micah and they thought they were done with him. And then to
their surprise along came Bryn. And of course being the youngest, and a
girl she was rather spoiled as a child.

Five years after the birth of Bryn, the Oakland was attacked by a
rogue Romulan ship and sustained substantial damage. Her mother was killed in the attack. With a heavy heart her father stayed on the ship he was now commanding and raised his kids on his own.

Growing up with so much male influence she became a tomboy. And of
course she was a daddy's girl, and she wanted desperatly to join
Starfleet. She just had to decide which path she wanted to take in Starfleet.

When she was about 14, she met Lt. Thomas Rayn, an especially handsome intel officer who came to serve aboard her father's ship. Needless to say she developed a small school-girl crush, which led her to spend hours on end in the ships intellegence offices. Eventually she grew out of the crush, but she took away a love of the field and the want to heal people.

As soon as she was old enough she entered the academy, much to her
father's pleasure, as his sons both opted for non-military careers. Bryn
excelled in the academy. She easily made it to the top of her class and
stayed there. After graduating she was quickly snatched up by Captain
Forester to serve aboard the USS Mercy as an intel. officer.

On the Mercy she met Lt. Jg. Robert Kincaid, the ships Assistant Chief
Security Officer. The two instantly fell in love and were married
within a year. They weren't married long, when Robert was sent on a
dangerous undercover mission with the ships executive officer. After several weeks no word was heard from them and it was painfully obvious that they were missing in action. After several failed attempts of trying to
find them Starfleet has given up the search.

Bryn, was heart broken after he disappeared and found out a month after
he had first left that she was pregnant with his child. After her son
was born she decided to remain in Starfleet, while her father, who was
now retired and living back on earth, would watch over her soon. She
felt that a starship was no place to raise a child. She had enjoyed
growing up on one, however, after losing both husband and mother, it was way to dangerous for her son. She didn't want to risk losing him as
Bryn Kincaid

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