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Lester Combs Bio

Postby Lester Combs » Wed Mar 23, 2005 1:14 am

Name: Lester Combs
Race: Half-Betazoid/Half-Human
Skin Color: Golden Brown
Rank: Ensign
Age: 25 Standard Years
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Marital Status: Single
Next of Kin: Sibella Combs and Roger Combs, parents
Other Family: none

Birthplace: Lake Cataria, Betazed

Education: Starfleet Academy: Medical


Current Assignment:
USS Zealous NCC-59653

Previous Assignments: None.

Awards: None.

Reprimands: None.

Personal Background: Lester was born to a Betazoid mother and a human father who met while Roger Combs was on shoreleave from the USS Concord. Roger kept up his frequent visits at Betazed with Sibella and eventually resigned his commission to set up a shop with Sibella in the tourist district of Betazed at Lake Cataria.

Lester was exposed to his human heritage, as well as many other cultures due to the frequent tourists at Lake Cataria, but all he had ever known was the Betazoid way of life. Unlike a full Betazoid, Lester was not bonded at his birth. This was done for two reasons. One, Sibella had no political power and two, it was unknown whether Lester would develop telepathic and empathic powers due to his human heritage. Lester did develop his telepathic abilities but they came late for him, at the age of 15. As such, many Betazoid children considered Lester a bit of a disabled child (not having developed telepathy at the normal age of 10 or 11). As such, Lester was mostly alone, except for the tourists until his abilities manifested. Lester never forgot the isolation that he had as a child. So, Lester rarely got close to any pure Betazoids.

At his mother's urging, he attended the University of Betazed to study psychology. After all, it was the finest University in the Federation for such studies. He further figured that it would come in handy when dealing with the tourists and making sure that their stay was satisfactory. He graduated in the upper middle of his class through sheer determination, lacking some of the telepathic strength of a pure Betazoid. But, upon graduation at 21, Lester found his blood was calling him to the stars. His father's influence and history finally held some sway and he attended Starfleet Academy so he could explore and help other beings (other than tourists).

Psychological Profile: Lester is rather reserved and tries to stay away from pure Betazoids due to his childhood traumas. Other than that, he is quite friendly and outgoing with all species and is genuinely willing to help anyone at almost any cost.

Medical Background: Perfect health.

Allergies: None.

Drug Interactions: No known bad drug interactions
Lester Combs

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